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Aadi Bhairav

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Aadi Bhairav Temple

Bhairav, one of the forms of Shiv, is considered to be the Lord who shows us the path to come out of worldly attachments and reach the path of Gyaan. Mahaa Bhairaveshwar Temple is considered to be the Aadi Peeth (the first place) for all Bhairav in Prabancham (universe). This place has many Siddh, Rishi and Bhairav Upasakar visiting it. This Temple had Asht Bhairav (Bhairav guarding eight directions) and Asht Naag worshiping the Eashwar here. Its idol is an amazing master piece of sculpture. The Asht Bhairav instead of their regular form had taken the form of Ling and have worshipped Lord Shiv in eight directions. However currently the Temple is under renovation and the land seems to have been encroached in certain parts.

There is one Ling which has been dug out by the Sevaarthee (who serve the Lord without money). Some of the Ling have been taken out whereas others, (new Ling) are planned to be done freshly. This Temple which was almost on ruins has been created with a team of good hearts and spirit. The existing stones have been used to build the Temple again. The location and its majesty in ruins is worth a visit. The Temple is located in Cholaapuram between Anakarai and Kumbaakonam - in olden days this city was known as Bhairavpuram.

Other than the eight Bhairav as Ling, there are 64 Peeth. It is believed that these 64 Bhairav worshiped in a big Yagya and Poojaa have been made as Peeth here. The stone work is evidently of Chol's regime. The idols in the Mahaa Bhairaveshwar Temple are definitely unique. For instance the idol of Lord Brahmaa holds the Amud Kalash in his left hand near thigh.

There is another interesting epic importance about this place too. It is said during the Raamaayan times Raavan had done a penance here and tied up Nava Graha here. However, although Shani (Saturn) was supposed to affect Raavan but stood helpless. During this time Shani worshipped Bhairaveshwar to help him perform his duty. It is also believed that Kuleegan (Guleegan), the son of Shani, was born in this place. The destruction of Raavan started when he selected the time of Kuleegan to fight against Lord Raam's army.

Padagacheri Ramalinga Swamigal had meditated here using the Bhairav Yog method.
Aadi Shankar also came here and reduced the heat produced in his head and body due to meditation.
Many statues of the deities of this Temple are preserved in its museum.
Thursdays, Saturdays and Ashtamee (waxing moon) are auspicious days to do Poojaa here.



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