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Maitreya Muni

There was a Muni named Maitreya. He appears in Bhaagvat Puraan, Mahaabhaarat and Vishnu Puraan.

Maitreya and Vidur
In Bhaagvat Puraan Vidur Jee asked Maitreya Jee many questions when he was on his Teerth Yaatraa. Maitreya Jee told him the reason of his birth - due to the curse of Maandavya Rishi,

Maitreya and Duryodhan
In Mahaabhaarat, we meet him when he came to Hastinaapur to warn Dhritraashtra about what he did to his younger brother's sons, but Dhritraashtra did not agree with him, even Duryodhan misbehaved with him; so Maitreya Muni cursed him that whatever vows Bheem took at the time the of Dice game, they all would surely come true - means that Dhritraashtra will lose his all sons killed by Bheem, Bheem will drink the blood of Dushaasan's chest; and he will break Duryodhan's thigh.

Maitreya and Ved Vyaas
Once Ved Vyaas jee wanted to test Maitreya Jee when he was in Vaaraanasee. Vyaas Jee did not disclose his identity. Suddenly Vyaas Jee smiled and Maitreya Jee knew that he was ved Vyaas Jee, and he asked the secret of his smile. Then Vyaas Jee started narrating that Daan sacrifice more particularly Anna Daan food offering, is the best of all Daan. Only on account of eating, living beings can retain their physical body and when only the physical body is existent, the astral body can play its role. The offering of Maitreya to Vyaas Jee is called as Maitreya Bhikshaa.

Maitreya and Krishn
Maitreya Jee met Krishn also while He was about to leave Prithvi. [Bhaagvat Puraan, 3/1]

Maitreya and Paraashar Muni
Maitreya Muni heard Vishnu Puraan from Paraashar Muni, even he requests to Paraashar to portray Bhagavaan Vishnu in His complete form, and Paraashar Muni then quotes Vashishth Jee in the form of a prayer to Vishnu.



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