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Ekaadashee, Kaamadaa

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Kaamadaa Ekaadashee
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There are 24 Ekaadashee (see their list) in a year excluding 2 Ekaadashee of Leap Year (or precisely Adhik Maas). Among all of them, the Chaira Maas Shukla Paksh Ekaadashee is called Kaamadaa Ekaadashee.

Kaamalda Ekaadashee Vrat Kathaa
Yudhishthir asked Shree krishn - "Hey Purushottam, Tell me about the Ekaadashee which falls in Shukla Paksh of Chaitra Maas." krishn said - :Listen O Kuntee-nandan. This Ekaadashee is called Kaamadaa Ekaadashee. Once Maharshi Vashishth Jee told this story to King Dileep - the great grandfather of Raam. King Dileep also asked Muni Vashishth about this Ekaadashee, so Vashishth Muni said  - "Chaitra Shukla Ekaadashee is called Kaaamadaa Ekaadashee and it destroys all sins.

Long time ago, there was a city named Ratnapur. There ruled the King Pundareek. The city was of Gandharv, Kinnar and Apsaraa. Among the Gandharv there was one Gandharv named Lalit and his wife Lalitaa. When Lalit used to sing, he used to think about his wife Lalitaa, and because of this distraction he sometimes lost the track of the song's melody. They both loved each other very much.

Once many Gandharv were singing in the court of Pundareek. Lalit was also there. Singing he thought about his wife Lalitaa and he lost the melody of the song, so he sang the song improperly. Now there was a snake also, named Karkot who was in the attendance in the court of the King. he told the Kig that Lalit was not singing properly because he was thinking about his wife. King got furious hearing this and he said - "O Foolish, Because you were thinking about a woman while singing in the royal court instead of your King, so immediately become demon - a man-eating demon with a terrified appearance."

Lalit immdiately became a demon. His arms were now 8 miles long. His mouth was as big as huge cave. His eyes were red like Sun. His nostrils were like huge pits on the Earth. His neck was like a mountain. His gigantic body was 64 miles high. Poor Lalit was now suffering of the King's wrath because of his love to his wife. Seeing this lalitaa became very sad and thought - "What is left for me in this life? What should I do and where should I go?" She started wandering in the forests along with her husband. When Lalitaa was wandering in forests with her husband, she met Shringee Rishi. he was sitting on the peak of the Vindhyaachal mountain. Immediately she offered him her obeisance bowing down. When Rishi saw her like this, he asked her - "Who are you and why have you come here?"

Lalitaa said - "O Braahman, My name is Lalitaa. I have been wandering in forests with my husband whom King Pundareek has cursed to be a man-eating demon. I am very sad seeing his this condition. Please tell me what should I do to bring him in his original condition? How can I free him from his demonic form?" The sage replied - "There is a Kaamdaa Ekaadashee in Chaitra Shukla Paksh. It is coming soon. Whoever keeps fast on that day his all desires are fulfilled. If you observe this Ekaadashee and give its fruit to your husband, he will be freed from the curse immediately." Lalitaa faithfully observed that Ekaadashee and gave its fruit to her husband. On Dwaadashee, Ekaadashee and Vaasudev appeared before her. Lalitaa said - "I have faithfully observed Ekaadashee Vrat and I give my merits to him, please free my husband from the curse." Lalitaa's husband was standing there, he immediately became Gandharv again - a handsome singer adorned with beautiful ornaments. So O Yudhishthir, Anyone who hears this story should certainly observe Kaamadaa Ekaadashee to the best of his ability."

Traditionally one should not eat food completely the whole day, but for many people it is not possible today. Such people can eat some food items on this day and observe only a partial fast. It is believed that demon Mur found the dwelling in rice; and Vishnu appeared to annihilate him, so one should not eat any kind of grains - beans, pulse, grains, especially rice; and onion, garlic and non-vegetarian food. One should eat fresh and dry fruits, milk products, and vegetables, and nuts. The most popular food in Northern India on Ekaadashee fasting day is Saaboodaanaa Khichadee with potato and groundnuts.


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