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Mokshdaa Ekadashee falls in the month of Jyesth in the Shukla Paksh (June), therefore it is also called "Jyeshth Shukla Ekadashi" too; and since Bheemsen, the second Paandav brother, had observed this difficult fast, that is why it is called "Bheemsenee Ekaadashe" too. Amongst the 24 Ekaadashee observed throughout the year, the Vrat (fast) observed on this Ekaadashee is considered to be the most beneficial, if one properly observes a fast on this day it is said to give the fruits of 24 Ekaadashee observed throughout the year. Complete fast is observed on this day even without water. People observe strict fast and offer Poojaa to Lord Vishnu to ensure happiness, prosperity and forgiveness of transgressions and sins. On the preceding day that is on the 10th lunar day, Sandhyaa (evening prayer) is performed and only one meal is taken.

In this Vrat, although even water is not taken the whole day - from sunrise to sunset, but Phalaahaar (fruits) is allowed and milk may be taken after the Phalaahaar. In Jyeshth Maas, there is lots of heat, and days re long, that is why it is difficult to be without water throughout the day, and that is why this Vrat is considered very difficult.

Method of Vrat
One should keep fast from sunrise to sunset without even drinking water. Worship Vishnu in the evening. Next day, on Dwaadashee, one should feed Braahman and donate them something for example, grains (Anna), clothes, umbrella, fruits, water-filled pitchers and Dakshinaa. In spite of the prohibition of drinking water on this day, one can drink milk after eating Phalaahar (fruits).

Greatness of Nirjalaa Ekaadashee
Soot Jee said - "Now you listen to the greatness of the best Ekaadashee, Nirjalaa Ekaadashee. Once Paandu's son Bheemsen asked Ved Vyaas Jee - "Hey learned Pitaamaha, My four brothers, wife Draupadee and mother Kuntee, all never eat food on Ekaadashee, and they always insist me too not take food on that day, but I cannot tolerate hunger. I can donate things, I can worship god, but I cannot live without food. Please tell me some way so that without fasting I can enjoy the benefits of Ekaadashee." Vyaas Jee said - "If you love Swarg (Heaven) and hate Narak (Hell), you must keep fast on both Ekaadashee."

Bheem said - "Listen to me O Muni, If I don't get food even one time in a day, I cannot live, then how can I keep fast twice a month? Vrik name Agni (Fire) lives in my stomach. I can keep fast only for one day in one year. So please tell me only one day Vrat in one year so that by observing it I can go to Swarg." Vyaas Jee said - "The best Dharm for human being is the "Ved Dharm", but nobody can follow that, that is why I tell you a very simple and easy way done with minimum money and efforts written in Puraan. The people who keep fast on both Ekaadashee do not go to Narak."

Hearing this first Bheemsen got scared and said - "Hey Pitaamaha, I am unable to keep fast, therefore pleas tell me only one fast which can give me lots of fruits." Vyaas Jee said - "There is one Eaadashee in Shukla Paksh of Jyeshth Maas, if you do that Nir-jal (without water) Vrat, it is good for you. After taking bath, one should do Aachman only with one gulp of water. Do not drink more otherwise the Vrat will be broken. So one should take neither any water nor take any food from the time of sunrise on Ekaadashee to the sunrise of Dwaadashee (next day). This gives the fruit of all Dwaadash-Viddhaa Ekaadashee without much efforts. Next day, on Dwaadashee, take bath in the morning, donate gold and water to Braahman and ten take food with Braahman.

O Bheemsen, listen to the fruits of doing this Ekaadashee this way. It alone gives all the fruits of all the Ekaadashee of the whole year. Bhagavaan Vishnu Himself has said this to me, that sacrificing everything come to me and by doing Ekaadashee Vrat without food, a man gets freed from all bondages. Whatever fruit is obtained by going to all Teerth (pilgrim places), and donating all kinds of things all that one can get by observing fast on this Ekaadashee. On this day one should not take water and food. Whatever wealth and health are obtained by ding all Ekaadashee Vrat, they all can be obtained by doing only this Ekaadashee. One should not drink water on this day.

In the morning, one should take Sankalp of doing this Ekaadashee and take food only on Dwaadashee. Whatever Jap, Tap, Daan a man does on this day that all becomes eternal. All kinds of greatest Paap (sins) are destroyed by doing this Ekaadashee. Whatever fruits are obtained by donation on Phal-naashinee Amaavasyaa or in Soorya Grahan time, the same fruits are obtained by doing this Vrat."


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