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Story of Maatali-2

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Story of Maatali-2
Ch 104-105
Branched from   G-5-Pre-War-17
Story of Maatali-1     Story of Maatali-2

Story of Maatali-2

Naarad Jee then said to Aryak - "This one is Maatali, the charioteer of Indra. He is a good friend of Indra too. He drives Indra's chariot of 1,000 horses. he has a beautiful daughter named Gunaakeshee. He is looking for a groom for her and found your grandson Sumukh suitable for her. Hurry to accept his offer. We have chosen him for his qualities and the respectability of Airaavat and your own."

Aryak said - "I am very pleased to have this alliance, but I cannot accept it because I am afraid that this alliance may not last long. Suparn (Garud) has killed my son and has told me to come back after a month to kill Sumukh too. We are still grieving our one son and we will grieve for him also, because Suparn will surely do what he has said." At this Maatali said - "I have made a plan. Your son is selected by me as my son-in-law. Let this Naag come to Indra along with Naarad and me. I shall then create obstacles in the path of Suparn, or at the most we will ascertain the period of life of Sumukh. So let him come with me."

So all the four came to Indra, and it so happened that Vishnu was also present there, Naarad Jee told the story of Maatali. Vishnu said - "Let Amrit be given to this youth and let him be immortal like Devtaa. All, Maatali, Naarad and Sumukh should be happy." Indra said to Vishnu - "Let this Amrit should be given to him by you only." Vishnu said - "You are the Swaamee of all mobile and immobile creatures, who can refuse the gift given by you?" At this Indra only extended his life, he did not allow him to drink Amrit. All became happy and came back to their homes.

When Garud heard of this that Indra has increased Sumukh's life, he said to Indra angrily - "Why do you interfere in my affairs? Why do you want to withdraw the Var you gave to me? I have fixed him to eat then how can I eat another one of his species? My whole family will have to die, that may satisfy you. I being the Swaamee of the three worlds, have accepted to become the servant of others. Like you, I also have the daughter of Daksh as my mother and Kashyap for my father. Like you I can also bear the weight of the three worlds without fatigue. Diti's sons Shrutshree, Shrutsen and Vivaswat and Rochanmukh, and Prashrur and Kalakaaksh were all killed by me only. It seems that that is why you are insulting me. Who is there who is stronger than myself? Although I am superior, still I carry your younger brother with His friends. By interfering in my food, you have disgraced me, as your younger brother has been disgracing me by riding me. Although, O Vishnu, of all the children of Aditi you are superior, still I bear your weight on my only one feather. Just think who is stronger amongst us?"

These proud and insulting words towards Vishnu provoked Taarkshya (Vishnu) more, He said to Garud - "Being so weak how do you think you are so strong? The three worlds united together cannot bear my weight. I myself bear my weight and yours too. Come and try to bear the weight of my one right arm. If you can't bear even this then you are uselessly boasting yourself." Saying this Vishnu placed His right arm on Garud's shoulder. Garud fell down and got almost fainted. Vishnu, however, did not afflict him much. Gasping for his breath, Garud bent his head and feebly said to Vishnu - "O Swaamee of the Universe, The strength which can sustain the Tri-Lok is in your body. There is no wonder that I was crushed down under your one arm only. Forgive my pride, I didn't know your strength before." Vishnu let him go and said - "Never behave in this way again." and saying this Vishnu threw Sumukh on the breast of Garud. Since then Garud and Sumukh became friends. 

Thus Garud was cured of his pride.


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