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Aurv Rishi

We meet Aurv Rishi in Vaalmeeki Raamaayan while Vishwaamitra was telling the story of coming of Gangaa on Prithvi to Raam in Baal Kaand. It is believed that he invented Aagneya Astra (Fire Missile) which he taught to Sagar and that is how Sagar could win his enemies and take his kingdom back from them.

Birth of Aurv Rishi
This story comes in MBH, G-3-Youth/8. Story of his birth is very interesting. Long ago, there was king named Kritveerya. he was a very rich and good king. When he died, his children became kings. Once they needed some money. They heard that Bhrigu people were very rich so they went to them as beggars. Some hid their money, some gave them the money, some ran away. Kshatriya knew all this so they were checking their houses also by digging them. While digging one house some Kshatriya got lots of money. They got very angry at thhis and they started killing them, so their women started running away from there. One woman was with a child in her thigh. One Braahman woman complained about this running woman to Kshatriya so they ran after that woman.

In the meantime the child came lout of her thigh. It spread its so much shine that all Kshatriya following his mother lost their eyesight. They understood that this is all because this woman's anger, so they all sought her protection. They said to her - "Please forgive us. Restore our eyesight, we will go away from here and never will commit such sinful act." She replied - I am not angry with you, nor I have made you blind. It is this Bhrigu's son who has taken your eyesight, so please him, he might return your eyesight. I protected him in my thigh for 100 years. All Ved have come to him. You pray to him because he is certainly angry with you on slaying his forefathers." They prayed, he got pleased and restored their eyesight. They went away from there. Because being born by tearing thigh, he was known as Aurv.

Later he got busy in severe penance to be successful in destroying the whole world. He did such a severe penance that all Devtaa Rishi etc got scared. Seeing this Aurv's Pitri came to him and requested him to stop his penance, to control his anger and save the world. Aurv said - "If I will not fulfill my vow, it will finish me, so I cannot obey your command. But if you want me to stop this then tell me what to do." They said - "Throw this in the ocean." So Aurv threw his anger in the sea. That fire became a horse head conversant with the Ved called - Badavaa Mukh. Emitting itself from that mouth it consumed all the water of the sea.

Aurv and Sagar
Raajaa Harishchandra's son was Rohit, Rohit's son was Harit and Harit's son was Champ who habited Champaa Puree. Champ's son was Sudev, his son was Vijaya, his son was Bharuk, his son was Vrik and Vrik's son was Raajaa Baahuk. Enemies had taken the kingdom from Baahuk, so he went to forest with his wife. When he got old there and died then his wife wanted to be Satee with him, but Maharshi Aurv knew that she was pregnant, so he stopped her from being Satee. When Baahuk's other wives came to know about this, they gave her "Gar" (poison) with food but it did not affect the child, rather the child was born with "Gar" that is why he was named as Sagar (Sa-Gar means with poison).

According to Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/4 Sagar grew up under the care and guidance of Maharshi Aurv. He trained him in weaponry and warfare. When he grew up, he took his kingdom back from his father's enemies. At the order of his Guru Aurv Sagar did not kill Taaljangh, Yavan, Shak, Haihaya and Barbar communities, but he deformed them - some of them were asked to shave their heads, some of them were asked to grow mustache and beard, some were asked to keep their hair untied, some of them were asked to shave their head in half. The Taaljangh were killed by Parashuraam Jee.



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