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Brahmaa's Temples

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Brahmaa Jee's Temples

It is so strange that who has created this world, his temples are rare to find. Rather if you ask general people, "Can you tell us any Brahmaa Jee's temple?" he would surprisingly say - "Brahmaa Jee's temple? I have never heard of." So most people do not know that there is any temple for Brahmaa Jee. Those people are not wrong as they are countable on fingers only and are not at all at popular places, nor very famous for anything. Let us see how many we can list here.

Brahmaa's Temple, Pushkar, Raajasthaan
This is the most famous and known temple for Brahmaa Jee. It is in Pushkar, Raajasthaan

Brahmaa's Temple, Near Trichy
There is one Brahmaa's Temple is in Uthamar Koil also known as Bikshandar Koil, off Tiruchy Salem Road, near to what is known as toll gate after one crosses Kollidam or Coleroon River.

Brahmaa's Temple in Aandhra Pradesh
Shree Chaturmukhaa Brahm Lingeshwar Swaamy Temple. Brahmaa's Moorti carved on Shiv Ling. At Chebrolu in Gutur District, AP.

There are two other temples for Brahmaa Jee. These temples are along with Vishnu and Shiv Jee's idols.

Shiv, Vishnu and Brahmaa Temple (1)
This Temple is located in a beautiful location with Kaaveree flowing in front at Kodumudi. It is one of the very few temples which enshrines all the three Moorti - Brahmaa, Vishnu and Shiv in exclusive shrines with legendary significance. It is a highly popular Parihaar Sthal for all types of problems. There is a holy and mystic Vannee Tree which is said to be 3000 years old. It is a living tree with one side of the tree having thorns and the other side without it. This is the place where river Kaaveree was relieved of her curse of Sage Agastya from his Kamandal. The river which flows Southward from Karnaatak, turns 90 degrees in front of the temple and flows Eastward from here. It is one of the 275 important Shiv Temples glorified by Thevara hymns. Sundarar composed his Nama Shivaaya Patikam here. Saint Aruna Girinathar sung "Thirupugazh" on Lord Muruga (Kaarttikeya or Skand or Kumaar) of this temple.

Shiv, Vishnu and Brahmaa Temple (2) in Tamil Naadu
There is yet another shrine, perhaps 1000 years old, in a village called Nallur (Tamil Naadu), 10 KMs from Kumbaakonam, on the way to Vallangaiman, where all three Moorti - Brahmaa, Vishnu and Shiv give Darshan to devotees. This temple is known as Dakshin Kailaash. Where Shiv was married to Paarvatee and marriage rituals were performed by Brahmaa, and Kannigadhanam by Vishnu. There is a Swaayambhu Ling which changes color five times in a day and known as Panch Aavarneshwar. Lot more is written in Sthal Puraan about this famous temple.
[Lot of spiritual significance about the Temple and you can google it for more details - under Nallur, near Kumbaakonam or Panchavarneswarar]



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