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Shayanee Ekaadashee, which falls on Aashaadh Shukla Ekaadashee,  is known by several names -
Dev Shayanee Ekaadashee, or
Shayan Ekaadashee, or
Prathamaa Ekaadashee, or
Mahaa Ekaadashee

Vishnu sleeps on this day and wakes up on the Prabodhinee Ekaadashee (Kaarttik Shukla Ekaadashee) day, after four months.

There is a system of starting the year from Varshaa Kaal (rainy season) and this is the first Ekaadashee in such an year. It is also the nearest Ekaadashee before the Chaaturya Maas Vrat. It is called Saayanee because although it falls in Dakshinaayan period, it gives the push towards Uttaraayan.

As per the legend, there lived a Daitya named Mur (read his story as 2-Mur Daitya). Mur was the son of of a Daitya i Brahmaa's family. the Devataa were unable to bear the tyranny of Mur Daitya, so Devtaa approached Shiv. Shiv sent them to Vishnu. A battle ensued between Lord Vishnu and the demon Mur for quite some time, bjut then Vishnu realized that a new weapon was needed to slay Mur Daitya. In order to take rest and create a new weapon, Vishnu retired to a cave called Himaavatee in Badarik Aashram.

Mur Daitya came looking for Vishnu and found Him sleeping in the cave. He tried to kill Him, that a woman appeared from Vishnu's body and spoke "Hunh". The Daitya got burnt to ashes in one look. In the meantime Vishnu woke up and found the Daitya reduced to ashes. He who did that? That female said - "I did. This Daitya wanted to kill you, so I saved you. Vishnu got very pleased with that woman named her Ekaadashee and asked her to ask or a boon. Ekaadashee said - "If you are pleased with me, then grant me the vboon that I should be foremost Teerth remover of all obstacles, and giver of all Siddhi. Who keep fast on this day they should attain all kinds of Siddhi and who keep complete fast, Nakt or Ek-Bhukt, you give them wealth, Dharm, and Moksh." Vishnu said , "So be it."


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