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Vyaaghra-layesh Temple

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Vyaaghra-layesh Temple
Read  Khar Gets Shiv Ling   before reading this
Taken from  Vaikom Temple site

Vyaaghra-layesh temple of Shiv has a long story behind it, continued from even before Raam's times - from Khar Time. It is located at Vaikom village - 33 kms South from Ernakulam, and 40 kms North of Kottaayaam, Kerala.

It is believed that its Ling was brought and kept here by Khar Raakshas and converted into a Shiv temple by Parashuraam Jee. When Parashuraam Jee consecrated Shiv Ling here, both Shiv and Paaravtee Jee appeared before him and blessed him that from that day on Shiv would live there and fulfill all wishes of his devotees and give them Moksh. It is also believed that Shiv lives here in three forms and fulfills his devotees' wishes in three ways. In the morning, till his Pantheeradee Poojaa is done, he lives in the form of Dakshinaamoorti, the Guru of all, and grants wisdom, knowledge and understanding. In the noon time, up to the Madhyaahn Poojaa, he lives in Kiraat Moorti, by which he gave Paashupat Astra to his devotee Arjun, and grants success to his devotees in all of their endeavors and removes all obstacles - Sarv Kaarya Jayam or Sarv Vighnop Shaanti. In the evening he lives in the form of Shakti Panchaaksharee, the benign Lord of Kailaash, along with his whole family (Paarvatee, Ganesh Jee and Kaarttikeya Jee seated happily) and grants his devotees all worldly things plus whatever they ask for.

Prasaad of Vaikom Temple
The  most important Prasaad of Vaikom Temple is its Bhasm which is taken out from its kitchen fire place. It is believed that Shiv (Vaikkathappan) himself works there in the form of a Braahman. It is holy remedy for fear, poison, wounds and even hysteria. Innumerable devotees have testified this.

Gangaa Prapath Teerth
Once Parashuraam Jee returned to this place and got very sad seeing that people and animals here were suffering for lack of water. he invoked Shiv and told him about it. Shiv Jee asked him what did he want from him. he said - "Prabhu, Make this place a Teerth for the devotee who will come in Kali Yug with lots of sins. They can take bath, drink water and do Tarpan here." So it s believed that Shiv put some Gangaa water from his matted locks and filled a tank nearby for this purpose. This tank is the northern side of the Temple.

Shivaanand Teerth
The legend has it, that once Maharshi Nidaagh came here to Vyaaghrapaad. Vyaaghrapaad was meditating on Shiv here. Nidaagh requested him to accept him as his disciple. Vyaaghrapaad taught him Shiv Mantra and Upaasanaa Yog and blessed him saying everything could be achieved through Shv Bhajan. So Nidaagh started doing it. On an 8th day, when both Vyaaghrapaad and Nidaagh were worshipping Stambh Ganapati and Shiv, pleased with their Upaasanaa, Shiv appeared in its North-east corner and performed Aanand Taandav (Dance of Bliss - he performed this dance in Chidaambaram Temple also). Some water from his matted locks fell down on the ground. Shiv blessed those drops and named it Shivaanand Teerth and disappeared. Both Vyaahghrapaad and Nidaagh sprinkled some of that water on their bodies and drank some. This Teerth has been converted into well and its water is used only for Poojaa's purpose.

We don't know which Nidaagh is this Maharshi, but there is one Nidaagh who is mentioned in Naarad Puraan, 1/22 and Vishnu Puraan, 2/8. he was the disciple of Brahmaa's son Ribhu. Why should this Nidaagh come to Vyaaghrapaad to become his disciple?

Aanand Teerth
Once two learned young Braahman, Shankar and Mukund, from Kanyaa Kumaare were going to Kaashee, so on their way they halted at Vaikom. They enjoyed the Bhajan and the food there. Mukund left for Kaashee alone without Shankar. After he had left, Shankar got very sad thinking about that now he would take bath alone in Gangaa. He was so much heartbroken that he fell ill. He had a high fever. One day he was in deep sleep after a sincere prayer, that Shiv appeared in his dream and asked him to take bath in eastern pond. He told him that all his desires will be fulfilled there. Next day in the morning Shankar went to that eastern pond and took  bath in it. As he came out from the pond, he knew that he was in Gangaa Teerth. he praised Shiv.

At the same time Vyaaghrapaad Rishi came there and told him that his friend Mukund will return after 18  months and then he may go to Saayujya of Shiv with his friend. The same Teerth is known as Aarati Haaran Teerth, or Aarati Vinaashan Teerth (remover of sorrows)



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