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Why Brahmaa Jee is Not Worshipped?
We all know that there is only one temple of Brahmaa Jee - that is in Pushkar, Rajasthan. There are some interesting legends behind that Pushkar Temple?

According to Padm Puraan, once Brahmaa Jee saw a demon Vajranaabh trying to kill his children and harassing people. He immediately slew the demon with his weapon, the lotus-flower. In this process, the lotus petals fell on the ground at three places, creating three lakes: the Pushkar Lake or Jyeshth Pushkar (greatest or first Pushkar), the Madhyam Pushkar (the middle Pushkar) Lake, and the Kanishth Pushkar (the smallest Pushkar) Lake. When Brahmaa Jee came down to the Earth, he named the place where the flower petals (Pushp) fell from Brahmaa's hand (kar) as "Pushkar". Brahmaa then decided to perform a Yagya (fire-sacrifice) there at the main Pushkar Lake. In order to perform his Yagya peacefully without being attacked by the demons, he created the hills around the Pushkar Lake - Ratna Giri in the South, Neel Giri in the North, Sanchooraa in the West and Soorya Giri in the East and positioned gods there to protect his Yagya.

However, while performing the Yagya, his wife Saavitree (called Saraswatee in some versions) could not be present at the designated time to perform the essential part of the Yagya as she was waiting for her companion goddesses Lakshmee, Paarvatee and Indraanee. Annoyed at her being late, Brahmaa Jee requested Indra - to find a suitable girl for him to wed to complete the Yagya. Indra could find only a Goojar's daughter (in some legends, a milkmaid) who was sanctified by passing her through the body of a cow. Vishnu, Shiv and the priests certified her purity as she had passed through a cow, it was her second birth and she was named Gaayatree. Brahmaa Jee then married Gaayatree and completed the Yagya with his new consort sitting beside him, holding the pot of Amrit (elixir of life) on her head and giving Aahuti (offering to the sacrificial fire).

But when Saavitree finally arrived at the venue, she found another woman, Gaayatree, sitting next to her husband, which was actually her rightful place. She got agitated and cursed Brahmaa Jee that he would never be worshipped, but then reduced the curse permitting his worship in Pushkar. She also cursed Indra to be easily defeated in battles, Vishnu to suffer the separation from his wife when He is as a human, the fire-god Agni who was offered the Yagya to be all-devouring and the priests officiating the Yagya to be poor. Endowed by the powers of Yagya, Gaayatree diluted Saavitree's curse and blessed Pushkar to be the king of pilgrimages, Indra would always retain his Heaven, Vishnu when born as the human being Raam will finally unite with his consort and the priests would become scholars and be venerated.

Thus, the Pushkar Temple is regarded the only temple dedicated to Brahmaa. Saavitree, thereafter, moved to the Ratnagiri hill and became a part of it by emerging as a spring known as the Saavitree Jharanaa (stream). A temple in her honor exists here.

Why Brahmaa Jee is Not Worshipped? - Another Story
Taken from Shiv Puraan, Vidyeshwar Sanhitaa

It is said that once a quarrel started between Brahmaa Jee and Vishnu as to who was the greater between them. The quarrel went unsettled for ten thousand Divya Varsh (Divine years). Then suddenly there appeared a pillar of flame of light between them and both were surprised to see this third thing appeared.

They were curious to know as what it was, so Brahmaa Jee told Vishnu that he was going to find where its top was, so he assumed the form of a white swan and flew upwards; and Vishnu thought to find its bottom or root or the beginning so He assumed the form of a white boar and went downwards. Later Vishnu appeared saying that He could not find the pillar's bottom. A few moments later Brahmaa Jee also appeared saying that he found the top and brought with him witnesses, one of which was the Kaamdhenu cow.

Now appeared Shiv before them and said - "Brahmaa told all lie saying that he found the top while he did not find any, so he shall not be worshipped at all on Prithvi; but because Vishnu admitted the truth that He did not find the bottom, he will be worshipped by everybody. That is the reason why we do not have any temple to worship Brahmaa Jee, and Vishnu is worshipped everywhere. Besides, he cut one head of Brahmaa from which he told lie. After this incident Brahmaa had only four heads.

Here is the astrological meaning of the story also. Brahmaa is the Polar Star or North Star, while Vishnu is the Sun whom we call Soorya Naaraayan. The Polar Star is high in the sky above the North Pole. If we look down from the Polar Star, we see the earth, also known as the cow, which is Kaamdhenu. If we look towards the sky from the Earth or North Pole, the Polar Star is apparently seen at the top of the sky, but the truth is that the Lunar Pole or the center of the Lunar orbit ie Barry center is the actual top, which is Shiv himself.



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