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From   V-Raamaayan, 7/1

Maalyavaan is Vaalmeeki Raamaayan character. After Raam had returned Ayodhyaa and has been crowned as the King of Ayodhyaa, Some Rishi come to Him keeping Agastya Rishi at their head. They all thank him for killing so powerful Raakshas, like Meghnaad, Raavan, Kumbhkarn etc. At that time Raam asks him the origin of these Raakshas, and Agastya Jee tells Him their origin.

Pulastya Jee and the Birth of Vishravaa
Brahmaa's one son of 10 sons was Pulastya Jee. Once he went to do Tap in Trinbindu's Aashram. There used to come many girls of various people to anjoy. They sang songs and danced. This disturbed Muni's Tap. He warned them but they did not listen to him, so once he said - "Whosoever will come here and see me, she will immediately get pregnant." From that day everybody stopped coming there, except Raajaa Trinbindu's daughter, because she did not here Rishi's warning. When she came next day she did not find any of the girls. She was wandering wondering that she saw the Muni and the marks of pregnancy appeared on her body. She got frightened and came to his father. Trinbindu took her to Muni and gave her to the Muni in his service. After a while Muni Pulastya jee got very pleased with her and decided to bestow a son on her. So she gave birth to a son who was named Paulastya, being the son of Pulastya and since she had heard the Ved, he was known as Vishravaa.

Vishravaa Gets a Son Kuber
See also   Kuber

Vishravaa was like his father so seeing him such a great Rishi Bharadwaaj Muni married his daughter to him. At the appropriate time she also gave birth to a son, and being the son of Vishravaa, Brahmaa Jee named him Vaishravan (Kuber). He also did lots of Tap and obtained the boon to become the Lokpaal. Brahmaa Jee appointed him as the Lokpaal, he said - "Be it so. We have already appointed three Lokpaal - "Yam, Varun and Indra - now we wanted to appoint a fourth Lokpaal. So we can give that position to you now. We make you the Swaamee of beauty and treasure and give Pushpak Vimaan for riding. Be happy." Vaishravan went to his father and said - "O have got the desired boon from Brahmaa Jee but he has not told me any place to live. Tell me some place to live." Vishravaa told him to occupy Lankaa nagaree which was even more beautiful than Indra's Amaraavatee Nagaree, habited on Trikoot Parvat. Vishwakarmaa built it for Raakshas but because of Vishnu's fear they are now living in Rasaatal, so you may live there." Vaishravan went there. many Raakshas had also come there to live and Vaishravan became their Lord.

Origin of Raakshas and Yaksh
Agastya Muni said - "First water appeared, then appeared the lotus flower, and then appeared Brahmaa Jee sitting on that flower. To guard water he created some living beings. they asked Brahmaa Jee what should they do? Brahmaa Jee asked them to guard water. So some of them said "Raksham" (we will guard the water), while others said - "Yakshaam" (we want to eat food). So who said "Raksham" were called Raakshas and who said "Yakshaam" were called Yaksh.

As Brahmaa Jee said this, two very powerful Raakshas appeared - Heti and Praheti. Praheti was very religious so he went to do Tap, and Heti married the sister of Kaal, Bhayaa. Later they had a child Vidyutkesh. When Vidyutkesh grew up, Heti married him to Sandhyaa's daughter Katankataa. After some time Katankataa gave birth to a son, Sukesh, on Mandaraachal Parvat, but because of having the desire for her husband, she left her child on the Parvat and went back to her husband. The child started crying. By chance Shiv and Paarvatee were passing by. They saw the child and blessed him with long age like his mother's and gave him a Vimaan (airplane) to go around. Paarvatee Jee also said - "From today Raakshas women will conceive as they will have their husband and the children will be of as long age as their mother's."

Sukesh Gets Three Sons
There was a Gandharv named Graameen who also had a boon from Brahmaa Jee. He married his daughter Dev-Vatee to Sukesh. Dev-Vatee was very beautiful. After some time Dev-Vatee gave birth to three gracious sons - Maalyavaan, Sumaalee and Maalee. They all were very powerful and mighty. When they heard that their father had a boon, they also went to do Tap. They asked the boon from Brahmaa Jee that nobody could defeat them and they live long. Now they needed a house to live so they prdered Vishwakarmaa to build a house, like Mahaadev's house, for them. Vishwakarmaa said - "There is a Trikoot named Parvat on the shore of southern sea and near that Parvat is Suvail Parvat. There I have built a 30 Yojan wide and 100 Yojan long Lankaa Nagaree (city). That Nagar is all made of gold. Its houses, boundary wall, gates all are made of gold. So you all can live there as Indra lives in his Indra Puree. No enemy can harm you here because it is very difficult to approach there." So those three brothers started living there along with thousands of Raakshas. They got very happy to see its beauty. Its boundary wall was very strong. At that time a Gandharv, named Narmadaa, married his three very beautiful daughters to these three brothers.

--Maalyavaan's wife was very beautiful, so she had her name Sundaree. She had eight sons - Vajramushti, Viroopaaksh, Durmukh, Suptaghn, Yagyakop, Matt and Unmatt; and one beautiful daughter named Analaa.
--Sumaalee'e wife was Ketumatee. She was dearer to her husband than his own life. She had 10 sons - Prahast, Akampan, Vikat, Kaalikaa Mukh, Dhoomraaksh, Dambh, Supaarshwa. Praghas, Bheemkarn, Sanhlaadi; and four daughters - Pushpotyataa, Kaikasee, and Kumbheenasee etc.
--Maalee's wife Vasudhaa was also very beautiful and well-known for her lotus flower petal-like eyes. She had three sons - Anal, Har and Sampaati. They all were the ministers of Vibheeshan.
Now these three Raakshas used to trouble Devtaa, Naag, Rishi and Yaksh etc and destroy Rishi's Yagya.

Vishnu Kills Maalee
All Devtaa ent to Shiv Jee for help, but Shiv Jee said - "Their gather Sukesh has got the boon from us, so we are unable to kill them. You go to Vishnu. Only he can solve your problem." So they went to Vishnu and Vishnu promised Devtaa to kill those Raakshas. When Maalyavaan heard this, he informed this to his brothers warning them about Vishnu too that He was all powerful. Maalee and Sumaalee organized their army and proceeded towards Vishnu fearlessly. As they came out of Lankaa, they saw some bad omens but they did not car for them and proceeded to fight. They came to Indra Lok and surrounded Vishnu. Many Devtaa and Raakshas were killed during the fight. Vishnu killed Maalee with His Chakra. Seeing this Maalyavaan and Sumaalee ran away to Paataal Lok along their wives. All this happened before Kuber lived in Lankaa. O Raam, The Raakshas you killed were not of Katankataa family, because those Raakshas were very powerful and they could  not be killed except Vishnu. These Raakshas you have killed are from Pulastya Vansh. After Raakshas had abandoned Lankaa Kuber made it his house and started living there.

Raavan Etc Are Born
Some time passed this way. One day Sumaalee went to Mrityu Lok with his daughter Kaikasee. he saw Kuber going in his Pushpak Vimaan, so he got jealous. he asked his daughter to go to Vishravaa, marry him and have children from him. So Kaikasee went to Muni Vishravaa and married him. She had four children from him - 3 sons (Raavan, Kumbhkarn and Vibheeshan) and a daughter Shoorpanakhaa. Once she saw Kuber riding in his Pushpak Vimaan, so she instigated Raavan to be like his half brother Kuber. Raavan assured her that he would be greater than him. So they all went to do Tapasyaa and came back with many boons. When Sumaalee heard of his boons he instigated him to take Lankaa from Kuber, so he defeated Kuber and took over his Lankaa and Pushpak Vimaan. He had won all Devtaa too. He went for victory tour. He won many, extended friendship with several (Baali, Bali), but bagged some curses also.

Maalyavaan was a respected voice within the intellectual and royal circles in Lankaa. It is noted that Maalyavaan was an intellectual who was well-versed in scriptures and was known for holding his ground, despite being the dissenting voice. That is why Raavan had appointed him his chief advisor. In Maanas also, he is depicted as a very sensible Raakshas. He also advised Raavan to return Seetaa to Raam peacefully, but Raavan got angry at this advice, so he quietly went out of the court. After Raavan's death Maalyavaan remained in his position - chief advisor of Vibheeshan.

(2) Maalyavaan is the name of a principal attendant of Shiv. Once he was punished to leave the Swarg. he was reborn as an ordinary human being.

(3) Maalyavaan is a name of a Mountain also which is in East of Meru Parvat.



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