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Ekaadashee Vrat

Ekaadashee is the 11th day of any month of the Lunar year observed by Hindu according to their Lunar calendar. Ekaadashee's Greateness has been mentioned at many places. Ekaadashee is a form of Devee also. She appeared in the month of Maargsheersh. She manifested herself to kill Mur Daitya from Vishnu Himself. Krishn told this story to Yudhishthir.

There are 24 Ekaadashee in a year as it falls two times in a month and there are 12 months in a year. But since every 3rd year there falls an Adhik Maas, there are two Ekaaadashee more.

Method of Ekaadashe Vrat
Ekadashi Vrat may be observed in five different ways:-

Nir-jalaa Vrat - complete fasting, not even taking water
Upavas - fasting but water is allowed
Phalaahaar - once allowing, to have milk, its products, and fruits
Nakt-Vrat - whole day fasting and only in night, once you can have Phalaahaar
Ek-Bukt Vrat - any time but only once, you can have Phalaahaar

Observe full Brahmcharya on Dashamee's night, get up in the morning, do not brush your teeth with any kind of powder or paste, you may chew some lemon or Jaamun or mango leaves (take only fallen leaves as it is prohibited to pluck leaves also), and clean the throat with your finger and water 12 times. Take bath, go to some temple and recite Geetaa yourself or listen to it from a Pandit. In the night keep Wake, and do Jaap of "Om Namo Vaasudevaaya" Mantra and keep praying taking vows not to do any sin. Maun (keeping quiet), Jap (recitation of Mantra) and Shaastra reading are specially useful in this Wake.

Dos and Don'ts On Ekaadashee
From Padm Puraan, 5/13
You may take home extracted fruit juice and milk.
One may eat barley, wheat, rock salt, black pepper, brown sugar and cow's Ghee only once.
One can take mango, grapes, banana, almonds and pistachio. 
If some bad thing happens, do Darshan of Soorya Bhagavaan and worship Hari with Panchopachaar and and ask for His forgiveness.
Donate as much Ann on this day but never ever eat the Ann given by other people.
Everything should be eaten after putting Tulasee leaves in the food and after offering Prabhu.
On the next day (Dwaadashee day) one should please Braahman with food, clothes and Dakshinaa etc.
If somebody dies on this day, then keep the fast on that day and give its fruits to the dead person.
And if one has to flow the Pushp (Asthi or bones) in Gangaa River, then also one should keep the fast on that day, and give its merits to the dead person.

Do not drink anything made of impure matter (cold drink or canned juices, or ice cream etc),
Do not eat food twice, fried food.
On the days of Vrat, do not use Kaansaa pots,
Do not eat meat, onion, garlic, Masoor, Urad, Chanaa, Kodon rice, leafy vegetable, honey, oil and lots of water.
Who take Phalaahaar should not take cauliflower, carrots, turnips and eafy vegetables.
Keep away from all bad works, do not ride on bullocks.
Do not sweep the floor also as it may kill tiny insects.
Do not trim hair, speak less and sweet, and donate Ann (cereals) according to your capacity.

Whatever happens with somebody, one should never tell lies, never be angry, always be kind to everybodbr

Once Naarad Jee asked Mahaadev Jee the greatness of Ekaadashee fast?" Mahaadev Jee said - "Ekaadashee fat by itself is a giver of virtues and piousness. Even the greatest Rishi keep fast on this day."

Mahaadev Jee further said - "Ekaadashee is made up of a unique combination of astrological Nakshatra Yog. Based on the different Nakshatra of Shukla Paksh, Ekaadashee, is classified as --

Jayaa - When there is Punarvasu Nakshatra of Shukla Paksh on the 11th, is called Jayaa Ekaadashee.
Vijayaa - When Shravan Nakshatra Yog is there in Shukla Paksh Dwaadashee (12th) then the Tithi is called Vijayaa Ekaadashee. Your Daan and feeding a Braahman is multiplied in thousand fold on this day and of you keep fast it is multiplied in more than in thousand fold.
Jayantee - When Rohinee Nakshatra Yog in on Shukla Paksh Dwaadashee (12th) that Tithi is called Jayantee.
Paap-Naaashinee - When Pushya nakshatra falls on Shukla Dwaadashee (12th), it is called Paap-Naashinee Ekaadashee or Mahaa Punya Mayee

The following Ekaadashee are given in detail --

Ekaadashee - Aparaa (or Achalaa) - Jyeshth Shukla
Ekaadashee - Dev Uthaan (or Prabodhinee, or Haribodhinee)  - Kaarttik Shukla
Ekaadashee - Indiraa - Aashwin Krishn
Ekaadashee - Kaamadaa - Chaitra Shukla
Ekaadashee - Kamalaa - Adhik Maas Krishn Paksh
Ekaadashee - Mohinee - Vaishaakh Shukla
Ekaadashee - Mokshdaa - Maargsheersh Shukla
Ekaadashee - Nirjalaa (or Bheem, or Paandav) - Jyeshth Shukla
Ekaadashee - Parivartanee (or Padmaa, or Jal-Jhulaanee, or Jayantee, or Vaaman) - Bhaadrapad Shukla
Ekaadashee - Saphalaa - Paush Krishn
Ekaadashee - Shat-Tilaa - Maagh Krishn
Ekaadashee - Shayanee (or Shayan, or Dev Shayanee) - Aashaadh Shukla
Ekaadashee - Vaikunth (or Vaikunthinee, or Varoothinee) - Vaishaakh Krishn Paksh

Stories of the Greatness of Ekaadashee
--Story of Rukmaangad - Naarad Puraan, 2/2


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