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9-Story of Kaagbhushundi-3

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9-Story of Kaagbhushundi-3

Kaagbhushundi Jee said - "Hey Garud Jee, You are very respectable to me. Shree Raam has obliged me by sending you to me. Who is in this world who is not affected with His Maayaa. At one time I was also affected with that. I will tell you its account now. This is about the kindness of Shree Raam and foolishness of mine.

Whenever Shree Raam incarnated as human being, I went to Ayodhyaa Puree to enjoy His Baal Leelaa. I stayed there for five years to enjoy it. Shree Raam as a child is my Isht Dev (personal God) and I enjoy looking at it. I changed myself into a small crow and flew together with Shree Raam. Wherever He went , I also went there with Him and whatever food He left on His plate I ate it.

His palace was very beautiful. It was made of gold and studded with gems. All the four brothers used to play there daily. I cannot describe Raam's beauty, it is so much attractive that I forgot myself. I loved His childlike sounds and sight. He danced looking at His shadow in Dasharath's courtyard. He played with me in various ways. When He ran after me to catch me, I ran from there, then He showed me Pooaa (an Indian sweets made with wheat flour and sugar). When I came near, He laughed; and when I ran far, He cried. When I wanted to touch His feet, He used to run away from me looking back at me.

Seeing this type of Leelaa I got confused like an ordinary child, that what kind of Leelaa He was doing? At the same moment Raam's Maayaa affected me. I thought, there is only Raam who is the Swaamee of all and everybody is under His control. If soul has this knowledge that it is the part of that Paramaatmaa, then there is no distinction between Jeev (soul) and Paramaatmaa. But this proud Jeev is under the spell of Maayaa, and Maayaa is under the control of Paramaatmaa. Jeev is dependent and Paramaatmaa is independent. Jeev are many while Bhagavaan is only one. Although this distinction created by Maayaa is untrue, still it cannot be removed without Bhagavaan's Bhajan.

When He saw me surprised, He laughed. Nobody knew all this what happened then, neither His parents nor His brothers. He ran after me and I flew. Shree Raam spread His arm to catch me but I was flying. I was ahead and His arm was following me. I went up to Brahm Lok and when I looked back, His arm was only at two finger distance behind me. I flew piercing seven layers of the Universe but His arm didn't stop following me. Seeing this I got scared. I closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I was in Avadh Puree.

Shree Raam smiled looking at me and at the same moment I went inside His mouth. I saw many Universes inside his stomach. There were many Lok which were created in various unique ways. I saw millions of Brahmaa Jee, Shiv Jee, stars, Sun, Moon, Lokpaal, Yam and Kaal etc. Innumerable seas, rivers, ponds, forests, Devtaa, Muni, Naag, human beings were there. What I had never seen, or I had never heard of, or I had never imagined about, I saw all that there.

I stayed up to, one hundred years in each Universe. Thus I wandered in many universes. I saw myself in every Universe. I saw everything different in every Universe - human being, river, Sarayoo River, Avadh Puree, stars, Devtaa everything, but I didn't see Raam different. He was the same in every Universe. It seemed to me that I spent one hundred Kalp wandering in those Universes. Then I came to my Aashram and spent some time there. Then I heard about Prabhu's Avataar so I went to Avadh Puree and saw His birth celebrations. I have told you this before.

In fact all this happened in two Ghadee (approximately 50 minutes) time, but I felt tired.



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