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17-Garud's Seven Questions


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17-Garud's Seven Questions

Paksheeraaj (the King of birds) Garud Jee further asked Kaagbhushundi Jee - "If you are kind to me then please, answer my seven questions. First of all tell me "Which is the rarest Yoni (body) in this world?", "Which is the greatest misery?", "Which is greatest joy or pleasure?", "Tell me the natural behavior of a saint and a non-saint.", "Which is the greatest Punya (good action) according to Shruti?", and "Which is the most terrible sin?", "Explain me mental disease also."

Kaagbhushundi Jee said - "Listen Garud Jee, I tell you all this in brief. 

(1) There is no Yoni (body) like human body. Movable and immovable all kinds of creatures wish for it. This is the ladder towards Narak (Hell), Swarg (Heaven) and Moksh (salvation); and giver of Gyaan, detachment and Bhakti.

(2-3) There is no greater sorrow like poverty, and there is no greater joy or pleasure like meeting with saints.

(4) To do good to others with Man, Vachan and Karm is the nature of saints. Saints tolerate all kinds of pains to do good for others, and unfortunate non-saints are the cause to harm others. Kind saints tolerate pains like Bhoj tree, while non-saints tie others like San tree. Non-saints harm others without any reason like snakes and rats. While saints always spread happiness and joy like the Sun and the Moon are always good for the whole world.

(5-6) Who abuses Shankar Jee and Guru, he gets frog Yoni in his next life and till thousand lives. And who abuses Braahman, he takes birth as crow after passing through several types of Narak (Hell). Proud people, who abuse Ved and Devtaa, they go to Raurav Narak. Who abuse saints, they are born as owls who do not like the light of Gyaan but the darkness of ignorance. Who abuse everybody, they are born as bats.

(7) Now you listen to mental diseases which are the cause of every type of sorrow. The root of all diseases is ignorance which in turn produces other types of pains. Desires is Vaat, greed is Kaph (Kapha) and anger is Pitt (Pitta). If all the three are imbalanced then the condition of the patient is very serious. Normally people die because of one disease only, but if there are several diseases, then it is difficult to recover. In such condition how a Jeev can get peace.

There are many medicines, like discipline, Dharm, good character, Tap, Gyaan, Yagya, Jap, alms etc, but diseases are not cured with them. All living beings are ill in this world. There are many people who are sick with sorrows, joy, fear, love and separation etc. I have told you only a few mental diseases. Everybody suffers with these diseases, but only a few know about them. Shree Raam's Bhakti is the only nectar, taken with mind, full of Shraddhaa (faith, faithfulness, love), to cure them. Healthy mind is that which is all powerful with detachment. One should not desire for pleasures, this is the restricted diet for these diseases.

Shiv Jee, Brahmaa Jee, and Shuk Dev Jee, Sanakaadi Muni and Naarad etc Muni and all Shruti instruct to love Shree Raam's feet. Although I am the lowest level bird, still Raam uplifted me so much high. This is only because of my love towards Raam's feet. I bow to the same Raam's feet."

Garud Jee got very happy to hear all this. He said - "I bow to you, I am grateful to you, you have removed my all confusions, I am blessed." And he went away to his Lok.

Shankar Jee said to Umaa - "Girijaa, There is nothing like company of saints. Who listen to this Kathaa from the bottom of their heart, their all sins are destroyed. Ved's all means point to Hari's Bhakti, but Raam's Bhakti is available only to a very few people. 

That country is blessed where Ganga River flows, that woman is blessed who follows Paativrat Dharm, that king is blessed who follows justice and that Braahman is blessed who sticks to his Dharm. That wealth is blessed which is used for donation, that mind is blessed which is bent for Punya, the same Ghadee is blessed when Satsang is available, and the same life is blessed which has unconditional Bhakti towards Braahman.

First I hid this Kathaa from you but when I knew that you love Shree Raam's lotus feet, then I told you it. One should not tell this Kathaa to anyone who is not interested in hearing this, or who is not Raam Bhakt, or enemy of Braahman. There are seven steps to the Raam's Bhakti Maarg."

Yaagyavalkya Jee said - "After hearing this Kathaa, Paarvatee Jee was very satisfied and she felt peaceful. This dialog between Shambhoo and Paarvatee Jee is very holy, gives joy, clears doubts, and ends birth and death cycle."

Tulasee Daas Jee says - "There is no other means of Moksh except hearing and telling Raam's Kathaa. Whose name can take many low level people and sinners across the world, I bow to His feet."

Iti Shree Raam Charit Maanas 
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