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1-Vidur Meets Uddhav

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, Whatever you have asked me, Vidur Jee also asked the same Maitreya Jee. When Krishn went to Kaurav as Paandav's peace messenger, He went to Vidur's house without any invitation leaving Duryodhan's palace." Pareekshit asked - "Why Vidur Jee left his relatives and then why did he come back to them? How Vidur Jee met Maitreya Jee and what did he ask from him?"

Shuk Dev Jee said - "When Raajaa Dhritraashtra set the fire to burn Paandu's sons, when Raajaa Dhritraashtra did not stop his son Duryodhan to take off Draupadee's clothes in his court, and when Raajaa Dhritraashtra could not stop Duryodhan to exile Paandav cunningly, and when he did not return their kingdom even after coming back from their exile, and when Dhritraashtra did not respect Krishn's Shaanti Sandesh (peace message); at that time Dhritraashtra called Vidur Jee for his advise and Vidur Jee explained the Raaj-neeti (political policy) to him.

Vidur Jee said - "Hey Raajan, You should return Yudhishthir's share of kingdom to him. You are very much afraid of Bheem. Perhaps you don't know that Krishn is favoring Paandav, He is now living in Dwaarakaa and He has defeated most kings and Braahman are also with Him. Your son is opposing Krishn directly this means that you are also opposing Him. If you wish good of your family then abandon your son immediately." Hearing this Duryodhan and Dushaasan got very angry and insulted Vidur Jee - "Who has invited this maid's son here? He speaks against them only whose food he eats. Don't kill him but exile him immediately." Vidur Jee did not feel bad, just kept his bow at the gate of the court and left Hastinaapur. [That is how he left Hastinaapur and he went to holy places.]

Vidur Jee went to several holy places. When he arrived in Prabhaas Kshetra, Yudhishthir had got his kingdom and there he learned about Kaurav's destruction. He got very sad and came to the banks of Saraswatee River. From there he went to other 11 holy places - Trit, Ushnaa, Manu, Prithu, Agni, Asit, Vaayu, Sudaas, Gau, Guh, Shraaddhdev and then came to the bank of Yamunaa River crossing through Sauraashtra, Sauveer, Matsya, Kurujaangal Pradesh. There he met Uddhav Jee. Uddhav Jee had been the disciple of Brihaspati Jee. Vidur Jee asked him about Shree Krishn, His army chief Pradyumn Jee (who was incarnation of Kaamdev and Rukminee Jee got him from Bhagavaan by worshipping Braahman), Ugrasen, Saamb (incarnation of Kaartikeya, Krishn's son from Jaambvatee who got him after many fasts), Saatyaki, Akroor Jee, Devak's daughter Devakee from Bhoj Vansh, all Paandav, Kuntee etc."

He further said to Uddhav Jee - "I am very sorry for Dhritraashtra who is fighting with his own brother's children and because of his son he has exiled me also. I am comfortable by the grace of Shree Krishn. He is without birth and Karm, still He takes Divine birth and performs Divine Karm to destroy wicked people and to attract people. Therefore you tell me something about Him."

2-3 -Uddhav Describes Bhagavaan's Baal Leelaa

Shuk Dev Jee further said - "Since the time when Uddhav Jee was 5 years old, he had a great devotion towards Shree Krishn, now he was old. So when Vidur Jee asked him about Shree Krishn, his heart moved with love and could not speak for two Ghadee. After a while he gathered himself and said -"Shree Krishn has gone to His Lok. What can I say about Him now? Whenever I remember His Leelaa, I feel moved. He made everybody fearless but He Himself hid from Kans in Brij; He ran from Kaalyavan being so much brave; He gave Mukti even to Shishupaal; many Devtaa used to worship Him, the same Bhagavaan used to stand in front of Raajaa Ugrasen and said - "Kindly listen to our request". He gave Pootanaa a higher Lok even though she tried to breastfeed Him with poison. He stayed in Brij for 11 years, when Kans sent several Raakshas to kill Him. He killed them without any effort. He defeated Kaaliya Naag, danced on his heads and made Yamunaa water drinkable. He started cow worship instead of Indra worship. Then Indra became angry and asked rains to fall continuously on Brij land - it fell for seven days continuously. Then He lifted Govardhan Parvat on His smallest finger to save the people.

Then he killed Kans in Mathura. He brought back His Guru Saandeepan's son back from the stomach of Panchjan Raakshas (from Yam Puree). He did Rukminee-Haran. He put rein in seven bulls in the Swaymavar of Satyaa (Naagnjitee). To please His wife Satyabhaamaa He brought the Kalp Vriksh from Swarg to Earth. When Prithvi saw her huge size son Bhaumaasur killed by Bhagavaan, He handed over his kingdom to his son Bhagdatt on hewr request and married many princesses brought by Bhaumaasur from many places in the same moment by appearing in many bodies. To show His Leelaa He produced 10 sons each from them like Himself.

When Kaalyavan, Jaraasandh and Shaalv attacked Mathuraa and Dwaarakaa, Bhagavaan gave His people His own power to kill them. He killed Shambar, Dwivid, Baanaasur, Mur, Balval, Dantvakra either by Himself or made them kill by somebody else. He was not satisfied by killing 18 Akshauhinee army of Kaurav and Paandav, because Yaadav were still alive. [So He killed them also.] He saved Puru Vansh by saving Uttaraa's child in her womb. Once while playing, Yadu and Bhoj children teased some Muni, then they gave Shaap to those children. After a few months of this event, Yaadav and Bhoj people went to Prabhaas Kshetra, did Tarpan, and gave alms."

4-Vidur Goes to Maitreya Rishi

Uddhav Jee further said - "Then with the permission of Braahman they took their food and drank liquor. Consequently they lost their senses, started fighting and killed themselves  according to those Muni's Shaap. Seeing that Krishn sat on the bank of River Saraswatee under a tree. He had already asked me to go to Badrik Aashram. Although I understood His purpose, still I followed Him to Prabhaas Kshetra.

I saw Him sitting alone on the banks of Saraswatee River. He was sitting under a Peepal Tree keeping His right foot on His left thigh. At the same time Vyaas' dear friend Maitreya Rishi came there. Krishn said to me (I was also there) - "Uddhav, I know your internal desire, that is why I give you that thing which is very scarce for other people.  You were a Vasu in your previous life. You worshipped me with the desire to get me. This is your last birth in this world. Now I give you the same knowledge which I gave to Brahmaa Jee in the beginning of Paadm Kalp, that is Bhaagvat. Now I want to go to my Lok leaving this Mrityu Lok. This is your good luck that you are seeing me in my last moments."  I said - "Although your devotee can get anything - Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksh, but I don't want anything, but I would like to know that knowledge which you gave to Brahmaa Jee so that I can cross this world of sorrows easily." Then he told me everything. I was very happy to see Him but now I am very sad and I am going to Badrik Aashram where Nar and Naaraayan are doing Tap." 

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Thus Uddhav Jee calmed down Vidur Jee's mind which was agitated hearing the killing of his relations. When Uddhav Jee started going to Badrik Aashram, Vidur Jee asked about the knowledge Bhagavaan gave to him. Uddhav Jee said - "You should ask Maitreya Jee for this. Bhagavaan Himself has ordered him to discourse on that to you." In the morning Uddhav Jee started for Badrik Aashram." Pareekshit asked - "When everybody died in Vrishni Vansh and Bhoj Vansh, even Shree Krishn had to leave His own Roop, then how their leader Uddhav Jee remain alive?" Shukdev Jee said - "Krishn thought that after Him Uddhav Jee was the only worthy person to get His knowledge, so he should stay here and deliver that knowledge." Then Vidur Jee arrived at the bank of Yamunaa River where Maitreya Jee lived, in a few days time.



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