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8-Raam Kathaa by Kaahgbhushundi


Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam, Raam, Raam, Shri Raam, Raam, Raam


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8-Raam Kathaa by Kaagbhushundi Jee

Shiv Jee further said to Umaa - "Hey Umaa, So first Kaagbhushundi Jee described Raam Charit Maanas Sarovar (pond) metaphor, then Naarad Jee's worldly love, Raavan's Avataar Kathaa; and then described Raam's Avataar and His Baal Leelaa. Then said about coming of Rishi Vishwaamitra Jee to Ayodhyaa, Raam's marriage, His coronation, Kaikeyee's two Var, public's sorrow and Raam Lakshman dialog.

Then he said about Raam's going for exile, love of Kevat (Nishaad), living in Prayaag after crossing Gangaa River, meeting with Maharshi Vaalmeeki Jee, and stay in Chitrakoot. After that he told about return of Sumantra, death of Dasharath, return of Bharat from his maternal grandfather's house and his intense love for Raam, performing last rites of his father and going to Raam to return Him to Ayodhyaa.

Then described return of Bharat to Ayodhyaa with Raam's Paadukaa (shoes), life of Bharat in Nandee Graam, Indra's son Jayant's misbehavior with Seetaa Jee, meeting of Raam with Muni Atri Jee, and killing of Viraadh. Then said about how Sharbhang Rishi left his mortal body, Suteekshn's Bhakti and Muni Agastya's Satsang.

Bhushundi Jee further described about His stay in Dandak Van, friendship with Geedhraaj Jataayu, sermon to Lakshman Jee, deforming of Shoorpankhaa, fight with Khar and Dooshan and killing them in the fight. Then how Raavan got this news, Raavan and Maareech's dialog, abduction of Maayaa Seetaa and Raghuveer's separation from Seetaa.

Then he told about performing last rites of Jataayu, killing of Kabandh, obligation to Shabaree, arrival at Pampaa Sarovar, dialog of Prabhu and Naarad Jee, meeting with Maaruti, friendship with Sugreev and killing of Baali.

Then told about the coronation of Sugreev, stay on Pravarshan Parvat, description of rainy and Sharad season, anger of Shree Raam on Sugreev, sending Vaanar in search of Seetaa, entrance in burrow, and meeting with Sampaati.

Then told how Hanumaan Jee crossed the sea, entered Lankaa, consoled Seetaa Jee, destroyed Ashok Vaatikaa, burned Lankaa Puree, returned across the sea and told Seetaa's news Shree Raam. Then how Raam came on the sea shore with Vaanar, built the bridge, came to Lankaa, and sent Angad to Raavan as His messenger. Then told about the war, killing of Raavan, coronation of Vibheeshan, meeting with Seetaa Jee and their coming back to Ayodhyaa.

Hearing this Kathaa Garud Jee's confusion got cleared. He felt obliged. Kaagbhushundi Jee also got very happy to have such an audience. He said - "Hey Garud Jee, You are very respectable to me. Shree Raam has obliged me by sending you to me. Who is this world who is not affected with His Maayaa. At one time I was also affected with that.



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