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Bheem Brings Flowers

[3-151] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Hanumaan had gone away Bheem proceeded on Gandhmaadan path. He went on thinking about Hanumaan's body and the dignity of Dasharath's son Raam. On the way he seeing herds of elephants, lotus lakes, scattered deer and many other things came to Saugandhikaa forest with fresh golden lotuses. Bheem had got his object and mentally presented himself before Draupadee.

[3-152] Vaishampaayan Jee said - When Bheem reached at the spot, he was in the vicinity of Kailaash. He saw the lake full of golden lotus flowers and guarded by Raakshas. Its all banks were beautiful, a wonder of the world, so romantic in look. Its water was like Amrit - cool and light, clear and fresh. Bheem drank the water to his heart's satisfaction. This lake was the resort place for Kuber. It was frequently visited by Siddh, Apsaraa, Yaksh, Kimpurush, Raakshas etc. It was guarded by Krodhvash Raakshas wearing uniform and armed with various weapons. As the guards saw Bheem so they asked him - "Who are you? Your guise is of an ascetic but you are armed with weapons, why have you come here?"

[3-153] Bheem said - "I am the son of Paandu, next to Yudhishthir, and my name is Bheem. I have come here with my brothers to the Jujube named Vishaalaa. There Paanchaalee saw an excellent Saugandhikaa lotus flower which came there with the blow of wind. She wish to have plenty of that kind of flowers. That is why I have come here to take those flowers for my dear wife." At this Raakshas aid - "This place is very dear to Kuber. Mortals cannot come here. Only those can come here who have taken permission from Kuber. Who disrespects Kuber or unlawfully come here, he has to meet his destruction. You wish to take these flowers disregarding the Chief of Yaksh and you sayu that you are the brother of Yudhishthir the Just? First you take the permission of Kuber, then drink the water of this lake and take the flowers. If you do not take permission you wouldn't be able to even look at a flower." Bheem said - "O Raakshas, I do not see Kuber Jee here, and even if I saw him here, I would never request him to give me these flowers. Kshatriya never request to anybody. This is Kshatriya's morality and I am not going to leave it. Besides, this lake is born in mountains, it is not in the mansion of Kuber, that is why it belongs to all creatures along with Vaishravan. Then, in such case, why one should request to another?"

Vaishampaayan Jee xaid - "After saying so, Bheem jumped in that lake. The guard Raakshas stopped him doing so, but Bheem did not heed them, so they started rushing at Bheem shouting, "Seize him, tie him. We shall cook him and eat him up." Hearing this Bheem picked up his Gadaa, and Raakshas used their weapons and surrounded Bheem from all sides. But Bheem killed many of them and defeated them all, so they fled away to Kuber. Bheem jumped into the lake and started collecting lotuses. Krodhvashaa Raakshas described the prowess of Bheem to Kuber Hearing that Kuber smiled and said to them - "Let Bheem take as many flowers as he wants for his wife Krishnaa. I know this already." So the Raakshas went away from there and looked at Bheem in the lake.

[3-154] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Bheem collected a lot many flowers from the lake and made a loud sound.  This trembled the Earth,  touch of piercing blow of wind and gravels started to arose from the ground because of that strong wind. It seemed as if thunderstorm was to come, darkness spread all around and loud sounds started coming from the sky. Seeing this Yudhishthir said - "Who is that who is going to attack us? Who wants to have a fight with us? Get ready with your weapons." Then he looked around and did not find Bheem, so he asked Krishnaa and the twins - "Paanchaalee, Has Bheem gone on some great mission or just like that? These omens are showing some danger." Paanchaalee said - "O King, Today I saw one Saugandhikaa lotus which came with the blow of wind, I have sent him to bring many more such flowers, but I said to him this also that if you cannot find many, then whatever you find, come back quickly with them only. It seems he has gone towards North-East to please me." Hearing this Yudhishthir said to the twins - "Let us follow the path on which Vrikodar has gone. Let the Raakshas carry those Braahman who are weak, and O Ghatotkach, you carry Krishnaa. I am sure that Bheem has entered some forest, because he has not gone like a wind for some time. O Raakshas, We will be able to follow him with your prowess. He will not do anything wrong with Siddh."

Hidimbaa's son and other Raakshas carried Muni Lomash, Krishnaa and others and set off towards Kuber's lake. They soon arrived at the lake and saw Saugandhikaa flowers there, and on its shore was standing Bheem. He was angry and his arms were raised. Yudhishthir embraced Bheem several times and spoke to him with affection - "What have you done, O Kaunteya? if you want to do something good for me, do not do such rash acts ever again and never offend the gods." After saying this he also started sporting at that lake. Seeing this the guards also came there and seeing Muni Lomash, Yudhishthir the Just and the twins, they all bowed down to them. And with the knowledge of Kuber, they lived there for some time waiting for Arjun to return.

[3-155] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When they were living there, one day Yudhishthir said to his brothers and Krishnaa and Braahman - "We have seen many Teerth places and woods which have been visited by celestials and great sages. We have performed ablutions, heard many stories, and seem them live too. We have bathed in Ilaa and Saraswatee, in Yamunaa and Sindhu and Narmadaa Rivers. We have seen many lovely hills also like Jujube Vishaalaa where there is the hermitage of Nar and Naaraayan, and now they have seen this Divine lake also. Thus we have seen many holy places, now how can we go to Kuber's place? Think of some way."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Yudhishthir said thus, a Divine voice said - "You will not be able to that inaccessible spot. Go back to Badaree Kshetra from where you have come here. Now you go to the Aashram of Vrishparvaa and after that you should come to Aarshtishen's Aashram. From there you can see the abode of Kuber." Hearing this divine voice the mortal Rishi got very surprised. So all came back to the Aashram of Nar Naaraayan and started living there comfortably waiting for Arjun's return.

Jataasur Vadh

[3-156] Vaishampaayan jee said - "Now Paandav started living there comfortably waiting for Arjun to come. When all Raakshas had gone and Bheem also had gone away, a Raakshas carried away Yudhishthir, Draupadee, and the twins. This Raakshas had always lived with them in the guise of a Braahman. His main purpose of living with them was to take Paandav's weapon and Draupadee. His name was Jataasur. Yudhishthir was always supporting him, but did not know that he was Raakshas in the guise of a Braahman. So one day when he saw that there was none with Paandav, even Bheem had gone away, all Rishi were also not there, he carried them away. Somehow Sahadev snatched his Kaushik named sword and started crying "Bheem, Bheem". Yudhishthir also said to him - "O wicked, Your merit will decrease by this act. Even Raakshas pay respects to virtue,  because they know about virtue more than others. Even the ants and worms depend their lives on human beings and you had been living here with us, eating our food, how can you take us like this? Unless there is some offence, a Raakshas should not violate a king. We have not done anything wrong to you. And by carrying this female you are committing a blunder." And Yudhishthir made himself dull so Jataasur could not walk as fast as before. He then said to Draupadee and the twins - "Do not fear of this Raakshas as I have checked his speed. Bheem might have not gone far, and as soon as he is here this Raakshas will not live."

Sahadev said - "The Kshatriya's Dharm is to fight, so we will fight with him. Either he will kill us or we will kill him. If this Raakshas is alive after the Sun sets today, I am no more Kshatriya." Then he said to the Raakshas - "First you kill me then take this lady with you." Sahadev was saying like this to that Raakshas that Bheem came there and saw that a Raakshas was carrying his two brothers and wife and Sahadev on the ground abusing him, he went out of senses, he said - "If I had known that you are after our weapons I had killed you before, but since I did not know it, I had not killed you. You had not anything wrong also with us, and furthermore you were our guest too. Now you cannot go wherever you want to go, but now you will go where Bakaasur and Hidimb have gone." Hearing this Jataasur put Yudhishthir, Nakul and Draupadee down and proceeded to fight with Bheem. He said to him - "I was not bewildered, I was just delaying because of you. Today I will offer oblations to those Raakshas whom you have killed." And both started fighting each other. Nakul and Sahadev wanted to help Bheem but Bheem stopped them saying - "You just watch, I am more than a match for this Raakshas."

They both uprooted gigantic trees from around to hit each other, and when all trees were finished, they started fighting with rocks, theh wrestled. At last Bheem threw him on the ground and killed him. Then he came to Yudhishthir. All Braahman praised him as Marut praise Vaasav.

[3-157] Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "After killing Jataasur all came back to Nar and Naaraayan's Aashram and started living there. One day, remembering his brother Jaya (Arjun), Yudhishthir called his other brothers and Draupadee and said to them thus - "We have passed four years faring in the woods. Arjun said that he would come here on the peak Shwet in the 5th year. We are also eagerly waiting to meet him. Paarth told that the he would be abroad for 5 years to learn military science." So they called the Braahman and told them about this. Braahman told them that this would end in  happiness and they would win. Yudhishthir then set out towards North with all carried by Raakshas. On the way he saw Mainaak Parvat, foothills of Gandhmaadan Parvat and Shwet Parvat and came to the slopes of the Himaalaya on the 17th day. There they saw the holy Aashram Rishi Vrishparvaa. After taking some rest Yudhishthir went to see Vrishparvaa. There Yudhishthir introduced everyone to him and he also welcomed them like his sons. they passed there seven nights. On the eighth day they again started their journey. Braahman remained in Vrishparvaa's Aashram and Paandav also left their robes and jewelry in the Aashram and proceeded forward. Vrishparvaa went to see them off for a little distance, then came back to his Aashram.

Yudhishthir proceeded walking on foot and came to Shwet Parvat on the fourth day. It looked like a mass of clouds and made of gold and gems. As directed by Vrishparvaa they reached at their places. They passed many impassable caves with ease. And Dhaumya, Lomash, Paandav and Krishnaa went on in a body that none became tired. From there they saw Gandhmaadan Parvat where Kinnar and Siddh ad Chaaran used to come. Paandav entered the forest where many kinds of trees were standing, many kinds of birds were singing, many kinds of flowers were blooming. Seeing that forest Yudhishthir said to Bheem - "See this beautiful forest, by coming here we are experiencing divine feelings." Everybody was feeling divine there. Then they saw the Aashram of Aarshtishen. All of them went there and saw the Muni who was like a skeleton.

[3-158] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Approaching him Yudhishthir told him his name and greeted him bowing his head. Then Krishnaa, Bheem and twins also greeted and then Dhaumya etc Rishi also greeted him. Aarshtishen had already known about Yudhishthir by his Yog sight. He asked them to sit down. he asked them their welfare - "Do you speak truth, do you always follow virtue? Are all pious men are satisfied?" Yudhishthir said - "I always try to follow them to the best of my power." Arshtishen said - "Many Gandharv, Apsaraa, Siddh etc come here adorned in beautiful attire and jewelry in festival times. If you stay here, you can also hear their sounds, but do not try to go there. Besides it is impossible to proceed beyond this point. That place is for the celestials, so there is no access to that place for mortals. Beyond the Kailaash Mountain, there is path for celestial sages. If anyone goes beyond this point, Raakshas kill him with their iron arrows. During the festival occasions one can see even Kuber too with Apsaraa. Tumburu entertains him and his songs are heard all over Gandhmaadan Parvat. You can stay here till Arjun comes back. Enjoy sweet fruits and the food for Muni. After finishing your exile you will win and rule the earth for long time."


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