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7-Story of Kaagbhushundi

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7-Story of Kaagbhushundi

Shiv Jee says - "Hey Umaa I told you this story according to my understanding. Shree Raam Leelaa (plays) are in millions, even Shruti and Shaaradaa cannot describe them fully. Shree Raam is endless, His Leelaa are endless; His births, Karm and names are endless. Drops of water can be counted, dust particles can be counted but Shree Raam's Leelaa cannot be counted. This is the same Kathaa which Kaagbhushundi Jee told  Garud Jee.

Paarvatee Jee was very much satisfied hearing this Kathaa. Then She asked - "Rest is all right, but you told that Kaagbhushundi Jee told this Kathaa to Garud Jee, so I have some doubts about that as how he had so much Gyaan and detachment even after getting the crow body? Among human beings, maybe one in thousands, is the follower of Dharm; and in millions of Dharm followers maybe one is detached; and, as Shruti say, maybe only one in billions of detached people is knowledgeable (Gyaanee). And among all these Gyaanee, maybe only one is true Bhakt of Raam's feet. So how did he get this rare gem, explain this to me. Besides Garud Jee himself is a great Gyaanee, servant of Shree Hari and is very near to Him, then why did he had to go to a crow to listen to His Kathaa?"

Shiv Jee spoke - "As you know that in your previous life you were the daughter of Daksh Jee and your name was Satee. You were insulted in Daksh Jee's house and you left your body there only. At this I got very sad and started wandering around in grief. There is a Neel Parvat in the North of Sumeru Parvat. It has golden peaks among which I liked four peaks the most. One of them has a Banyan tree, another has a Peepal tree, another has a Paakar tree and another has a mango tree. There is a beautiful pond also whose steps are gem studded, water is of clear blue color, has various types of lotuses in it. Kaagbhushundi Jee lives on the same Parvat. Kaagbhushundi Jee does not die even at the end of the Kalp.

Maayaa doesn't have any effect on that Parvat. He meditates under the Peepal tree, performs Jap and Yagya under the Paakar tree, worships mentally under the mango tree, and discourses under the Bunyan tree. There come many birds and listen to Raam's Kathaa with great love. Many swans live in the pond and listen to his Kathaa. Seeing this I felt great joy in my heart, so I also took swan's body and lived there for some time and listened to Raam's Kathaa. This was the same Kathaa which I heard there. Now you listen to the reason why Garud Jee went to Kaagbhushundi Jee.

When Raam was fighting with Meghnaad, Meghnaad used Naag Paash to kill Raam and Raam allowed Himself to be tied with it; then Naarad Muni sent Garud Jee to free Him from snakes and he freed Him. Seeing this Garud Jee got very sad thinking that "Prabhu is omnipresent, faultless, beyond Maayaa and love; whose name only can free people from life and death cycle; and the same Prabhu has incarnated as Raam, then how come that a very tiny Raakshas tied Him with Naag Paash and I had to go to free Him from it. I don't see any power of that incarnation." He tried his best, but could not find any explanation.

So he went to Naarad Jee and told about his doubt. Naarad Jee said - "Raam's Maayaa is very powerful. It can confuse even the greatest Gyaanee's Gyaan. It has made me dance several times. [read some stories of Naarad Jee as how Vishnu's Maayaa has affected him] It seems that the same Maayaa has affected you too. I cannot clear your doubts, you go to Brahmaa Jee and whatever he says, obey him.

Then Garud Jee went to Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa Jee thought when I, who has created this universe, have been affected by that Maayaa, [read one story of Bhagavaan's Mayaa affecting Brahmaa Jee in Brahmaa's Moh] then Garud Jee is nothing. So he sent him to Shiv Jee instructing that he should not ask anything from anybody on the way, just go to Shiv Jee straight way and talk to him. So Garud Jee came to me. 

At that time I was going to Kuber's house and you were on Kailash Parvat. I said - "You have met me in the way. Your doubt cannot be cleared in the way. It can be cleared only by long time Satsang and Raam's Kathaa. So I send you to a place where you will be able to listen to Raam's Kathaa daily. Satsang helps to listen to Hari Kathaa, Hari Kathaa clears confusion, and enforces Hari love. You go to Neel Parvat in North. There lives Kaagbhushundi Jee. He is very knowledgeable in Raam Bhakti. He discourses Raam Kathaa daily. Go and listen to that, I am sure your doubt and confusion will be cleared. I did not explain everything to him, because he might have shown his pride some time in the past, which Raam Jee wanted to destroy. Second, birds can communicate together better."

When Maayaa can confuse even Brahmaa Jee and Shiv Jee then what is human being? Thinking thus Muni meditate Him only. Garud Jee went there and his all confusion got cleared. When Garud Jee arrived on Neel Parvat, Kaagbhushundi Jee welcomed him and asked what he could do for him? Garud Jee said - "The purpose I have come here for, is fulfilled as I stepped here, now I want to hear Raam's Kathaa."



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