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Jaabaali Muni

We meet Jaabaali Muni in Dasharath's court in Vaalmeeki Raamaayan. He is one of the nine Rishi there. His nine Rishi are -  Vashishth Jee and Vaamdev were the in charge of religious ceremonies; and Suyagya, Jaabaali, Kashyap, Gautam, Maarkandeya, Deerghaayu, and Kaatyaayan were their assistants and also lived there ( V-Raamaayan, 2/2/7).

Thus Jaabaali was one of the priests in the court of King Dasharath in Ayodhyaa. It is believed that he is the son of Vishwaamitra. Jaabaali Muni is famous for the advice he gave to Lord Raam. Jaabaali Muni was a free thinker and an ascetic who did not believe in Heaven and a life hereafter - he advised Shree Raam not to follow his duty and go to the forest to fulfill his father Dasharath's vows to Queen Kaikeyee. Shree Raam, of course, ignores his advice and goes on to perform His duties as a faithful son. This is in the Ayodhyaa Kaand.

Here is one verse from Atheist Jaabaali Muni to Shree Raam -
na te kashchid dasharathah twam cha tasya na kashchanaa |
anyo raajaa twam anyaH cha tasmaat kuru yad uchyate | 2-108-10 |

"Dasharath is none to you nor you are in anyway to him. That King is another and your are another. Hence, do what is told by me?"

And Shree Raam replies :
"The logical words, you have made it out to be good, saying 'Do this good thing' as uttered to me, are really unworthy. Having promised before my father about my exile to the forest, how can I fulfill Bharat's words now, abandoning the father's words? A firm promise has been made by me in the presence of my father, when Queen Kaikeyee too became rejoiced." (see 2-109-23 to 25)

Now read what Vashishth Jee says --
Recognizing that Raam has become angry, Vashishth spoke as follows: "Even Jaabaali is aware of the going and coming of this world. He spoke in this manner, on account of his desire that you should return. O, Lord of the people! Learn from me of the creation of the world."
(see 2-110-1 and 2)

This is a very interesting conversation between Jaabaali Muni and Shree Raam, One may read it at continue reading its chapter 109 on Jaabaali Muni. But later on Sage Vashishth explains that Jaabaali Muni said all those words to Shree Raam only because Jaabaali Muni wanted Shree Raam to return to Ayodhyaa and not go to forest.

There are many stories connected with Jaabaali Muni including how he cursed river Nandinee because she refused to come down to Karnaatak to relieve the drought situation. Also, it is believed that the city Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh is named after Jaabaali Muni.



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