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Udeesaa Temples

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Udeesaa Temple

You can see some pictures of these temples here -

Orissa (pronounced as Udeesaa)

Bhuvaneshwar is the City of Temples

Sun Temple of Konaark at Puree
See some pictures HERE

Jagannaath Temple of Jagannaath Puree, Bhuvaneshwar

Raajaa Raaanee Temple (formerly called Indreshwar) -
The name got popular because the stone used in this temple locally called Raajaaraanee. This is a small-sized temple of Shiv and Paarvate but there is no Poojaa performed now. Extraordinary workmanship and beautiful carvings. It resembles Khajuraaho Temple

Ling Raaj Temple
From the name it seems that it should be a Shiv Temple, but it is not. Even it

Mukteshwar Temple

Dhaulgiri, Near Bhuvaneshwar



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