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Story of Maatali-1

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Story of Maatali-1
Ch 97-103
Branched from   G-5-Pre-War-17
Story of Maatali-1      Story of Maatali-2

Story of Maatali-1

Kanv Rishi said to Duryodhan - "Indra has his Saarathee Maatali. Maatali had a very beautiful daughter named Gunaakeshee. She was very beautiful. When she became of marriageable age, Maatali and his wife got worried about her groom. He thought himself that a girl's birth in such a respectable family ends in evil results, because she has to maintain the respect of three families - maternal, paternal and the in-law's family. He could not find anybody amongst Devtaa, Asur, Daitya etc so he planned to visit Naag Lok to look for her groom.

He came to the nether region. As he was wandering around there he saw Naarad Jee going to visit Varun Dev (Devtaa of waters). Naarad Jee asked him - "O charioteer, where are you going? Are you on your own mission or on Indra's command?" Naarad told him everything as why did he come there. Naarad said - "I am going to see Varun Dev now, otherwise we will search the groom together. After a good search we will select one." Both came to Varun Dev's place and received due regards from him. They informed Varun Dev about their mission, left his place and started wandering in search of groom. Naarad Jee knew about all the residents in nether world so he started telling Maatali about all of them.

Naarad Jee said - "You have just seen the Devtaa of waters, Varun Dev, his sons and grandsons. He himself is rich, his son Pushkar is very intelligent, handsome and attractive Som's daughter Jyotsanaakalee has chosen him as her husband. It is said that before this she chose the eldest son of Aditi. Did you see his palace made of gold and full of wine (Vaarunee). They have lots of weapons which cannot be destroyed and they come back to the user after doing their job. And did you see the blazing fire in Varun's lake and Vishnu's Chakra (Divine disc)? The knotty bow which was created to destroy the world is placed there only. It has the strength of hundred thousand bows. This was first created by Brahmaa, now it is with the sons of Varun. See, in that umbrella room Varun's royal umbrella is also there. It drops pure water like Moon but still it is enveloped by darkness and cannot be seen by anybody.  Before them, here lived many tribes of Daitya and Raakshas but all have been extinguished by Devtaa. There are many wonders here, but if we will spend more time here, we will not be able to search groom for your daughter.

Here in the center of the Naag Lok there is a city named Paataal. It is equally worshipped by Daitya and Daanav. Beings of the Earth, if brought here by the current of water, shriek due to fear. There is a fire here, called Asur Fire which is fed by water, burns continually and does not move anywhere. If there is any groom here, I can go to him to accept your daughter. See that egg, it is here since the time of the beginning of the creation, neither it bursts nor it moves. Nobody knows about its origin. It is said that when the end of the world comes, it bursts with blazing fire which consumes the whole universe." Hearing these words, Maatali said - "If one is eligible here, then let us go there without delay."

Naarad Jee further said - "Here is the city named Hiranyapur belonging to Daitya and Daanav. It possesses hundred different kinds of illusions. The Paataal regions were built by Maya Daanav, Many Daanav and Daitya have got Var from Brahmaa here. They also knew thousands of Maayaa (illusions). They were all invincible by any Devtaa. Here lived Kaalkhanj(s) who sprang up from Vishnu; and also the Raakshas called Yatudhaan(s) who sprang up from the feet of Brahmaa. They were all invincible. Another Raakshas called Nivaatkavach(s) also live here. Indra is unable to defeat them. You know that along with your son Gomukh, Indra and his son have to lose the battle here. See their palaces which are made of gold and silver and studded with lapis lazuli, corals, Arksphatik and Vajraasar. And many of them seem to be made of the radiance of these gems called Padmaraag or bright marble or excellent wood. See their means of recreation, expensive utensils, beautiful beds, See if you can find some groom of your liking otherwise we will go to some other part of the world."

Maatali said - "I do not want to do anything which may be disagreeable to celestial world. Devtaa and Daanav, though they are brothers, but still are enemy of each other. Then how can I make an alliance with them? Let us go to some other part of the world. I should not search my son-in-law among Daanav. I know your heart is always set on fomenting quarrels." Then they went forward, Naarad said - "This region belongs to bird. They have excellent feathers and live upon snakes. They never feel any fatigue. This race has multiplied through the six sons of Garud - Sumukh, Sunaman, Sunetra, Suvarch, Suanch, and Suval. Born in Kashyap's family, this Vinataa's son has begotten many children and in turn they have also founded many dynasties. They all are prosperous and have Shree Vats whirl. They come under Kshatriya order, but they all are without compassion. They never attain spiritual enlightenment because of killing their own kinsmen. They all worship Vishnu, and Vishnu is their protector.

Their names are - Suvarnchood, Naag Daarun, Chaandtundak, Anal, Vaishaalaaksh, Kundalin, Pankjit, Vajravishkambh, Vainateya, Vaaman, Vaatveg, Dishaachakshu, Nimish, Animish, Trirav, Saptrav, Vaalmeeki, Deepak, Daityadweep, Saridweep, Sarasaa, Padmketan, Sumukh, Chitraketu, Chitravar, Anagh, Meshhrit, Kumud, daksh, Sarpant, Sombhojan, Gurubhar, Kapot, Sooryanetra, Chirantak, Vishnudharm, Kumaar, Parivarah, Hari, Suswar, Madhupark, Hemvarn, Malaya, Matariswan, Nishaakar, and Divaakar. These sons of Garud live only in a single province of this region. If you do not like anybody here then we will go to some other place."

As they went further, they came in Rasaatal. Naarad said - "This is the region named Rasaatal - the seventh Lok below Prithvi. Here lives Surabhi cow who is born from Amrit and is the mother of all animals. This Surabhi was born from the mouth of Brahmaa gratified with drinking Amrit and vomiting the best things. Only a single jet of her milk falling on Earth created the Milky Ocean. The verge of that ocean is always covered with white foam. Who do Tap drinking only foam live around it. Even Devtaa fear them. Four other animals who support the four directions, are born to her and are called Digpaal (Swaamee of the directions). Swaamee of the east is Suroopaa. Hansikaa supports the southern direction. Subhadraa supports the western direction where Varun lives. Sarv-Kaamdugdhaa supports the northern region of virtue ruled by Kuber. Devtaa along with Asur churned the ocean with Mandaraachal Parvat using as the churner rod and got Vaarunee and Lakshmee and Amrit, Uchchshraivaa horse and Kaustubh Mani (gem). The water from where these things came out is always mixed with the milk of these four cows. While Surabhi's milk becomes Swaahaa for those who live upon Swaahaa, Swadhaa for those who live upon Swadhaa, and Amrit for those who live upon Amrit.

This city which you are seeing is called Bhogvatee Nagaree. It is like Amaraavatee. Its king is Vaasuki Naag. Shesh Naag who is able to support Earth because of his Tap also lives here. He is like white mountain and has thousand heads. Here live Naag who are sons of Surasaa. They are of different forms. Some have thousand heads, some have five hundred, or seven or five, three heads. Many of them are adorned with jewels. They are in millions, having huge body and stretching over the Earth. I can name a few famous ones - Vaasuki, Takshak, Karkotak, Dhananjaya, Kaaliya, Nahush, Ashwatar, Vakyakund, Mani, Apoorn, Khag, Vaaman, Elaapatra, Kukur, Kukun, Aryak, Nandak, Kalash, Potak, Aaryak, Nandak, Kalilshak, Pinjarak, Airaavat, Sumanmukh, Dadhimukh, Shankh, Nand, Upnandak, Aapt, Kotarak, Sikhee, Nishthurak, Tittiree, Hastibhadra, Kumud, Mailaapindak, the two Padm, Pundareek, Pushp, Mudgarparnak, Karveer, Pithaarak, Sanvritt, Vritt, Pindar, Bilvapatra, Musheekaad, Shreeshak, Dileep, Shankh-sheersh, Jyotish, Aparaajit, Kauravya, Dhritraashtra, Kuhaar, Krishak, Veeraj, Dhaaran, Savaahu, Mukhar, Jaya, Vidhir, Andh, Vishundi, Veeras, Saras. O Maatali, see, if you can select anybody here."

Kanv continued - "Meanwhile Maatali was looking at a person who was standing nearby. He asked Naarad Jee - "Who is this who is standing before Aryak of Kauravya's line. Whose child he is? Of what Naag's race he is? Because of his intelligence, patience, beauty and youth I am attracted to him. I think he should be the best husband for my Gunaakeshee." In fact he was Sumukh. Naarad Jee told Maatali everything about him. He was the grandson of Aryak - his daughter's son. His father's name was Chikoor. He was killed by Vinataa's son - Suparn (Garud)." Maatali said - Hey Muni, make endeavor to fix him for my daughter. I will be very pleased."


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