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Parivartini Ekaadashee observed during the waxing phase of Moon in Bhaadrapad month is associated with incarnation of Lord Vaaman of Lord Vishnu and also with sleep of Vishnu during Chatur Maas period. Parivartinee Ekaadashee Vrat Kathaa (Story) extols the glory of the legendary King Bali. It is called Parsav Parivartinee Ekaadashee because Lord Vishnu who has been sleeping during the Dakshinaayan period, since Aashaadh Shukla Ekaadashe (Dev Shayanee Ekaadashee) changes His side - from left side to right side. This Ekaadashee is also known as Jayantee Ekaadashee.

Bhaadrapad month falls during the Dakshinaayan Punya Kaal and is also the second month in during the Chaatur Maas period. Popular belief is that the period of Dakshinaayan is the night time of Gods. Lord Vishnu is believed to be sleeping during this period. The Vaaman Avataar of Lord Vishnu is believed to have appeared on this day. This Ekaadashee is also therefore known as Vaaman Ekaadashee. In Gujaraat, Parsav Parivartinee Ekadasi is observed as Jal Jhulaanee Ekaadashee. Those observe partial Ekaadashee fasting on the day as usual skip food items grains and rice and salt. Some people opt for complete fast.

King Bali was popular on earth for his honesty, compassion, justice and there was all-round prosperity in his kingdom. He made the utopia a reality. Although he was born into a family of Demons, King Bali was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. His glory and power made Indra (the Lord of Demi Gods) weak. Soon King Bali overthrew Indra and took over the heavenly kingdom. Indra took refuge at the feet of Lord Vishnu.
Lord Vishnu took the form of Vaaman – a dwarf Braahman and went to the palace of King Bali who was conducting a huge Yagya. King Bali was distributing gifts to all gathered there and the young Vaaman came to his door and asked for three steps of land.

King Bali thought that three steps of land was too little and asked the young Braahman to ask for something more. But Vaaman was adamant and he wanted only three steps of land. King Bali agreed and asked him to take three steps of land wherever he wanted. Suddenly, Lord Vaaman grew in gigantic proportions and those stood there could no longer see the face of Vaaman. In one step, Lord Vaaman measured the Earth and in the second step he measured the Heaven and the whole space was covered with his body.  Vaaman asked him where he could keep his third step. But  there was no place to keep his third step.

King Bali readily bowed his head and asked Lord Vaaman to place the third step on his head. King Bali was thus pushed to the netherworld.
Pleased with King Bali’s devotion, Lord Vishnu blessed him that he will be Indra of next Manvantar and that Vishnu will live constantly with King Bali in the Vaaman form. The popular belief is that Lord Vishnu in the form of Vaaman still lives in the abode of King Bali.


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