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Bheem Meets Hanumaan

[3-145] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "They lived there for 6 nights in the expectation of seeing Dhananjaya. Then one day a very fast wind blew from the North-East and it brought a thousand-petal lotus and left it on the ground. Paanchaalee saw it, it was very charming and had a Divine fragrance. She said to Bheem - "See this flower, this is so beautiful. I will give this flower to Yudhishthir, for my pleasure you bring me more such flowers so that I can take them to our Aashram in Kaamyak Van. You bring me many such flowers, I wish to take them to our Aashram." And she approached Yudhishthir with that flower Bheem got up and set to go to collect such flowers for the pleasure of his beloved. He was going at a fast pace in the direction from which the flower came. He was looking around on the slopes of Gandhmaadan Parvat. There were many kinds of fragrance coming but they were not the same as he was looking for. On the way there were many Gandharv and Kinnar with their wives who were there with their husbands invisibly. He was thinking while going about his vows taken at the time of Draupadee's insult, then he thought that Arjun had gone to Swarg, what Yudhishthir will do? I hope that out of affection he doesn't let Nakul and Sahadev come in search of us. How can I get that flower soon?

He was going looking here and there that some elephants and lions flew at Bheemsen, so Bheemsen killed some elephants and lions. They got frightened and ran away. The then he saw a large plantain spread on the slopes of the Parvat. He entered that patch and continued to break many trees. As he further proceeded he saw a beautiful lake full of beautiful lotus and lilies. he sported there for some time. When Hanumaan saw his brother Bheem, he thought to do some good to him. He obstructed his way to go to Heaven, thinking that he should not pass that way for the sake of his safety, by lying on the road. Lest he comes back with any curse or defeat, he laid down on the road as he was drowsy. He lashed his tail raised like pole and sounded like thunder. Bheem saw Hanumaan's head, face shining like a moon, and body huge like Himaalaya obstructing the path of Heaven. Bheem got angry seeing this and made a loud sound. Hanumaan saw Bheem with partially opened intoxicated eyes and said to Bheem - "I was not well, I was sleeping quietly, why did you wake me up? You should be kind to every creature. We are animals, we are ignorant but you are a human being, you should show kindness to all creatures. You don't know what is virtue, or nobody has taught you? Who are you and why have you come here in this forest? Where are you going? It is impossible to proceed further, those hiss are inaccessible. There is no passage to that palace. That is the path for celestials. Mortals cannot go on that path. Because of kindness I am stopping you taking that path. You can come up to here,  but you cannot go further."

[3-146] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this from a monkey, Bheem said - "Who are you and why have you taken the shape of a monkey? I am a Kshatriya, from Kuru and Lunar race. I am the son of Paandu and Kuntee from Vaayu Dev and my name is Bheem." Hanumaan said - "I am a monkey, I will not allow you take this path, better you go back. Do not meet your destruction by going on this path." Bheem said - "Whether there is destruction or not, I am not asking you, just give me passage. Get up, do not let me trouble you." Hanumaan said - "I have no strength, I am ill, so if you have to go you must go by jumping over me." Bheem said - "Only Supreme Soul lives in all bodies, and He can be known by knowledge alone and that is why cannot be disregarded, so I cannot jump over you. If I have not known Him I could have jumped over you, and the mountain as Hanumaan jumped over ocean." Hanumaan asked - "Who is that Hanumaan who has jumped over ocean, tell me about him if you can." Bheem replied - "He is my brother, excellent with every perfection, blessed with intelligence and strength both of mind and body and he is Chief monkey in Raamaayan. To search for Raam's queen he crossed over a 100 Yojan sea. That mighty one is my brother. I am also equal to him in prowess and strength, so I am able to punish you too. That is why you just get up and give me the way or see my strength. If you will not listen to me i will send to the house of Yam."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus Hanumaan noticed that Bheem was very proud of his strength, so he spoke - "I am very old and do not have strength, so you may move my tail and then go." Bheem was satisfied with this, so he thought taking this monkey's tail I will send him to the regions of Yam. So he tried to move his tail with his left hand, but could not move it. Then he used his both hands to move it, still he could not move it an inch. He used his whole strength still he couldn't. He came to the side of the monkey and stood with bashfulness and spoke - "Forgive me for my harsh words. Are you a Siddh, or god, or Gandharv, or Guhyak? I am asking for curiosity, tell me who are you who has taken this shape of monkey? if it is not a secret, then I would like to know."

Hanumaan said - "O Son of Kuntee, Just for your curiosity sake, I tell you about me. I am the son of Vaayu Dev and was born on Prithvi by the wife of Kesaree. I am a monkey and my name is Hanumaan. All the mighty monkeys were the servants of the Chief monkey, son of Soorya Dev, Sugreev and the son of Sakra, Baali. Sugreev and I were friends too. For some reason Baali drove out his brother Sugreev out of the kingdom, so Sugreev lived with me for some time on Rishyamook Parvat. Then there came Raam, Vishnu in human form, with his brother and wife and lived in Dandak Van. From there Raavan Daitya took away Raam's wife to his Lankaa by sending Raam and His brother away through Maareech in the form a golden deer."

[3-147] Hanumaan said - "After His wife was carried away, He came to Rishyamook Parvat searching Her and met Sugreev. There they became each other's friend. Raam killed Baali, and installed Sugreev the King. After getting kingdom Sugreev sent his thousands of monkeys around in search of Seataa. I too was one of them going to South. There we met a mighty vulture Sampaati who told us that Seetaa was in Ashok Vaatikaa in Lankaa. So I suddenly extended my body, crossed the 100 Yojan sea and saw Seetaa. I talked to Her, burnt the whole Lankaa and came back to Raam. Raam came to the sea shore, built the bridge and won Lankaa. he killed Raavan, installed Vibheeshan as the King of Lankaa and came back to Ayodhyaa with Seetaa. There he was installed as the King of Ayodhyaa. At that I asked Raam a boon that I should live as long as your deeds remain on Prithvi." Raam said, "So be it." and Seetaa also gave me boons. Raam ruled for 11,000 years and then went to His own Lok. Since then Apsaraa and Gandharv delight me. O Son of Kuntee, This path is impassable for mortals, and to see that none might curse you or defeat you, I obstructed this path for you. This is one of the paths to Heaven, mortals cannot go from this path, but the lake for which you have come here, lies there."

[3-148] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Bheem bowed down in the feet of his elder brother and said in polite words - "I am very fortunate that I have seen my elder brother today. I am very happy today. Now I wish that you fulfill one desire of mine. I wish to see your that form by which you crossed the sea to go to Lankaa. Then I will believe your words." Hanumaan Jee said with a smile - "Nobody can see my that image, as the times were different at that time. Because in every Yug the times are different. I don't have that form now. Ground, rivers, plants, rocks, Siddh, gods, and celestial ages conform with the Time and in harmony with that Yug. So do not desire to see my that form." Bheem said - "Then tell me the characteristics of different Yug." Hanumaan spoke - "My child, That you was Krit Yug in which one religion was all over. Everybody was perfect in his religion. There was no need of any religious acts, virtue never deteriorated nor did people decrease. That it was called Krit (perfect) Yug. In the Krit Yug, neither there were gods, nor demons, nor Gandharv, nor Yaksh, nor Raakshas, nor Naag. And there was no buying or selling. Even Saam, Rig and Yajur Ved did not exist. There was no manual labor. The necessities of life were obtained just by thinking about them. The only merit was in renouncing the world. there was no disease, nor decay of the senses. There was neither pride, nor hypocrisy, ill-will, cunningness, misery, envy. And that is why Brahmaa Jee was available to all, and Naraayan with white color was the life of all creatures. The characteristics of all Varn - Braahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shoodra were natural and they were tied to their duties. Their manners and customs were naturally to attainment to Brahm and the sole object of their knowledge was only to attain Brahm. In this way all the Varn attained merit. There was only one Mantra "Om", there was one ordinance. Although of different characteristics,  but they followed only a single Ved and had one religion. According to their age they followed four Aashram without aiming at any object and that is how they attained emancipation. Thus Krit Yug was devoid of three characteristics.

Now you listen to about Tretaa Yug. In this age sacrifices (Yagya) were introduced and virtue decreased by a quarter [Dharm stood on his three legs]. Naaraayan took a red color. Men practiced truth and devoted themselves to religion and religious rites. And that is how sacrifices and religious observances cam into existence. People began to devise means to the attainment of an object, they attained it through acts and gifts., but they never deviated from virtue. They were devoted to asceticism. The four Varn were engaged in their respective duties and performing rites. Such was the Tretaa Yug.

In Dwaapar Yug, religion decreased by half [Dharm stood on his two legs] and Naaraayan wears a yellow color. Ved were divided in four parts. Some men had the knowledge of four Ved, some of three Ved and some had the knowledge of only one Ved, while other did not even know about the Rig Ved. When Shaastra got divided, acts also got multiplied and people were doing asceticism and giving gifts influenced by passion. They became incapable of reading entire Ved, it was divided. And consequently their intelligence also decreased, only few are established in truth. And when people fall from truth, they are subjected to diseases and lust and other grieves. So affected with these, people take penance and sacrifices to enjoy good things in life. People degenerate.

In Kali Yug, in the beginning of iron age, Naaraayan wears a black color. Only one virtue remains [Dharm stands on his one leg only]. People fail to read Ved, to do virtue, sacrifices and religious observances. Anger, disease, deformities, fear of scarcity set in. As the Yug proceeds, its virtue dwindles, and as virtue dwindles, creatures degenerate. And as creatures degenerate, their nature also deteriorates. And religious acts performed at this time produce contrary effects. Even those who live for several Yug (for example Jaambvant lived in three Yug) conform to these changes. Although since you were curious, I told you everything, but why should one be curious to know all this? This is all superfluous matter. I told you what you wanted to know, now you go from here."

[3-149] Bheemsen said - "I will never go from here without seeing that form of yours. If you are kind to me, please show me that form." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then the monkey smiled and to gratify his brother he showed him his that gigantic form in which he crossed the sea. He had reached the height of Vindhyaachal Parvat. Bheem got very surprised to see his this form. Monkey's hair was standing all over his body. He was looking like a golden mountain. He was lashing his tail here and there. Hanumaan said - "O sinless one, You are capable of only seeing my this size, but I can increase my size as much as I wish. And O Bheem, My size increases automatically when I am in the midst of enemies." Bheem bewildered seeing Hanumaan's that extraordinary body. He said to him with folded hands - "You showed me this form for me, now you decrease your size because I cannot see your such a huge size. Today this is a wonder for me. When you were along side with Raam, He must have encountered Raavan with courage. You were no match to Raavan, even with his followers."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - Hearing this Hanumaan spoke in soft words - "You are right Bheem, even the worst of Raakshas was no match for me, but if I had killed Raavan then how Raam's glory would have spread, and because of that reason I left him. By killing that Raakshas with his people and bringing Seetaa back, that Hero had spread His glory all around. Now be kind on yourself and your brothers and go your way. This way leads to Saugandhikaa Van. Proceeding in this direction, you will find the garden of Kuber guarded by Yaksh and Raakshas. Do not pluck flowers yourself by your own force, because Devtaa are to be respected by mortals. Devtaa confer their favor on mortals when they are propitiated by Mantra, offerings, Havan, prayers. Do not thus move from your duties and follow your order, because without knowing duties and serving the old, even people like Brihaspati do not understand profit and religion. One should know the discrimination between that vice which comes under virtue, and virtue come under vice. Foolish people become perplexed in deciding this.

From religious observances comes merit, and in merit are established in Ved, and from Ved come sacrifices, and sacrifices are established in gods. The gods are maintained by the sacrifices prescribed by the Ved and the religious ordinances; while men maintain themselves by following the guidance of Brihaspati and Shukra and by those vocations by which this world is maintained - serving for wages, receiving taxes tending animals etc. The world subsists on profession. The study of the three Ved, agriculture, trade and commerce is ordained  by wise. Each Varn has his own profession and when all follow their own profession, the world is in order. If they don't follow this, the world goes without order. If people do  not follow their profession, they perish, and if they follow they bring about religion.

The religion of Braahman is to know the soul. Celebrations of sacrifices and study and giving gifts are common to all three Varn. Officiating at the sacrifices, teaching and accepting gifts are the duties of a Braahman, to rule is the duty of Kshatriya and to serve all the twice-born is the duty of Shoodra. You are  Kshatriya and your duty is to protect people, so do your duty. Only that king rules successfully who takes counsel of learned people. Spies are among the most important auxiliaries of the king. One should use his spies to know the nature of the hostile countries and tact, diplomacy, prowess etc lead to success. When there is a matter of polity, only Braahman and friends should be consulted; and in the matters of secrecy, one should never consult these - a woman, a drunkard, a boy, an avarice, a mean-minded individual, and an insane. In religious matters one should consult pious men; in matters of gains one should consult wise men; in guarding families one should rely on eunuchs; in crooked affairs one should consult crooked men. Favor must be shown to honest people, but lawless and disobedient people must be punished. Kshatriya attain Heaven by protecting their subjects uninfluenced by avarice, malice, anger, lust.

[3-150] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then Hanumaan decreased his body size and embraced his younger brother. By Hanumaan's embrace Bheem's all fatigue was gone got his strength back. Hanumaan's eyes got filled with tears and he spoke with choked throat - "Now you go home. Remember me sometimes. Do not tell anyone that I live here. Wives of many Devtaa and Apsaraa come here for their entertainment. They are about to come here. I am blessed to see you. When I come in the contact with some human being, I think of Raam. if you ask me a boon and if it is your wish, I can destroy Dhritraashtra's all sons while going to Baaranaavat - rather I can do this immediately; or of you wish, I can destroy the whole city; or I can tie Duryodhan before your eyes; I can do this even today."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Bheem got very happy to hear Hanumaan, he said - "You said it and I consider it done. I ask you only that you just be pleased with me. As you are our protector Paandav have got help. With your prowess we can conquer all foes." Hanumaan said - "With my fraternal feelings for you I want to do something good to you. I will enter your enemy's army and will increase the number of arrows and other weapons. When you will roar, I will add my voice too in that, this will reduced the might of your enemy and you may kill them easily. I will sit on the flag of Arjun's chariot and shout very loudly from there." After saying this and showing him the way Hanumaan disappeared then and there.


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