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Bhuvaneshwar Temple

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Bhuvaneshwar Temple

Bhuvaneshwar Temple of Jagannaath Jee
This temple dominates the skyline of Puree with a height of 200 feet and is the most renowned temple of the state. The most spectacular view here could be to see the sunset at the Puree beach.

The story of the origin of Rath Yaatraa given by the Goswamee is practically unknown. As the Gopee think and cry for Krishn, so He too was always immersed in their thought and would feel acute pangs of separation. Once Krishn was deeply thinking of Raadhaa. Feeling intolerable separation from Her, He fainted. Soon Naarad Jee and Uddhav Jee came there and saw Krishn lying unconscious. Since both Naarad and Uddhav are very intimate devotees of the Lord, they could immediately understand that this condition came about because of intense pangs of separation from Raadhaa. Anxiously, they both debated how to get the Lord back to consciousness. Just then Balaraam arrived there and the three of them deliberated what to do. Finally, it was agreed that if Naarad Jee were to gently sing the glories of Brij Bhoomi, Krishn may regain consciousness. Naarad Jee agreed, and said - "But I am worried about one thing. As soon as Hari wakes up don’t you know what He will do? In His mad condition, He will simply run to Vrindaa Van. So it is better if we get ready a chariot to take Him there immediately." So Daaruk, the Lord’s charioteer, was called and asked to keep the chariot ready and waiting.

Then the wise Uddhav Jee said - "All this is fine. But just think. If the Lord goes to Vrindaa Van now, where the condition of the Brij Vaasee is so pitiful. He will not be able to return after seeing them in that condition. I don't see any hope to bring Him back to Dwaarakaa.” Naarad Jee said to Uddhav Jee - "Hey Uddhav Jee, you are Krishn’s most trusted friend and very dear to Him, so I think you should first go to Brij and inform all of them that Krishn is coming. In the meantime they will prepare themselves to welcome Him." Hearing this, Uddhav Jee became nervous. He said - "You all know that Krishn has already sent me there once before when He was in Mathuraa. I went there as His messenger to give some consolation to Nand Jee, Yashodaa Maataa, the Gopee and Raadhaa. I tried to comfort them and repeatedly told them that Krishn will return to Brij soon. I gave them my word, but until now He has not gone. Now after so many years if I go again to Vrindaa Van, they will never believe me. Rather they will say, "Here is that great liar who promised to bring Krishn back to Brij and Krishn has not yet come to see us" and they will call me a cheater. So I don’t think I should go there first."

At this Balaraam Jee said feeling deep sorrow - "Then O Naarad Jee, I would go to Brij, but again like Uddhav, I too will not be believed. You know that I too went to Vrindaa Van and I have seen the condition of the Brij Vaasee. I stayed there for two months and tried to assure them, "Please have faith. Don’t feel so much distress, Krishn will be coming soon." but still Krishn has not gone there yet. Krishn always obeys me but He has not obeyed me this. He only says - "Yes, I will go" but He has not gone yet. So you tell me Naarad, how can I go there and tell Yashodaa Maataa again that Krishn is just coming. She will never believe me." Thinking about the condition of the Brij people, Balaraam felt great pain in his heart. He fell silent and began to cry.

At that time, Subhadraa came there and heard the whole problem. She said - “Alright, I will go there and sit on the lap of Yashodaa Maataa and tell her "O Maiyaa, Krishna is coming just now. The three of us started from Dwaarkaa at the same time, but along the road many people had gathered to meet Him. So He is coming just after me. I have come in advance to give you the good news." I am a woman so when they hear from me that He is coming, they will believe me.” Uddhav, Naarad and Balaraam agreed unanimously. Subhadraa’s chariot was also prepared for the journey.

When Baladev saw that both Krishn and Subhadraa were going to go to Vrindaa Van He also wanted to join them. So he said, “How can I not go when my dear brother and sister are going to Brij. I will also go with Subhadraa." Uddhav agreed, "Alright, both of you go first. We (Naarad and I) will arouse Krishn by singing Brij Leelaa Kathaa and when He regains His consciousness, we will send Him there immediately.” Balaraam and Subhadraa got onto their chariots and started for Brij. First Balaraam's and then Subhadraa's chariot proceeded.

During the Rath Yaatraa also, Balaraam’s chariot starts first followed by Subhadraa’s. Krishn’s Rath goes last. As soon as the two chariots started, Naarad Jee began to sing sweet Brij Leelaa Kathaa while playing on his Veenaa. When the transcendental vibration entered Krishn’s ears, His eyes opened and immediately He stood up in his enchanting Tri-bhang form. This Tri-bhangee Vanshee-dhar posture can only be seen in Vrindaa Van. It is not manifest in Dwaarkaa. But since He was in Brij consciousness, He immediately asked, "Where is my flute? Who has taken my Muralee? Oh, this must be the work of those Gopee." Saying this He started to run to find His flute. Just then He saw Uddhav and Naarad standing there. He asked them - "Hey Uddhav, What are you doing in Brij? O Naarad, you have also come here?"

Then He looked around and came to His senses. "Oh… is this not Brij?" Both Uddhav and Naarad gently explained to Krishn what had happened, "Hey Prabhu, we knew that as soon as you will be in your senses, you would run straight to Vrindaa Van, therefore we have already prepared your chariot. Please get into your chariot and go to Brij." Then Krishn, who was always thinking about Raadhaa became intoxicated like a drunkard. The sweet mellow of Raadhaa worked like intoxicating liquor on His mind. With much difficulty, Naarad and Uddhav caught hold of Him and put Him on the chariot. So when Jagannaath Jee comes to the chariot during the Rath Yaatraa festival, He is in that same intoxicated condition, swaying and shaking this way and that way. In Jagannaath Puree one can see how He is carried to the chariot in this condition. Then Naarad Jee ordered Daaruk to drive the chariot to Brij and the chariot drove off swiftly.

In the meantime, Baladev and Subhadraa’s chariots had reached Brij. Arriving in Vrindaa Van, Baladev saw that all the inhabitants were almost on the verge of death, steeped in acute misery, in separation of Krishn. Looking at the state of His beloved Brij people, the eight-fold symptoms of Mahaa Bhaav manifested on Balaaraam’s body, shedding tears, perspiration, goose-pimples, trembling, etc. That is the form of Balabhadra in Puree – Mahaa Bhaav prakash. The same transformation took place in Subhadraa's body also. So she could not go to Yashodaa Maataa because she was also overcome by the sorrow of people there.

In the meantime, Raadhaa's condition was gradually worsening. She was in a highly advanced state of spiritual ecstasy known as Adhirudha Mahaa Bhaav. She was unconscious and in a dying condition, but not able to die. Her Sakhee (female friends) were constantly checking Her to see whether She was actually breathing. The whole Brij was in extreme anxiety over Raadhaa’s condition. "She cannot survive any longer. She will give up Her body soon." they said. She was lying and Her head was resting in the hands of Lalitaa in Nidhu Van. All her Sakhee and Manjaree were around her shedding tears. They did not know what to do. Just at that moment, Krishn’s chariot arrived in Brij. By Yog Maayaa’s arrangement, Krishn appeared in Nidhu Van where Raadhaa was laying as if dead.

Krishna ran to Her crying, "Raadhey, Raadhey, please give me your lotus feet. I want to put my head at your lotus feet!" Completely overtaken by ecstatic Bhaav, He gazed with large dilated eyes at the form of Raadhaa. His arms and legs contracted and He fainted. This is the form of Lord Jagannaath – He is like a log of wood floating in the ocean of Raadhaa Bhaav. When the breeze blowing over the transcendental body of Krishn touched the body of Raadhaa, it acted like magic. Raadhaa's life was saved. Lalitaa whispered in Her ears in a sweet voice, "Raadhaa, Maadhav has come." When Raadhaa heard this, Raadhaa slowly opened Her lotus-like eyes to see Her beloved Shyaam Sundar. She sat up and saw Krishn lying unconscious in a tortoise-like form, eyes wide open, Raadhaa asked Her friend Vishaakhaa to help Naagar, and Vishaakhaa knew what was to be done. She started to chant the name, "Raadhey, Raadhey" in Krishn’s ears in a very sweet low voice. Hearing Raadhaa's name, Krishn regained His consciousness and opened His eyes. Krishn looked at Raadhaa and Raadhaa looked at Shyaam Sundar. Through their eyes they united with each other in heart and soul.

Significance and Benefits of Rath Yaatraa
500 years ago, the festival became the center of the pastimes of Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu, who is Krishn Himself playing the role of a great devotee. Each year Chaitanya danced and chanted in the Rath Yaatraa festival along with His associates. Baabaa used to say that the mere Darshan of the Lord’s chariot is supremely auspicious and can destroy the negative Kaarmik reactions of many lifetimes. By engaging in the act of pulling the Lord’s Rath, His devotees in the mood of Raadhaa, perform the act of taking Krishn back to Vrindaa Van back to Radhaa. The special benefits one can derive in participating in this festival are immeasurable: ---
--By seeing the most merciful form of Jagannaath, mainly recognizable by His two large round lotus eyes, one will make rapid spiritual progress and gain instant purification. If anyone just sees the Ratha Yatra chariot passing and stands up to receive the Lord, he can purge all sinful results from his body.
--If anyone follows the Rath when the Deities pass in front or from behind, even if he is born of a lowly family, he can achieve opulence
equal to that of Lord Vishnu.
--By engaging in dancing and chanting during the Rath Yaatraa parade, one can uplift one’s soul beyond all meditations.
--By performing any activities to help making this festival a success, one is granted the full blessings of the Lord.
--By donating one’s time, effort or money - One’s home, family and friends will be fully blessed forever.

Shree Jagannaath Jee Kee Jaya !! Shree Balabhadra Jee Kee Jaya !!Sri Subhadra Devee Kee Jaya!!

Seven Wonders of Jagannaath Puree Temple
Keep your scientific brain in silent mode and then read it. Still if you don’t believe this, better check yourself by going to Jagannaath Puree, Orissa):

1. Flag always flaps in opposite direction of wind.

2. From any place in Puree you will find Sudarshan Chakra (Chakra at top of the Temple) is facing you only.

3. Normally in daytime breeze comes from sea to land and in the evening from the land to the sea, but in Puree it’s totally opposite.

4. No bird or planes flies above the Temple.

5. The shadow of the main dome is not visible at any time in any direction.

6. The quantity of cooked food inside the Temple remains same for entire year. But same Prasaad can feed few thousand people or 20 lac people; still it won’t get wasted or never be inadequate.

7. In Jagannath Temple kitchen, 7 pots are kept on each other and cooked on wood fire. In this process top pot gets cooked first and the bottom one at last.

After entering from Sinh Dwaar’s first step, inside the Temple, one. can’t hear any sound of ocean; but when you cross the same step outside, you can hear it. Mostly we notice this in the evenings clearly.

Prasaad is cooked by Lakshmee Jee Herself every day; only pure devotees of Lord can see Her inside the Temple kitchen.



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