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Garud Jee

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Garud Jee

Vinataa and Kadroo were two sisters. Both were married to Kashyap Jee. Vinataa had two sons - Arun and Garud, and Kadroo had 60,000 Naag as her sons. Arun became the Saarathee of Soory's chariot and Garud went to serve Vishnu as His ride.

Once Kadroo and Vinataa put the bet on the color of the tails of horses of Soorya's chariot. Kadroo said they were black and Vinataa said their color was white. Vinataa was sure of the color of the horses. It was decided that when the chariot will appear again then they will confirm this. The condition was if Kadroo would win, Vinataa will serve Kadroo as her maidservant or vice versa. Vinataa was sure of her knowledge so she agreed.

So next time when Soorya Bhagavaan appeared, both sisters stood on their roof to see the color of his horses. Both saw that that the horses' tails color was black. Vinataa lost the bet and she had to serve her sister as her maidservant. It happened so that after betting, Kadroo came to know that the horses' tails color was white so she asked her sons to make it black. Her sons obeyed her and cling to their tails to prove it black.

When Garud Jee came to know about this cheating, he vowed that he will eat all Naag. Since then Garud became enemy of Naag. Whenever and wherever he got any Naag he used to eat it. Since then their enmity is famous, and all Naag try to save their lives from him.

When Vishnu asked him to become His ride, he told Him that first he would release his mother from slavery then he would come to Him. So he asked his mother Kadroo to ask her sister that on what condition she would release Vinataa. Vinataa asked her sister and she told her that she wanted Amrit. Garud went to take Amrit, brought it and gave it to his mother. Kadroo gave it to Vinataa and thus Garud freed his mother from the slavery of her sister.

When Shree Raam was fighting with Raavan, He got tied with Naag Paash. Seeing this Naarad Jee sent Garud Jee to cut that Naag Paash. Garud Jee came and ate all Naag (snakes) immediately. But after that he thought that "Who frees the universe from every kind of bondage, why I had to go to free Him from snakes?" He was affected by Bhagavaan's Maayaa.

He went to Shiv Jee, but Shiv Jee was on his way to somewhere so he directed him to Kaagbhushundi Jee, that he should go there and listen to Raam Kathaa from him, then only he will be free from Raam's Maayaa. So Garud Jee went to Kaagbhushundi Jee and listened to Raam Kathaa and then he could get out of Maayaa of Raam.

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