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Paandav Go to Receive Arjun

[3-139] Lomash Muni said - "O Yudhishthir, You have already passed Usheerabeej, Mainaak and Shwet Mountains and Kaal Mountains and now here are seven Gangaa before you. No son of Manu is able to sight this wonder. so O Yudhishhir, concentrate your mind so that you can witness this wonder. Now we will go to Mandar Mountain where Manibhadra, Kuber and Yaksh live. Here 80,000 Gandharv and four times as many Kimpurush and Yaksh attend Manibhadra taking various weapons in their hands. Their power is great and speed is like wind. They can displace Even Indra. These mountains are protected by them and thus are inaccessible. We will meet here the Ministers of Kuber too, so you gather up your energies. Mount Kailaash is 6 Yojan high. There is a Jujubee tree there and countless Kinnar, Yaksh, Devtaa, Raakshas, Naag, Suparn, Gandharv pass this when when they have to go to Kuber to meet him. You will meet them protected by Bheem and myself. May all gods protect you. And this Gangaa also protects you as you now enter the region of mountains. Be careful."

Yudhishthir said - "You protect Krishnaa, be not careless. As Lomash Muni says that thhis place is inaccessible, so observe full cleanliness." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Yudhishthir then commanded Bheem also to protect Krishnaa, because whether Arjun is near or away, she always looks towards you for her protection." Then he smelt Nakul and Sahadev's heads and asked them to be careful.

[3-140] Yudhishthir said - "O Vrikodar, There are mighty invisible spirits here, we shall pass them through our asceticism, so control your hunger and thirst gathering up your energies. You heard about Mount Kailaash so think about the way as how Krishnaa will pass it. Otherwise you go back taking Sahadev, all other Braahman and people, and we, Nakul, Lomash Muni and myself will go forward and you wait for us at the source of Gangaa protecting Draupadee till we come back."

Bheem said - "Although Draupadee is sore, still she will easily proceed in the hope to see Arjun's white horses. You are also not very happy without Arjun. It is useless to say that if you will not see us then you will feel more distress. Yes, Braahman can return with our cooks etc. But I can never leave you alone in these rough mountains full of Raakshas. Besides Draupadee and Sahadev also do not want to return, I know that. We all want to see Savyasaachee, so we all want to go with you. If somehow Draupadee will not be able to walk, I will carry her, I have decided this, so do not worry. I can even carry those tender-bodied twins also wherever they will not be able to walk." Yudhishthir said - "Bless be O Bheem with ever increasing strength so that you can carry these three on difficult paths." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Krishnaa also said - "I will be able to walk, please do not worry about me." Lomash Muni said - "One can go on Gandhmaadan Parvat only by the power of asceticism, so O Yudhhishthir, shall we all practice some austerities? Nakul, Sahadev, Bheem, you and me then will be able to see him."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "As they were talking like this, they saw the extensive domain of Subaahu which was full of horses and elephants and was densely populated by Kiraat and Tangan and Pulind. King Subaahu, Lord of Pulind, received them happily. They stayed there for a while and then all, Draupadee, Braahman, charioteers, servants etc, proceeded towards Himaalaya. All of them were happy in the hope to see Arjun.

Yudhishthir said to all - "O Bheem, Paanchaalee, Ashwins, Acts done in previous lives do not get destroyed [without producing their effects]. See even we have been wandering in the forests. Just to see Dhananjaya we have to bear so much distress and pass through impassable places. I do not like without being with Dhananjaya. I want to see him in my side. That is why I feel miserable. It is because of his prowess only that I got the jewels which are now with Suyodhan, he has the power to get any treasure. In strength he is like Purandar himself, in swiftness he is like Wind, in grace he is like Moon and in anger he is like Death himself. Now we will go to Gandhmaadan Mountain where under the Jujube tree Nar and Naaraayan's Aashram is. Practicing austerities and walking on foot only we can go there. That place is inaccessible by vehicle, nor a greedy or an angry man can reach there."

[3-141] Lomash Muni said - O Yudhishthir, You have seen many mountains and rivers and have touched their waters, but this Mandar Mountain is celestial mountain, so be attentive and composed. You will see here the residences of celestials and Divine sages. Here is flowing River Alaknandaa. Its source is Jujube tree. It is worshipped by Vaihaayas, Baalkhilya and Gandharv. Mareechi, Pulah, Bhrigu and Angiraa chanted Saam Ved here. All luminaries come here for entertainment. Mahaadev bore Ganaa here only at the source of Gangaa. Bow down to her bearing six attributes." So Paandav worshipped River Gangaa there.

At this time Paandav saw a very huge white object, as if Meru was spread all over. In anticipation of Yudhishthir's question, Lomash Muni said - "Look, This is the heap of Narakaasur's bones which is looking like white Kailaash cliff. They are kept on a mountain that is why they are looking like this. This Daitya was killed by Vishnu for the good of Devtaa. He practiced penance for 10,000 years, and because of this penance his might increased so much that he always troubled Indra. Then all Devtaa prayed Vishnu. Even Agni got dim in front of his effulgence. Vishnu then assured them and deprived Narakaasur from his senses with just a hit of His hand and he fell down on the earth dead, and his bones are lying here. At this place Vishnu took Varaah Avataar also to take Prithvi out of the water when it sank."

Yudhishthir said - "Tell me the story how Vishnu took out the Prithvi sunk 100 Yojan. Under what circumstance Vishnu assumed this form? I want to hear all." Lomash Muni said - "In very olden days, in one Sat Yug, Vishnu assumed the duties of Yam. So no man died but the births were the same. Every creature multiplied and so also human beings. So with that burden the Earth sank down for a hundred Yojan. With the pain in her limbs she asked the protection of Naaraayan. She said to Him - "It is because of your favor, I remained in this position, but I cannot hold this burden any more so please relieve me from this burden." Vishnu said - "You don't worry, I will do accordingly so that you are lighter."

Lomash Muni said - "Thus He dismissed the Earth and assumed the form of a Varaah with one tusk. He went inside and brought the Earth up on His one tusk. And when He was bringing her up, all celestials and sages were agitated. So all went to Brahmaa Jee and spoke thus - "O Lord, All are agitated including oceans, Prithvi has sunk 100 Yojan, what is the matter? And by whose influence this whole Universe is in firmament?" Brahmaa Jee said - "Do not fear from Asur. It is Vishnu who is bringing the Prithvi up, that is why you are feeling this." Devtaa and Rishi asked - "Where is that Being who is bringing Prithvi up? You tell us the place, we will go there." Brahmaa Jee said - "Go to Nandan Van, He is resting there. Nearby you will see Suparn (Garud Jee). he is still in the form of Boar and is flaming as if He will eat everything." They came there along with Brahmaa Jee, praised Him and went back to where from they came."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "O Janamejaya, After hearing this story, Paandav again proceeded forward."

[3-142] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Paandav were proceeding forward with Paanchaalee towards Gandhmaadan. On their way, they law many rivers, lakes, mountains, flowers, trees etc. Thus they entered the region which was inhabited by Siddh and celestials, Kinnar, Apsaraa etc. As they came near Gandhmaadan Parvat, a violent storm rose with heavy showers. The whole sky covered with dust, nobody could see anything around. They heard mighty sound coming from the trees. Fearing they took shelter under trees, or caves. Bheemsen and Krishnaa stood under a tree and Yudhishthir and Dhaumya Muni entered the dense woods; and Sahadev who was carrying the sacred fire stood under a rock. Nakul, Lomash Muni and other Braahman stood each under a tree. Then the wind stopped, dust subsided and shower started pouring down with all sides. A loud rattling noise was heard. Many rivers started flowing around. In a little while everything got quiet and all came out from their places and proceeded towards Gandhmaadan.

[3-143] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Paandav had gone hardly only two miles, that Draupadee got tired, as she was not accustomed to such a long walk, and suddenly dropped down. Nakul ran towards her and supported her and said to Yudhishthir - "O King, Paaanchaalee has dropped down, take care of her." Vaishampaayan jee said - "Hearing this Yudhishthir, Bheem and Sahadev got sad and Yudhishthir lamented taking her head in his lap - "You are accustomed to sleep in beautiful comfortable rooms and now you are lying here on the ground. It is only because of me that your feet have become blue. What a fool I am that just because addicted to Dice Game I have been wandering in the woods. Her father gave her to us thinking that she will live with us comfortably, but she has to wander in the forests with us, just because of me."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "In the meantime Dhaumya and other Braahman came there, consoled the King and read some Mantra to dispel Raakshas and did some rites for the same. Paanchaalee, by the recitation of these Mantra, frequent touches of Paandav caressing hands, cool water and air came to senses. Paandav gave her some rest on deer skin. Nakul and Sahadev massaged her feet gently. Yudhhishthir said to Bheem - "We still have long way to go, how Paanchaalee will go with us?" Bheem said - "I will carry you all there, do not be sad just because of that. Or even Hidimbaa's son Ghatotkach can carry us all."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "And soon Yudhidhthir thought about Ghatotkach and he immediately appeared there. He said - "You have remembered me, what can I do for you?" Bheem hugged his Raakshas son.

[3-144] Yudhishthir said - "O Bheem, Let your this son carry his mother (Draupadee) and I will go on your shoulder together with Paanchaalee." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Bheem said to his son - "O Son, Carry your mother Draupadee on your shoulder as she is very tired. You will go with us not taking the path too much overhead as she might feel uncomfortable." Ghatotkach said - "I can even carry Yudhishthir, Dhaumya, the Twins. If somebody has to assist me then what is my need? There are hundreds of other Raakshas who will help you in carrying all Braahman etc." Saying this he lifted Krishnaa and other Raakshas began to carry other Paandav. Lomash Muni had his own energy, he took the path of Siddh like a second Sun. As all proceeded towards the Jujube tree, it seemed to them that the path was very short. On the way they saw Mlechchh, Vidyaadhar, Kinnar, Kimpurush, Gandharv and mines of various gems.

Thus they passed many countries and came to Kailaash Parvat. Having reached there they saw the Aashram of Nar and Naaraayan. It was inaccessible to people. They saw Jujube tree. It was fresh, with deep shade, and of thick and soft foliage. There were many saints living there. Yudhishthir approached them and they also received them joyfully. They blessed them and offered water, fruits and roots and Paandav started living with them. They saw Bhaageerathee, stairs made of rubies and corals, and enjoyed living there.


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