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Temples are a part and parcel of Hindu religious life. If there is none outside, one makes it inside the house also. But there thousands of temples in India apart from house temples. These temples are devoted to various Devtaa. There are many Shiv Temples also. There are 12 Jyotirling Temples, 5 Panch Bhoot Ling Temples (they are all located in southern India), 5 Panch Kedaar Temples, Panch Mahaakshetra Temples and many other famous Shiv Temples. There are special priests for Shiv Temples.

Other Than Shiv Temples

1. Shiv Temples-Introduction
2. Shiv Temples Priests
21. Other Temples

12 Jyotirling Temples
See their pictures here


 (1) Somnaath Temple (Gujaraat)
 (2) Mallikaarjun or Shaileshwar Temple (AP)
 (3) Mahaakaaleshwar of Jayantee Temple (Ujjain, MP))
 (4) Omkaareshwar Temple (Near Indore, MP)
 (5) Vaidyanaath Temple (Deoghar, Bihaar)
 (6) Bheem-Shankar Temple or Bheemeshwar (Paataal Gangaa in AP)
 (7) Raameshwaram Temple (Tamil Naadu)
 (8) Naageshwar Temple (near Aundh, Mahaaraashtra)
 (9) Vishwanaath or Vishweshwar Temple (Vaaraanasee, UP)
(10) Tryambakeshwar Temple (Mahaaraashtra)
(11) Kedaarnaath Temple (Uttaraakhand)
(12) Ghushmeshwar Temple (Aurangaabaad, AP)

Panch Bhoot Ling Temples
See also   "Forms of Shiv Ling"

(1) Ekaambarnaath Temple (at Kaancheepuram, Tamil Naadu  - Prithvi Lingam) - Ekaambareshwar
(2) Kaalaahastee Temple (Near Tirupati, AP - Vaayu Lingam) - Srikaalaahasteeshwar
(3) Chidaambaram Temple (at Chidaambaram, Tamil Naadu - Aakaash Lingm) - Nataraaj
(4) Arunaachalam or AnnamalaiyarTemple (at Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Naadu - Agni Lingam) - Arunaachaleshwar
(5) Thiruvanikkaval Temple (Jambookeshwar at Trichy or Trichanaapallee, Tamil Naadu - Jal Lingam) - Jambookeshwar

Panch Kedaar Temples
All of the Panch Kedaar Temples are located in Himaalaya, Uttaraakhand

(1) Kedaar Naath or Kedaareshwar
(2) Tung Naath,  in Rudra Prayaag District
(3) Rudra Naath, natural rock temple
(4) Madhya-maheshwar, and
(5) Kalpeshwar

Panch Sabhaa
The following 5 places are where Nataraaj performed his Taandav Nritya (Taandav Dance) and are collectively known as Panch Sabhaa, means 5 Assembly Halls of Nataraaj. All of them are situated in Tamil Naadu. Shiv danced here his various Taandav Dances.

(1) Chidaambaram - Kanak Sabhaa (Golden Assembly Hall) - He performed here Aanad Taandav.
(2) Thiruvalngaadu - Ratna Sabhaa (Gem Assembly Hall) - He performed here Oordhwa Taandav
(3) Madurai - Rajat Sabhaa (Silver Assembly Hall) - He performed here Sandhyaa Taandav
(4) Tirunalvelly - Taamra Sabhaa (Copper Assembly Hall) - He performed here Muni Taandav
(5) Kutraalam - Chitra Sabhaa (Picture Assembly Hall) - He performed here Tri-Pur Taandav

Panch Raam Kshetra Temples

Panch Mahaa Kshetra
The following five places are called Panch Mahaakshetra. All of them are related to only one story or incident --

(1) Mahaabaleshwar at Gokarn,
(2) Shejjeshwar,
(3) Gunavanteshwar,
(4) Murudeshwar, and
(5) Dhaareshwar.

Sapt Vidang Kshetra
Sapt Vidang Kshetra are those 7 places, where the 7 Ling are said to have been brought by King Muchukund from Dev Lok and they are worshipped here. These Ling are called Vidang because they were created by Maayaa (illusion) without a chisel or any other tool. Vi means without, and Dang means chisel. All these 7 places are identified with a dance form of Thyaagaraaj (Shiv)

(1) Thruvaroor - Veedhi Vidanga - Ajap Nat Naam
(2) Thirunallar - Naagar Vidangar - Unmatt Nat Naam
(3) Naagaa Pattinam - Sundar Vidangar - Par Veer Tarang Nat Naam
(4) Tirukuvalai - Avanee Vidangar - Bhring Nat Naam
(5) Thiruvaimoor - Neel Vidangar- Kamal Nat Naam
(6) Thirukkaraivaasal - Aadi Vidangar - Kukkut Nat Naam
(7) Vedaaranyam - Bhuvani Vidangar - Hans Pad Nat Naam

Asht Veeraattan Kshetra
These are certain 8 places where Shiv assumed a Rajo Gun and performed heroic deeds for destroying evil forces. These 8 such places are specifically mentioned and collectively called Asht Veeraattan Kshetra. Related stories to these places are given in Legends.

(1) Tirukkoyiloor - Andhakaasur Sanhaar
(2) Tiruvadigayee - Tripur Dahan
(3) Parasaloor - Daksh Sanhaar
(4) Tirrukadavoor - Kaal Sanhaar
(5) Kurrukai - Kaam Dahan
(6) Valuvoor - Gajaasur Sanhaar
(7) Veerkudee - Jalandhar Asur Sanhaar
(8) Kandiyur - Brahmaa's head was pluked here.

Cave Temples of Shiv
Cave Temple at Elephanta Island
Kailaashnaath Temple at Ellora

Other Famous Shiv Temples
Aadi Bhairav Temple (near Kumbaakonam, Tamil Naadu)
Amar Naath Temple (Kashmeer)
Arunaachal Hill Temple (Arunaachal, Tamil Naadu)
Bhojeshwar Temple (Bhojpur, MP)
Brihadeshwar Temple (Thanjaavur, Tamil Naadu)
Chidaambaram Temple (Chidaambaram, Tamil Naadu)
Dankanaath Temple (Dakor, Khedaa, Gujaraat)
Darasuram Temple (Kumbaakonam, Tamil Naadu)
Ekaambareshwar Temple (Kaancheepuram, Tamil Naadu)
Gokarneshwar Temples (Nepaal)
Kaancheepuram Temple (Kaancheepuram, Tamil Naadu)
Kailaash Naath Temple (Kaancheepuram, Tamil Naadu)
Kapaalmochan Temple (Ujjain, MP)
Keesar Guttaa Temple (Rangareddy, AP)
Koti Lingeshwar Temple (Kolar, Karnatak)
Mahaabaleshwar Temple (Mahaabaleshwar, Tamil Naadu)
Murudeshwar Temple (Bhatkal Taaluk, Karnaatak)
Nandikeshwar Temple (Kundpur, Karnaatak)
Nataraaj Temple (Chidaambaram, Tamil Naadu)
Other Temples
Pakshee Teertham (Chennai, Tamil Naadu) - A pair of Garud comes here to eat rice pudding at noon.
Panch Kedaar Temples (Himaalaya, Uttaraanchal)
Panch Raam Kshetra (Aandhra Pradesh)
Rinhaareshwar Temple (Peranampakkam, Tamil Naadu)
Rudra Mahaalaya Temple
Shree Shailam Temple (AP)
Siddheshwar Temple
Thanjaavur Temple (Thanjaavur, Tamil Naadu)
Vyaaghra-layesh Temple (Vaikom, Kerala)

Shiv Temples in Other Countries
Gokarneshwar Temples (Nepaal)
Kailaashnaath Mahaadev (the tallest statue, in Nepaal)
Pashupati Naath Temple (Kaathmaandu, Nepaal)
Shiv Temple (in Moscow, Russia. 1.5 hour drive from Moscow)
Siddheshwar Temple (Sikkim)

Sites About Temples
(1) - This site is very good to see about Tamil Naadu Temples, but there are some other temples' description is also given. About 400 temples are listed here.
(5)  -  If you click on this link, it will open up the map of southern India and any marks of many temples. Click on any mark of the temple and enjoy its 360 degree view. There are not only temple' marks, there are mountains, waterfalls, forts and churches also in this area. Enjoy the views.
(6) 65-feet Shiv Moorti - See this idol in 360 degree view
(7) - Here are found many Shiv Ling. This place is located in Sirsi, in the North Kanara district of Karnaatak State, 6 miles (10 kms) away from Town Center in the midst of a river.



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