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Chapter 10

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10-Ten Types of Creation

Vidur Jee asked - "After Naaraayan had disappeared, how many types of creations Brahmaa Jee created from his body and Man." Maitreya Jee said - "Then Brahmaa Jee again did Tap for 100 Divine years. After that he saw that because of strong winds both lotus flower and water were shaking. Since with the Tap he had obtained the knowledge, so with the help of that knowledge he drank all the water and air and thought that "I will create the world which had disappeared in previous time, from this lotus flower only". So he again entered the lotus stem and divided it in three parts - Bhoo, Bhuvah and Swah - although that lotus was so large that it could be divided in 14 Lok. According to Shaastra, these three Lok are the places for Jeev as his Bhog (enjoyment) places. Who do desireless actions, they go to Mahah, Tapah, Janah and Brahm Lok (Satya Lok)."

Vidur Jee asked - "You told about the Kaal power (Time Power), now I wish to know about it in detail." Maitreya Jee said - "Hey Vidur Jee, Transformation of the subjects is the form of Kaal. He Himself is without beginning and end, but with the help of this power He manifests Himself in the form of the Universe. Long before, this Universe was inside Shree Hari, now it is out through His Maayaa. This world is the same as it was before and will be the same in future too. This world is created in nine ways but according to Praakrit-Vaikrit difference there is one more type of creation, making it total ten. And its Pralaya is of three types - according to Kaal, material (Dravya) and Gun. [Now I describe the ten types of Creation.]

(1) First Creation is of Mahat-Tattwa. Mahat-Tattwa manifests itself in the form of differences between the three Gun - Sat, Raj and Tam. 
(2) Second Creation is of Ahankaar from which five elements (Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Sky) and five Karm Indriyaan (hands, feet, anus, reproduction organs, and mouth) and five Gyaan Indriyaan (eyes, nose, tongue, ears, and skin) have been created. 
(3) Third Creation is of Bhoot Sarg from which five Tanmaatraa (smell, seeing, sound, taste, and touch - form) of five elements are created. 
(4) Fourth Creation is of Indriyaan which are to work - 5 Karm Indriyaan and to attain Gyaan (knowledge) - 5 Gyaan Indriyaan.
(5) Fifth Creation is of Devtaa - Lords of all 10 Indriyaan, created by Saatwik Ahankaar; including Man (mind).
(6) Sixth creation is of A-Vidyaa (darkness, or A-Gyaan, or ignorance). It is of five types - Taamistra, Andh-Taamistra, Tam, Moh, and Mahaa-Moh. They keep the intelligence of Jeev covered [with A-Vidyaa].

These are the six Praakrit Creations. Now listen to Vaikrit Creations.

(7) Seventh Creation is of six types of immovable trees. Their food and drink go from downward to upward. They do not have knowledge but they feel the touch inside them. And each and everyone has some kind of attribute.
(8) Eighth Creation is of Tiryak Yoni - animals and birds. They are of 28 types. They do not know about the Kaal (time) because of the excess of Tamo Gun. They know only eating and drinking, sleeping, enjoyment, and reproduction [these characteristics are called animal instincts]. Their smelling power is very sharp, but they cannot think, nor they can project future events. Among them are cow, goat, buffalo, black deer, boar, Neel cow, Ruru deer, sheep and camel are of 2-nail animals. Some are of 1-nail animals - donkey, horse, mule, etc; some have 5-nails - dog, jackal, wolf, lion, rabbit, monkey, elephant, tortoise, crocodile etc; and some are birds - eagle, peacock, crow, owl, swan, crane, Chakavaa, etc.
(9) Hey Vidur Jee, Ninth Creation is of human beings. This is of one type only. Their food and drink go from upward to downward. Humans are normally Rajo Gunee, action doers and feel pleasures in sorrowful environment.

Trees, animals and birds and humans and Dev Sarg (to be described later) are called Vaikrit Creation. Mahat-Tattwa etc is called Vaikaarik Dev Sarg which has been described under Praakrit Creation. Besides, Sanat Kumaar etc is called Kaumaar Sarg, it is of both types - Praakrit and Vaikrit.

(10) Devtaa; Pitar; Asur; Gandharv and Apsaraa; Yaksh and Raakshas; Siddh; Chaaran and Vidyaadhar; Bhoot, Pret, and Pishaach; and Kinnar, Kimpurush and Ashwamukh - is eight types of Dev Creation. So Brahmaa Jee created these 10 types of Creation. 

Now I will tell you about families and Manvantar.



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