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Shani Temple

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Shani Temple
See also    Shani  for detailed description about Shani

For Shani Dosh.. Shani, or Sani, is one among the Nava Ggraha and is believed to create problems in the life of people, especially by those people who keep close track of their horoscope and believe in astrology.

In Andhra Pradesh
There is an ancient temple in Mandapalli near Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh. It is a famous temple of Shani.

In Karnaatak
--Shree Shani Temple, Just adjacent to Hebbal Flyover / Circle, Bangalore.
--Shree Shani Temple, Madivala, Bangalore.
--Shree Shani Mahaatmaa Temple, Pavagada, Tumkur Distt, Karnaatak

In Kerala
There is only one Shaneeshwar Temple in Kerala. It is very old, may be more than 7500 years. It is believed that its Pratishthaa was done by sage Naarad Muni and by the instruction of Naarad Muni it is to reduce Shani Dosh. Yudhishthir, Arjun, Bheem and even Duryodhan prayed at this temple. Nearby, around 4 miles away only, there is an only Duryodhan Temple (pooruvazhy Mala nada mutthappan) also for the evidence. After long period the Temple was protected and prayed by Ponal Kalarigurukkal family (believe to be one of the warriors from Lord Shree Dharmashastha (Swaamee). Thereafter, like our old temples, nobody cared and almost damaged everything except Shaneeshwar idol. Now with the help of some devotees Blalaya Pratishthaa was done for it and after that Shaneeshwar Jee is happy and very powerful. Now the Temple work is under progress. People from all religion are visiting Shaneeshwar and pray. The Temple is situated at Kannanmam in Kollam district in Kerala. Nearest places are Sastham Kotta, Charumoodu or Bharanikkavu, and major nearest towns are Kayamkulam, Karunagappilly, Pandalam (Sabarimaalaa Swaamy palace), Adoor and Kottarakkara.

How to reach there --
(1) When you come via Trivendrum or Via Ernaakulam, get down at Kayamkulam (a main railway station also KSRTC Bus Stand) from Kayamkulam travel on the way Kayamkulam to Adoor Rd and get down at Charumoodu (around 13 kms away from Kayamkulam) from Charumoodu to Tamarakulam (around 5 kms) and from Tamarakulam to Kannamam market (via Anayadi) around 4 kms and from Kannamam market to Shaneeshwar Temple 1.5 km.
(2) If you are coming from Kottarkkara or Karunagappilli .... you should reach Bharanikkavu (near to Sasthamkotta) then from Bharanikkavu to Kannamam Chantha..via chakkuvally. then Kannnamam Chantha to Shaneeshwar Temple 1 km.
(3) If you are coming from Pandalam after visiting Pandalam Kottaram then come on the way to Adoor after one kilometer from pandalam town there is Mission hospital . In front of Mission hospital road going to Nooranadu (7 km away from Pandalam), from Nooranadu to Kayamkulam route 3.5 km away is Charummoodu. then from Charummoodu to Shaneeshwar Temple.

Worship and opening times...
Morning 5.30 am to 9 am and evening 5 pm to 7.30 pm
Saturday is the important day...
Presently there is no facility to stay near by... If need to stay you should stay at Pandaalam, Mavelikkara, Karunagappilly, Kayamkulam or adoor...

When you are going to Temple take some Coconut... 3 or 4 (Pacha Thenga) for Neeraajan with you and when doing Neeraajan, break the coconut and put ellukizhi on broken two parts of coconut and the eyed portion of Coconut should be keep on right part and eye less part on left side, 101 nos. Cherunaranga make like a Haram. by using white thread. and some Vettila. (101 nos), Ellu Paayasam (not by us it will be done as vazhipadu). for Archanaa.. and pray. Surly Shani Dosh will reduce.

In Mahaaraashtra
(1) Shree Shani Temple Beedh, Mahaaraashtra.
(2) Shree Shani Kshetra Nastanpur, Mahaaraashtra.
(3) Shree Shani Kshetra Model Teerth Nandur bar, Mahaaraashtra.
(4) Shree Shani Kshetra Raameshwar Teerth.
(5) Another important Shrine for Lord Shani is in Shinganpur, in Mahaaraashtra, India. Shinganpur is located half-way between Shirdee and Aurangaabad. The deity here is "Swaayambhoo" that is self emerged from earth in form of Black but imposing stone. Though no one knows exact period, it is believed that Swaayumbhoo Shaneeshwar was found from time immemorial by shepherds of then local hamlet. It is believed to be in existence at least since Kali Yug.
(6) There is a Shani Temple in Deonar, in Mumbai. The Temple is situated east of the Shivaajee statue at the junction of Chembur, Deonar, Govandi on (Mumbai-Pune- Bangalore) Eastern Express Highway. The Presiding Deity of this Temple is Lord Shaneeshwar. A mighty, 7 feet tall imposing beautiful black statue.

In Madhya Pradesh
(1) Shree Shani Mandir Teerth, Ujjain, MP.

In Mumbai - Shree Shaneeswar Temples
(1) One Mandir is situated next to Nageshwar Paarshwanaathjee Jain Temple, at Ghatkopar (west) close to Sheryas cinema.
(2)There is a Shree Shani Mandir at Katemanevli, Kalyaan (East), near Vitthalwaadee (Central Railway) Railway Station.
(3)There is a Shree Shani Mandir on the Service Road at Khar East on Western Express Highway just about 500 mts before the Vakola Signal when traveling from Mumbai city to Suburbs.
(4) There is a Shree Shani Mandir 15 minutes at walkable distance from National Park at Savarpada, Borivali (East).
(5) One Shani temple is in Jogeshwaree (East) in Meghwadi here devotees can avail the facility of listening to The story of Shani Mahaatmya during 12 Noon to 6 PM on Saturday Evenings.
(6)There a Temple at Nerul, Navi Mumbai.

In Pondicherry
There is another Shani Temple in southern India, near Karaikal, in Pondicherry state called Thirunellur which is of paramount importance to Shaneeshwar. Millions of devotees visit this place to protect themselves from the effects of the transit of Saturn. The greatness of the Thirunallur Temple is attributed to the unique idol of Lord Shani as he stands in the posture of blessing the devotee Abhaya Hast. This is a very rare phenomenon and therefore thousands of devotees who believe that they are badly affected by Shani visit the shrine to get his blessings.

The exact name of this Shani Temple at Thirunallar is Sri Darbaraneshwar Swaamy Devasthaan and it is also referred as Saneeswar Bhagavaan Temple. The main temple is dedicated to Lord Shiv. But the Shani Shrine has become more popular than the main temple primarily due to belief of devotees that by praying at the shrine will make Shani happy and thereby all the miseries and hardship are removed. Legend has it that King Nal mentioned in the Epics and Puraan was relieved of all sufferings after praying at this shrine. Believed to have been built in the 7th century, the temple also has small shrines dedicated to other gods including Lord Ganesh.

Thirunallar Shani Temple is located about 5 km west of Karaikal in Pondicherry. The temple lies on the Karaikal Mayiladuthurai and Karaikal-Kumbaakonam road. There are direct buses from Chennai to Thirunallar. The easiest route is from Chennai to Thirunallar is via Tindivanam, Pondicherry, Chidaambaram, Tranquebar, Karaikal. Nearest Railway Station to Thirunallar Shani Temple is the Mayiladuthurai Railway Station. It must be noted here that Karaikal is part of Pondicherry Union Territory but is surrounded by Tamil Naadu on three sides and on the East by Bay of Bengal.

In Tamil Naadu
(1) Shree Shani Teerth Tirunalaru, Tamil Naadu.
(2) There is a Vishwaroop Sarv-mangal Shaneeshwar Bhagavaan Sannidhi inside Devee Naagmuthu Mariamma Temple in EB Colony, Adambakkam.
(3) There are a few clusters of nine temples or shrines dedicated to the Nava Graha. One such cluster is located near the town Kumbaakonam, Tamilnaadu, India. Lord Shani's shrine in this cluster is located at Tirunallar. This is the only place where Shaneeshwar is available  with his family. He also called as Mangal Shaneeshwaran. Shaneeshwaran living with two wife and two children - the two wives are Mandaa Devee and Jyeshthaa Devee and his two sons, Maandee and Kuleegan. King Dasharath worshipped the Shaneeswar in this Temple. The Shaneeshwar Temple is separate temple with wife Mandaa Devee and Jyeshthaa Devee and sons Maandee and Kuleegan with Dasharath. So, this Temple is also important temple to do the Shani Peyarchi Poojaa and Hom.
(4) Another Shani Temple is at Kuchanoor, 20 km from Theni, near Madurai. The Lord is seen in Swaayambhoo (self-appeared) form, the name of the town being derived from Kubjan, one of Shani's names (Kubjanoor).

Lord Shani Temple, Gwalior Kokilaavan, Vrindaavan.

In Delhi
(1)Shree Shani Tieerth Kshetra, Asola, Fatehpur Beri, Mehrauli, Delhi.
A Shani Temple, Shani Dhaam, is at Fatehpur Beri, about 6 km from Chhattarpur Temple and 16 kms from Qutub Meenaar, at Mehrauli, South Delhi, India. It has got the tallest 21 feet high statue of Lord Shani in the world made of Asht Dhaatu and a natural rock of Shani. Many devotees visit every Saturday to please Lord Shani. The main Poojan for Kaal Sarp and Saadhe Saatee and Dhaiya are done here on Shani Amaavasyaa, the most auspicious day for pleasing Lord Shani.

--Shree Sidh Shakti Peeth
--Shani Dhaam,
--Shanaishchar Temple Hassan

Some Mantra of Shani to Worship
Most of the people think Shani Dev is cruel. But it is not so. Below are given some Mantra to recite for Shani Dev

Om Kaak Dhwajaaya Vidmahe , Khadg Hastaaya Dheemahi, Tanno Mandah Prachodayaat.
Om Namo Yam, Brahm Samet Shree Shaneeshwaraaya Namah Om.
    Shani is the Son of Soorya Dev and elder brother of Yam Dharm Raaj.
Om UmaaMaheshwaraabhyaam Namah Om ;
Om LakshmiNaaraayanaabhyaam Namah Om.
Om VaaneeHiranyagarbhyaam Namah Om;
Om Anant Padmanaabhaaya Namah Om.



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