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Chapter 7

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7-Doubts of Vidur Jee

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hearing upon this, Vidur Jee asked Maitreya Jee- "Bhagavaan is Nir-Vikaar (without any foreign thing, means pure), Nir-Gun (without any attribute), how can He be related to Gun and action even in playful mood? A child can desire to play, but Bhagavaan is self-satisfied and has no desire to be anybody then why should He think about enjoyment? He creates this Universe, sustains this Universe and destroys this Universe with His Maayaa. Whose knowledge is never destroyed, how He can He be related to Maayaa? I am becoming deluded, please remove my doubts."

Maitreya Jee said - "Although it seems illogical, but in reality this is only His Maayaa. It is like that as when the water shakes, the shadow of the Moon also shakes with it, but in reality the Moon does not shake. In the same way with this physical body Jeev feels many things because of Maayaa, but Paramaatmaa doesn't feel anything. When a person acts in a desireless manner then this feeling also goes away. When these Indriyaan leave all their enjoyment and think only about Shree Hari, at that time all these enjoyments are also destroyed."

Vidur Jee said - " Now I have understood that Bhagavaan is beyond everything, while Jeev is dependent. That  whatever this Jeev feels here - joy or sorrow - that is only Bhagavaan's Maayaa. So all joys or sorrows are useless because the root of this whole world is only Bhagavaan's Maayaa. Only two kinds of people are happy in this world - those who are completely fool (ignorant, or A-Gyaanee) or those who have attained Bhagavaan with their knowledge. Whoever in the middle, they always suffer.

Hey Rishi,  You said before, that in the beginning of this Creation Bhagavaan created Mahat-Tattwa etc and then created all these Lok and Creation. And after that He created those body parts again. He created the four Varn also. Now I want to hear the story of those people who were born from Him, such as Brahmaa etc and their descendents with whom this whole world was filled. Manu's family, kings' descendents, position of all Lok (worlds), the birth of all kinds of living beings, Varn, Dharm, position of stars etc. How Bhagavaan can be satisfied? Type of Pralaya, form of Parameshwar, ways to attain knowledge (because Gyaan cannot be attained by itself)."

8-Birth of Brahmaa Jee

Maitreya Jee said - " Hey Vidur Jee,  You yourself are Yam Raaj. Because you took birth in this Puru Vansh this Vansh has become more respectable [than ever before]. Now listen to that Bhaagvat Puraan which was told by Bhagavaan Sankarshan (Shesh Jee) to Sankaadik Muni and which helps in killing desires of little pleasures and ending sorrows. Bhagavaan Sankarshan was in Paataal Lok. Sankaadik Muni asked him about Purushottam Brahm. Sankarshan Bhagavaan told Bhaagvat to Sanat Kumaar, then Sanat Kumaar told this to Saankhyaayan Muni and Saankhyaayan Muni told this to Paraashar Muni and Brihaspati Jee. Then Paraashar Muni told me the same on the request of Pulastya Rishi and the same Puraan I am going to tell you now. 

Before the creation, the whole Universe was inside water, and at that time only Naaraayan was resting on Shesh Shayyaa (bed). Everything was in sleeping state within Him except Kaal Shakti (Time power) to create the universe later. He was in this state for 1,000 Chatur-Yug period. (this is Brahmaa's night)

With the inspiration of Kaal Shakti, He saw those Lok which disappeared long time ago. As He saw His minute body, it came came out through His navel in the form of lotus bud and it spread its light through all that water. Bhagavaan Himself entered that lotus flower and then appeared Brahmaa Jee who is called as Swaayambhoo (Bhagavaan) from that flower. He knew whole Ved without being taught. When he did not see any Lok on opening His eyes, he started turning his head in all the four directions to look for anything. This turning of head caused him to have four heads. Since the water was beating him from all sides he could not know anything about himself or the lotus. He thought - "Who am I sitting on this lotus? And where this lotus has come from in this water without any base. So there must be something below this to make it stand like this." Thinking this he entered lotus stem through the stem hole. Even though he reached up to Bhagavaan's navel, but he could not find what he was looking for. Thus lots of Kaal (time) passed in that darkness.

This Kaal is Bhagavaan's Chakra which scares people by decreasing their age. Failed to see anything, Brahmaa Jee came out of that stem and again sat on the lotus flower and sat in Samaadhi for 100 Divine years. Then he got the knowledge and saw what he wanted to see before, but now in his heart only. That Bhagavaan was resting on Shesh Shayyaa. Shesh's 10,000 heads are spreading like umbrella [over His head]. His complexion is dark (see Shesh's complexion). His body contains Tri-Lok. He saw only five things at that time - lotus flower appearing from Bhagavaan's navel, water, sky, air, and his own body. But still he couldn't see anything else. With Rajo Gun Brahmaa Jee wanted to create the living beings but he saw only above-mentioned five things, so he started praying Prabhu.

9-Brahmaa Jee's Prayer to Prabhu

[There are 25 Shlok of Brahmaa Jee's prayer to Prabhu.] When he had prayed Prabhu, he became silent. Bhagavaan saw that Brahmaa Jee was somewhat troubled seeing this Pralaya water and was sad because he was not able to create anything, so Bhagavaan said - "You don't be lazy in creation work, get ready to create the world. Whatever you want from me, I have already done it. You do Tap once again and get the knowledge of Bhaagvat. With that knowledge you will be able to see all Lok in your heart, then you will see all Lok and yourself in Me and Me in all Lok and yourself. When any Jeev sees me in everything like fire in wood, he becomes liberated form any kind of ignorance (A-Gyaan). Hey Brahmaa Jee, Whatever living beings are now inside me, you create them like previous Kalp." And then Naaraayan disappeared.



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