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Chapters 5-6

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5-Creation of Universe-1

Maitreya Jee was in Haridwaar Kshetra. Vidur Jee asked him - "Hey Munivar,  Everybody does the Karm for joy and pleasure, but they neither get joy nor their sorrows are lessened, rather their sorrows are increased. Please tell me what to do in this regard? Tell me how He created the world in the beginning in spite of being non-doer? What other Divine Karm He does? Which Tattwa are used to create everything? I feel sorry for those who because of their previous sins do not want to hear Bhagavaan's Kathaa. I wish to hear His Avataar's Kathaa also. "

Maitreya Jee said - "You are the Auras son (a son who is not from one's own wife) of Vyaas Jee and you are Yam Raaj in person. Only because of Maandavya Rishi's Shaap you are born to a maid of Vichitraveerya. You are very dear to Bhagavaan that is why Bhagavaan has ordered me to tell you this Gyaan. That is why now I will tell you about the Creation of the Universe, its location and Bhagavaan's Leelaa. Before any kind of Creation, there was only Paramaatmaa. There was no seer, no sight, so He Himself started seeing something, but He also could not see anything because there was nothing to see around, only He Himself was shining. Whoever discovered the seer and the sight is called cause and action form of Maayaa. With the help of this Maayaa Bhagavaan has created this world.

Three Gun appeared from Paramaatmaa through His Kaal Shakti (Time Power). By creating Kshobh in them they converted themselves into Mahat-Tattwa (Aamaa or Soul). Mahat-Tattwa was Gyaan itself. It got transformed and Ahankaar appeared from it, which is in the form of Kaarya (Adhi-bhoot), Kaaran (Adhyaatm) and Kartaa (Adhi-daiv) and therefore is the cause of the birth of Bhoot, Indriya and Man.

This Ahankaar is of three types according to Gun - Vaikaarik (Saatwik), Tejas (Raajas), and Taamas. Saatwik Ahankaar created Devtaa as the Swaamee of Indriya; Tejas Ahankaar created all Indriyaan; and Taamas Ahankaar created Shabd Tanmaatraa - the cause of minute Bhoot (living beings). Aakaash (sky) appeared from Shabd (sound) Tanmaatraa. Touch Tanmaatraa appeared from Aakaash, and then Vaayu (air) appeared from Touch Tanmaatraa. Strong Vaayu created Swaroop (fire) Tanmaatraa which created Tej (Agni, or fire). Then Tej created Ras (taste) Tanmaatraa and water. And the water created smell Tanmaatraa and Prithvi. Thus Prithvi has all the attributes of its previous Bhoot (elements). They created their Devtaa also.

Although they all are parts of Bhagavaan but because of being created from different natured Gun, they could themselves not create anything; then Devtaa said to Bhagavaan - "You have created us with three Gun, so because of being created from different natured Gun we cannot sit together and that is why we are helpless to offer you anything from this world. So do something so that we can offer you something from this world and we can also take our part of food as well. How do we do our work for which we are born? That is why give us your Gyaan power along with your action power."

6-Appearance of Viraat Form

Maitreya Rishi said - "When Bhagavaan saw that my Mahat-Tattwa etc are unable to create the world, He used His Kaal Power and entered His 23 powers (Mahat-Tattwa, Ahankaar, five Bhoot, five Tanmaatraa, ten Indriyaan, and Man) together and created His Viraat form. The whole Universe is within this Viraat form. This Viraat Purush was in His unconscious state in an egg form in water for 1,000 Divine years. This Viraat Jeev is the soul of all Jeev (living beings) because it is the first Jeev; is the part of Paramaatmaa because of the living form; and the first Avataar because of being His first manifestation (because before this He was hidden - not seen). This is of three types according to Adhyaatm, Adhi-bhoot and Adhi-daiv Roop (form); of ten types according to Praan Roop and is of one type according to heart Roop. Then Bhagavaan woke up Viraat Purush. As soon as the Viraat Purush woke up, places to live for Devtaa also appeared in Him.

First appeared mouth in which entered Lok-Paal Agni with his Ansh (part) Vaak (speaking) Indriya through which this Jeev speaks. Second appeared upper part of mouth (Taaloo) in which entered Lok-Paal Varun with his Ansh Rasanaa (tongue) through which Jeev tastes the food. Third appeared nostrils in which entered both Ashwinee Kumaar with their Ansh smell Indriya through which this Jeev smells. Then appeared eyes in which entered Lokepati Soorya (Sun) with his Ansh seeing power through which this Jeev sees. Then appeared skin in which entered Vaayu (air) with his Ansh Twag Indriya through which this Jeev experiences touch. Then appeared ears, in them entered Dishaa (directions) with his Ansh Shravan through which this Jeev hears. Then appeared flesh in which entered medicines with their Ansh Rom (fur) through this Jeev experiences itch.

Then appeared penis in which entered Brahmaa himself with his Ansh semen through which this Jeev experiences pleasures of the world. Then appeared the anus in which entered Lok-Paal Mitra with his Ansh Vaayu (air) through which this Jeev passes stool. Then appeared hands in which entered Dev Raaj Indra with his Ansh Grahan Tyaag through which this Jeev earns his living. Then appeared feet in which entered Vishnu with His power Gati through which the Jeev arrives at his destination.

Then appeared wisdom in which entered Brahmaa with his Ansh Vaak (speaking) through which this Jeev attains the knowledge. Then appeared heart in which entered Chandramaa (Moon) with his Ansh Man through which the Jeev can think about intentions and alternatives. Then appeared Ahankaar in which entered Rudra with his Action Power through which his Jeev accepts his duties. Then appeared Chitta in which entered Mahat-Tattwa (Brahmaa) with His Chitta Power through which the Chitta attains consciousness (Chetanaa).

Then Swarg Lok appeared from His head, Prithvi from His feet, and Antariksh (sky) from His navel. From His Sat, Raj, and Tam Gun appeared Devtaa, human beings and Pret etc. Because of the excess of Sat Gun Devtaa went to live in Swarg Lok, with excess of Raj Gun human beings are living on this Prithvi, and because of the excess of Tam Gun Pret etc (Paarshad of Rudra) live in Antariksh - the navel region of Bhagavaan.

Ved and Braahman appeared from Bhagavaan's mouth, that is why they are the highest and are Guru of everybody. Kshatriya appeared from His arms and that is why they protect all others. Vaishya appeared from His both thighs and thus they feed everybody else. Shoodra appeared from his feet thus they serve everybody else and with this service nature Shree Hari was very much pleased. Service is in the root of every Dharm (duties) thus who serves is the highest in all Varn. Braahman's Dharm is for Moksh, Kshatriya's Dharm is for Bhog (pleasure), Vaishya's Dharm is for wealth, and Shoodra's Dharm is for Dharm only. Thus first three Varn's Dharm are for other Purushaarth (labor), but Shoodra's Dharm is for their own Purushaarth that is why their nature pleases Bhagavaan.

Learned people say that only hearing Bhagavaan's Kathaa is the greatest advantage for ears. Even Brahmaa Jee could not understand Him fully after thinking about Him for 1,000 Divine years, both mind and speech can not reach there, Rudra and Devtaa also cannot know Him fully, that is why we only greet Him."



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