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Bhojeshwar Temple

Location - Bhojpur (MP, India)
Bhojpur Shiv Temple (Bhojeshwar Temple)

This Temple stands on the right bank of river Betavaa, 26 kms on south-east of Bhopaal city. This unique Temple is incomplete due to some unknown reasons. It is ascribed to legendary King Bhoj of Paramaar dynasty who ruled the region from 1010 A.D. to 1055 AD. As per folklores, Kuntee (mother of Paandav brothers) left Karn here on the bank of Betavaa River. Architecture of this west facing lofty Temple is unique.

The Temple was raised on a 106 ft long, 77 ft wide and 17 ft high platform. The incomplete roof of sanctum (Garbh Griha) is supported by four colossal pillars and twelve pilasters rising to a height of 40 ft Square sanctum. It enshrines a polished Shiv Ling. Door-jambs are carved with figures of river goddesses Gangaa and Yamunaa on either sides.

One may be surprised to know that the Shiv Ling with its Yoni Patta rising to a height of 22 ft is the tallest and the grandest in the world. The huge Yoni Patta is made of a single block of stone broke into two pieces when a large size stone of the ceiling fell down on it. Nowhere else in the world, the ancient building technology of lifting large size stone architectural members to the top of the structure is existent. It is still a unsolved mystery as how the builders of the Temple raised the stone as large as 35 x 5 x 5 ft and weighing about 70 tones to the Temple top. At a distance of few yards from the Temple, one can find engraved stencil on the rock surface that reveals the detail line drawings of the temple such as plan, elevation, pillars and pilaster, Shikhar and Kalash. All such things make Bhojpur Shiv Temple as an unsurpassed heritage of mankind.

The surrounding of the unfinished Temple is strewn with huge boulders and many of them have intricate carvings. Archaeologists have come up with several theories regarding the incomplete construction. But the Temple even in its incomplete state is magnificent.



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