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Ekaadashee, Kamalaa

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Kamalaa Ekaadashee
From   Koorm Puraan     Read also  How to do Ekaadashee Vrat?

There are 24 Ekaadashee (see their list) in a year excluding 2 Ekaadashee of Leap Year (or precisely Adhik Maas). Among all of them, the Adhik Maas Krishn Paksh Ekaadashee is called Kamalaa Ekaadashee. Since Adhik Maas falls in about 3 years, that is why this Ekaadashee also comes in 3 years.

Kamalaa Ekaadashee Vrat Kathaa
Yudhishthir asked Shree krishn - "Hey Purushottam, Tell me about the Ekaadashee which falls in the Krishn Paksh of Adhhik Maas." krishn said - "This meritorious day is called Kamalaa Ekaadashee. It gives ultimate liberation from birth and death cycle. It should be observed like the Kaarttik Shukla Paksh Ekaadashee (Dev Uthaan or Prabodhinee Ekaadashee). On this day one should worship me. In this regard I tell you a wonderful story which I have heard in the city of Kaampilya.

Once there lived a pious Braahman named Sumedh in Kaampilya Nagaree. His wife's name was Pavitraa. She was a pativrataa (cvhaste) woman. Sumedh had no money, no food even though he begged from many people. It was because he had committed some sin in his previous life. So they both were very poor. If some guest came to their house, they gave him their own food and remained hungry, but Pavitraa's love for Sumedh was unbroken. One day Sumedh got very worried about their condition and thought to go to abroad to earn some money. He expressed this idea to his wife.

Pavitraa said to him with affection - "O My Dear Husband, You are very learned. Scriptures say that whatever we get in this life, is what we have donated in our previous lives. And if somebody has not given any charity in his previous life, then in spite of sitting on the heap of gold, will remain poor. Since we are so poor, so it seems that neither you, nor I have given any charity in our previous lives. I cannot live without you so you must stay with me. A woman is not welcomed even by her own parents if she is without husband, so you stay with me. Whatever is in our destiny we will enjoy and suffer." Hearing his wife, Sumedh stayed back in his village.

One day Muni Kaundinya came to Sumedh's place. Seeing the Muni coming both Sumedh and Pavitraa stood up, welcomed him and offered their obeisance and said politely - "Today I am blessed that such a great Muni came to my house." Sumedh offered him a comfortable seat. They offered him as good food as they could offer. After the food, Pavitraa asked him - "O Learned Braahman, What can we do to alleviate our poverty? How can a person get wealth if he has not given anything in charity in his previous lives? My bhusband wanted to leave me here alone and wanted to go to earn money outside, but he has stayed back on my request. Please tell us, how can we get rid of this perpetual misery - any pilgrimage, or any austerity?"

Hearing Pavitraa, Muni Kaundinya thought for a moment and said to her - "There is a fast very dear to Purushottam. Fasting on that burns all kinds of sins and removes all kinds of miseries. It is the Adhik Maas Krishn Paksh Ekaadashee. it is called Param or Kamalaa Ekaadashee. It is the topmost day of Bhagvaan Vishnu. It bestows all kinds of necessities of life. Once it was observed by Kuber. When Shiv saw how sincerely he had fasted, he got very pleased and made him the Treasurer of gods. King Harishchandra fasted on this day after his wife and son were sold and he was able to get them back. Then he ruled his kingdom with no other obstacles. So keep fast on this day with all rules and regulations."

Krishn further said to Yudhishthir - "After saying this to Pavitraa, Kaundinya Muni said to Sumedh - "After this Ekaadashee, you should take up Panch-Raatrikaa fasting. Take bath early morning, and you both should keep fast according to your capacity. You will go to Vaikunth then.

A person who makes use of only one seat during these 5 days, he goes to heavenly planets.
A person who feeds good Braahman on these 5 days, he has fed all Devtaa, human beings and even demons.
Who donates a pot of drinking water to a twice-born Braahman during these 5 days, he gets the fruits of donating the whole Prithvi.
Who gives a pot full of sesame seeds to a learned, resides in Heaven for as many years as there are seeds in that pot.
Who donates a pot of golden Ghee during these 5 days surely goes to Soorya Lok.
Who remains celibate during these 5 days, he surely gets divine happiness.

Therefore you and Pavitraa, both should keep fast for these 5 days after this Ekaadashee. Both observed the Kamalaa Ekaadashee and the Panch-Raatrikaa fast and went to Vaikunth Dhaam after their death.


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