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Six Richest Gods (Temples) of India

Jyotirling Temples Other Shiv Temples
(1) Somnaath Temple (Gujaraat)
(2) Mallikaarjun Temple
(3) Mahakaaleshwar Temple (Ujjain, MP)
(4) Omkaareshwar Temples (MP)
(5) Vaidyanaath Temple
(6) Bheemshankar Temple
(6) Naageshwar Temple
(7) Tryambakeshwar Temple (Poonaa, Mahaaraashtra)
(8) Kedaarnaath Temple (Uttaraakhand)
(9) Vishwanaath Temple (Banaaras, UP)
(10) Mahaakaaleshwar Temple
(11) Raameshwaram Temple (Tamil Naadu)
(12) Ghushmeshwar Temple
Aadi Bhairav Temple
Amarnaath Temple, (Kashneer)
Annamalaiyar Temple, (Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Naadu)
Arunaachal Temple, Tamil Naadu
Bhojeshwar Temple
Brihadeshwar Temple
Chidaambaram Temple, Tamil Naadu
Danknaath Temple
Ekaambareshwar Temple, Kaancheepuram
Kaancheepuram Temple, Tamil Naadu
Kailaashnaath Temple, Elephanta
Kapaalmochan Temple
Keesar Guttaa Temple (Rangareddy, AP)
Koti Lingeshwar Temple (Kolar, Karnatak)
Mahaabaleshwar Temple
Murudeshwar Temple
Nandikeshwar Temple (Kundpur, Karnaatak)
Nataraaj Temple (Chidaambaram, Tamil Naadu)
Other Temples
Pakshee Teertham (Chennai, Tamil Naadu)
Panch Kedaar Temples
Panch Raam Kshetra
Rinhaareshwar Temple
Rudra Mahaalaya Temple
Shree Shailam Temple (AP)
Siddheshwar Temple
Thanjaavur Temple (Thanjaavaur, Tamil Naadu)
Vyaaghra-layesh Temple (Vaikom, Kerala)
Other Temples  
Akshardhaam Temple, Delhi (special)
Angkor Wat Temple, Angkor, Cambodia (special)
Badaree Naath Temple, Uttaraakhand
Bhuvaneshwar Temple, Puree, Udeesaa
Bihaar Temple, Vaishaalee, Bihaar
Brahmaa Jee's Temples
Devee Temples
Dhanvantari Temples, India
Duryodhan Temple, Kerala
Ganesh Temples
Graha Temples
Hanumaan Temples
Jagannaath Puree Temple
Jain Temple, Ranakpur, Raajasthaan (special)
Jain Shatrunjaya Temple, Gujaraat
Kanyaa Kumaaree Temple, Tamil Naadu
Konaark  Sun Temple, Udeesaa (special)
Krishn Temple, Anantpur, AP (special)
Meenaakshee Temple, Madurai, Tamil Naadu (special)
Mukti Naag Temple, Karnaatak
Mukti Naath Temple, Nepal
Orissa Temples, Orissa
Other Temples - List of rare unusual temples

Padmnaabh Temple, Kerala
Parashuraam Temples
Planets Temples
Ranakpur Temple - a Jain Temple, Raajasthaan
Richest Gods
Rock Temples
Shakuni's Temple
Shani Temples
Soorya TemplesKonaark Temple, Orissa (special)

Special Temples - Some Temples for problem solving
Special Temples-2 - Real special Temples
Sripuram Mahaa Lakshmee Temple, Tamil Naadu (special)
Srirangam Temple, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Naadu
Swaame Naaraayan Temple, Delhi (special)

Tirupati Temple, Tamil Naadu (special)
Varaah Temples
Veerbhadra Temples
Vishnu Temples
Websites for Temples Other Related Articles - This site is very good to see about Tamil Naadu Temples, but there are some other temples' description is also given here. About 400 temples are listed here. - if you click on this link, it will open up the map of southern India and any marks of many temples. Click on any mark of the temple and enjoy its 360 degree view. There are not only temples' marks, there are mountains, waterfalls, forts and churches also marked on the map. Enjoy the views. - keep patience till the panoramic view appears on the screen
Conclave of Gods in Bangkok

The temples marked as "special" are indeed special temples. One must visit these temples.

Some Unique Temples
Glass Buddhist Temple: a unique glass temple - Photos

Sripuram Mahaa Lakshmee Golden Temple, Tamil Naadu

Hastinaapur Temple, Buenos, Aires, Argentina. Its sites are --
Its own site   -



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