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Mukti Naag

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Mukti Naag Kshetra

Naag Worship
Naag worship varies in different states in its form. In Tamilnaadu there are a number of Puttu Koils. In the idol from it is worshipped at Naagarkovil, Thirunaageshwaram etc. At Naagarkovil it is the sand coming from the bottom of the idol is given as Prasaad. At Thirunaageshwaram, it is Abishekam with milk which is very important where the idol changes to blue during Abhishekam.

In Kerala instead of Puttu it is medium forest seen at Mannarsala, very small forest and muddy lake area at Ameda etc. In Kerala temple use of turmeric paste and powder is common with worshiping of Naag idols. Even Prasadam is combined with turmeric. While worshipping in Naag temples it is very important to observe purity of body and mind . It is known to all. Purity of body for at least 7 days is very much specific for Sarp Bali at Ameda. In all Naag temples, the worship on day with Ayilyam star are important in all months. Worship is also done in Naag temples for Sarp Dosh. Some temples, like Ameda in Kerala, conduct Sarp Bali. (Shraadha to Sarp). Normally people conduct Sarp Bali on advice by divine people, astrologers etc.

Naag Temple at Kengery
This Naag Temple is in Karnaatak. We can not compare one Naag temple with other. One cannot excel one from the other. Each temple has its own uniqueness and its own merits.

There are other Deities also in the complex - three more deities are enshrined with separate sanctum. One is Mahaa Ganapati, another is Muruga and third is Van Durgaa. The order of worship told is to start with is Mahaa Ganapati. The idol of Ganapati is big. After worshipping Mahaa Ganapati, the 5-headed Naag, very big in size, is worshipped. This Naag is to be worshipped before worshiping another Naag, which is smaller in size and five headed and called Mool Sthaanam. This Mool Sthaan Naag is the main deity of the Temple.

The emphasis told in the Temple is to circumambulate the small sanctum 9 times after performing Sankalp by the priest. The priest in the Temple issues a Sankalp ticket and recites the Sankalp taking the name of the worshipper, star, Gotra for his well being while the worshipper worships at the Mukti Naag Temple and directs the worshipper to perform 9 circumambulations around the sanctum keeping silver idol of Naag Raaj in the hand and then place in a Hundee in the front with prayers. Silver Naag idol can be purchased from the administrative office for Rs 50.00. It is affirmed that the worshipper will get blessing of Naag Raaj. Naag Raaj is Raahu. The priest leisurely collects Rs 11.00 for the Sankalp ticket, and includes all the names told by the worshipper. There is no restriction about the number of persons. Worship can be done and prayers can be offered even without Naag Sankalp. No person was found there distributing Prasaad either as flowers or as eatable items etc. Probably it could be a peculiarity with the Temple.

Van Durgaa and Man Puttu
Some what in an angle of 30' is the Van Durgaa shrine. About 15 feet from it some what middle between the temples is the man Puttu which attracts people very much. There is only one Puttu in the premises. In the greenish grass area there is a medium man Puttu appearing as SPRANG UP. Prayers are offered to this man Puttu.

Naag Raajaa and Naag Yakshee
As in the Kerala temples there is a separate idol of Naag Raaj with two Naag Yakshee close to Van Durgaa and prayers are offered here also. There is no sanctum for them. There is an exciting Naag Raaj and Naag Raane placement in a vertical triangular form, near it in steps which attracts every person. Hundreds of Naag idols are systematically arranged in steps in triangular from. All idols are in black granite and oiled and giving a shiny appearance. Finally the worship is completed  with big Muruga on a separate platform. Many peoples' wishes are fulfilled here. All Naag temples are unique and sincere prayers with belief are always fulfilled. Astrologers suggest in many occasions for Naag worship to their clients.

This Mukti Naag temple is at 18th Kilometre on the Mysore route from Bangalore city railway station. Just about half a kilometer before a big Swarn Ganapati gives Darshan and blesses us. It is a separate Temple on the left side while coming from Bangalore. There is a right turn at the Junction of Raajarajeswaree dental college point. Take drive for 5 kms and again a board will indicate the way to temple, again taking a 2nd right turn. The travel along somewhat grassy patches, a preferable area of snakes to live is about one km to reach the temple premises. The temple is in a somewhat plain open area. There are no compound walls, no borders for the Naag Raaj here. Similar to Kadampuzha temple or the so in Kerala, the temple worshipping time is from 7.30 AM to 7.30 PM only. It is continuous.

It is best to go there by car or taxi, though people take auto also from nearby places. General worship by the priests includes as purchasing the Naag, offer Sankalp with prayer, make nine circumambulation, with prayer holding Naag, and put the Naag idol in the Hundial. Below is the address and phone number for the convenience of readers desiring to visit the temple. A sincere prayer will always be fulfilled in the temple by aspiring devotees. The name of the temple itself is Mukti Naag Kshetra ---
Shree Mukti Naag Kshetra
Big Banyan Tree Road
Kengery, Bangalore- 60
Phone 080-26713583



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