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Varaah Temples
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Although it seems surprising that "is there any Varaah Temple in India today?" But surprisingly enough there a few temples for Varaah Bhagavaan.

(1) In Northern India, there is a Varaah Temple at Jhelam, in Kashmeer even today. It is believed that Vishnu took Varaah Avataar here.

(2) There is one another temple of Varaah in Tanjore, in Tamilnaadu state. In the premises of Periyakovil there was a separate Varaah Temple. It is a very small temple.

Varaah Kshetra Temples
Southern Indian people claim the following Kshetra as Varaah Kshetra and count the following Varaah Temples as very important - in this order:

(1) Srimushnam near Vriddhaachalam / Chidaambaram in Tamilnaadu - this is the first and foremost of the Varaah Kshetra. Considered fourth among the eight Swayam Vyakt Kshetra. It is said that Lord Varaah came out of the ocean from this place after retrieving Earth. The sweat from his body is said to be the Pushkarinee close to the temple. A visit to temple is said to destroy all accumulated sins.

(2) Shree Varaah Temple in Tirupati - though it is a small shrine adjacent to Baalaajee Temple, the first Darshan should be done here before going to Shree Nivaas Temple. Tirupati is also known as Aadi Varaah Kshetra.

(3) Shree Nitya Kalyaan Perumal Temple, Thiruvidanthai, near Chennai - this is in between Chennai and Mahaabalipuram. It is crowded these days as it is a Parihaar Sthal for marriage. A visit to the temple (along with a prescribed procedure) is said to accelerate marriage/finding of spouse.

(4) Shree Varaah - There is another small beautiful temple just 2-3 kms away from Padmanaabh Swaamy Temple in Trivendrum, Kerala. Because of this Temple the locality itself is called Shree Varaaham in Trivendraum.

(5) There is another famous Varaah Temple near Mysore.



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