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[From   V-Raamaayan, 7/2]

There are two Sumaalee.

(1) Sumaalee - Grandfather of Raavan
Sumaalee was the maternal grandfather (Naanaa) of Raavan. He was the son of Sukesh. Sukesh had three sons - Maalyavaan, Sumaalee and Maalee. Once all three brothers did severe penance and pleased Brahmaa Jee and got a boon that all the three brothers should live with love and affection and no one should be able to defeat them. Because of this boon they conquered all Devtaa and Daitya. They got built a city also of gold for themselves - Lankaa Puree on Trikoot Parvat. Later when they attacked Devtaa, they got defeated and Maalee was killed by Vishnu. So they left Lankaa Puree and went to nether worlds.

Sumaalee's wife's name was Ketumatee who was one of the three daughters of Narmadaa, a female Gandharv, her other two were Sundaree and Vasudhaa married to Maalee and Maalyavaan respectively. Sumaalee had 10 sons - (1) Prahast, (2) Akampan, (3) Vikat, (4) Kalikaamukh, (5) Dhoomraaksh, (6) Dand, (7) Supaarshwa, (8) Sanhaadi, (9) Praghas and (10) Bhaaskarn, and 4 daughters - Raakaa, Pushpotkataa, Kaikasee, and Kumbheenasee. Kaikasee was married to Maharshi Vishravaa, sonof Maharshi Pulastya.

Wikipedia says that Taadakaa, a Yaksh princess, is also named as his wife and she had two sons from him - Subaahu and Maareech and a daughter Kaikasee. This Kaikasee was married to Vishravaa.

(2) Sumaalee - Kans' Brother
He was killed by Balaraam when he came to take revenge of his brother Kans' killing by Krishn.




















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