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Tirupati Temple

Thirumalaa Thirupathi Dev Sthaanam is located down the hill about 2 miles from the railway station. You can stay at Hotel Bhimas which is quite good and is very close to the above mentioned Dev Sthaan (god's place). Hotel Mayura is also good.

To have Darshan, it is advised that buy the Kalyaan Utsav ticket, this ticket will permit about four members, they will inform you about the time to be present for Darshan and you will have to be there at that time and you can witness the marriage ceremony of Lord Venkateshwar with goddess Padmaavatee. If you are buying Rs 100/ ticket per head there, you can also enter the Vaikunth complex with the ticket, it may take up to 2 to 3 hrs for Darshan.

The next alternative is if you can get a cottage somewhere near the Temple. It will be more ideal as you can try for early morning Darshan. However time taken can never be predicted. One can buy these tickets at Mumbai at a TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Dev Sthaanam) office. All the members have to be present in the office because all of them have to give their thumb impression on the computer with which the photo of the individual will be transmitted at Vaikunth complex. This procedure is to avoid using another person's ticket. Last but not the least is seeking the help of touts at Thirupathi Temple who will get you the tickets and allow you to join the queue hitherto it may take 2 -3 hrs for Darshan.

It is better to allot one full day to be at Thirupathi Hills to have the Darshan of Lord Baalaajee. Of course after completing the Darshan you can have the Darshan of Padmaavatee at the temple down the hill. Please check this site 
for e-booking  
For lodging go to this site
Check this site also

If one has the cable connection one can see the SVBC channel which is run by TTD Temple. All the details will be scrolled below line of that channel. (details of all Sevaa, buses, and cottages etc). To know more about this temple and its details one can visit these sites.
In Telugu language -
Or search in Google to get some more information about this temple.

Just to stay for a while to get fresh, go to Srinivasam Complex. One can get even a cottage there otherwise the locker system is also available. Stay at a very spacious ground floor. From this place a lot of buses will be available to Thirumalaa Temple. Out side the Thirupathi Railway Station there will be many taxis or autos by which one can reach to this complex in a span of 10-15 minutes. Here the details about all the types of Darshan can be found. There is free Darshan which may take minimum of 6-10 hours. Some other facilities are also available - Sudarshan token, Nij Pad Darshan… etc which will take 3-4 hours.

After reaching Thirumalaa one can find A/C or non-A/C cottages and even free cottages. If one can get a letter from a VIP or any Minister one can get cottages and Darshan ticket (VIP Darshanam ticket). Try to take cottages nearby the Temple only, since it is easy to walk to the Temple. On Thirumalaa one can visit to some places in free buses which are run by TTD Temple. While going for Darshan, first one has to visit Varaah Swaamee Temple which is nearby Pushkarinee, then only one can to go for the Darshan of Venkateshwar Swaamee. Smoking and drinking liquor is completely banned on Thirumalaa. Put mobile phones also at your cottages only. They won't allow it inside the temple.

If one has time, one should go to Kaalaahastee Temple (20 miles from Thirupathi) for Kaal Sarp Dosh and have Darshan of Raahu and Ketu Temple.

Laddoo of Tirupati Temple
It is customary to distribute Laddoo Prasaad after returning from Tirupati Temple. Huge Laddoo and Tirupati Temple are synonymous. Here are some facts abut that huge Laddoo --

--Around 150,000 Laddoo are made daily.
--One Laddoo is given free to each devotee; the number of daily devotees that visit the Temple is around 50,000.
--A devotee can buy extra two Laddoo – a small Laddoo costs 25 Rupees and big Laddoo costs 100 Rupees.
--The revenue from the sale of these Laddoo is more than 11 million rupees annually.
--Each Laddoo weighs around 100 gms and is huge when compared with the normal Laddoo found in shops.
--There is a super huge Tirupati Laddoo known as Kalyaan Laddoo and it weighs around 500 gms – about half a kilogram.
--Single largest Ladduoo made is said to have weighed 32 kilogram.
--The tradition of Tirupati Ladduoo is nearly 300 years old.
--It is prepared by special hereditary priests known as Archak in special Temple kitchen known as 'Potu'.
--Ingredients used in Tirupati Laddoo are Besan flour (kadalai mavu or black gram flour or Desi Chickpea flour), sugar, cashew nuts, cardamom, Ghee, sugar candy, raisins and almonds.

On a normal day
Besan flour is used around 5000 kg
Sugar around 10,000 kg
Cashew nuts around 600 kg
Cardamom 150 kg
Ghee 300 liters
Sugar candy 400 kg
Raisins 540 kg
--The ingredients are bought at the auction at the Commodities and Spices Exchange in Kochee.
Tirumala Tirupati Devasthaanam (TTD), the administrating body of the Temple is planning to patent the Tirupati Laddoo to stop counterfeits.



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