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Paandav's Teerth Yaatraa-8

[3-135] Lomash Muni said - "This river Samangaa's former name was Madhuvilaa, and that is the place name Kardamilaa. That is the bathing place for Bharat. When Indra was attached to the Brahm Hatyaa sin after killing Vritraasur, he became free after taking bath in this Samangaa River. Here is the place where Mainaak Parvat sank in the earth and that is why it is called Veenaasan. Here Aditi cooked food to get sons. So ascend this mountain and end your misery. In front of you is Kanakhal range and across is Gangaa River. In olden days Sanat Kumaar also did Tapasyaa here. Perform ablutions in this river here. Touch the water of this Lake Punya also, and these two rivers - Tushni-Gangaa. Here is the Aashram of Sthoolshiraa. Leave your anger and ego here. This is Raibhya's Aashram where Muni Bharadwaaj's son Yavakree was killed."

Story of Raibhya and Bharadwaaj

Yudhishthir asked - "How did the mighty sage Yavakree acquired the proficiency in Ved and how did he perish? I am very anxious to hear this, as I love to hear about god-like men." Lomash Muni said - "Bharadwaaj and Raibhya were two friends. They lived here and enjoyed each other's company. Raibhya had two sons - Arvaavasu and Parvaavasu; and Bharadwaaj had one son - Yavakree. Raibhya and his two sons were well-versed in Ved, while Bharadwaaj practiced asceticism, still their friendship continued. Once Yavakree noticed that his father Bharadwaaj was slighted by other Braahman, while Raibhya and his two sons were greatly respected by them. He became very sad seeing this, so he started practicing austerities to know Ved. He did so much austerities that Indra got worried, so he went to Yavakree and asked him why was he engaged in so much intense Tapasyaa. Yavakree said - "I wish to obtain that knowledge of Ved which has never been obtained by anyone before. I wish to obtain Ved knowledge. It takes long time to obtain so much knowledge, that is why I am doing this Tapasyaa." Indra said - "But the way you are doing is not the proper way. Why do you want to destroy yourself? Go and learn from a Guru."

Lomash Muni said - "Saying this Indra went away, and Yavakree again starting paying attention to his asceticism. Indra again got worried, and he again came to the saint and said to him - "You and your father may obtain the knowledge of Ved but your labor will not be successful. Nor your this action is advisable." Yavakree said - "if you will not give me this knowledge, I will practice more intense austerities. If you will not fulfill my desire, I will cut off my limbs and offer them into fire."

Lomash Muni said - "When Indra noticed that this man's intentions are very strong, so he thought some other way. Indra assumed the form of a 100 year old Braahman and starting throwing sand at the spot near Bhaageerathee where Yavakree used to come for Tapasyaa. Because Yavakree did not pay any attention to Indra's words, he started making a dam of sand there to attract the attention of the sage Yavakree. Yavakree noticed it and laughed at it and said - "What are you doing O Braahman? What do you want to achieve by this? Why are you doing this?" Indra said - "I am trying to make a road here, because people feel great difficulty in crossing it by boat." Yavakree said - "By doing this you cannot make a road here in this mighty current. This is impractical, do something which is practical." Indra said - "I am doing this with my own wish as you are doing Tap to know Ved with your own wish, this can never be fruitful." Yavakree said - "My own efforts will be unfruitful as your efforts will be unfruitful, so please be kind to me and tell me the way so that I can be more knowledgeable than others."

Lomash Jee said - "Then Indra granted him boons - "As you have desired, Ved will be manifest to you and your father and your other desires will also be fulfilled. Now you go home." Hearing this Yavakree came home and spoke to his father, "Now all Ved will manifest to you and me and I have obtained the boon so that we can be more knowledgeable than others." Bharadwaaj Muni said - "You have got all your desires fulfilled, you must be proud of yourself. And you are proud you are susceptible to destruction. There is an old story told by Devtaa - There was a sage named Balaadhi. He had a child who died, so practiced several penance to have a child who is immortal. He got a son as he desired. But the gods didn't make him immortal like gods. They said - "A mortal can be made immortal only on one condition. Your son's life will depend on some instrumental cause." At this Balaadhi said - "These mountains have been standing here for a long time and indestructible. Let them be instrumental cause of my son's life."

Afterwards a son was born to him named Medhaavee and he was of a very irritable nature. Hearing the cause of birth, he started troubling sages. One day he met a sage named Dhannushakshaa. Medhaavee mistreated him, so Dhannushakshaa cursed him to reduce to ashes. However Medhaavee was not reduced to ashes like this. Dhannushakshaa then caused the mountains to take his life, to be shattered by buffaloes. And the boy perished. Embracing his dead son, Balaadhi started crying for him. Now you listen to me, he was found saying - Nobody can interfere in fate. Thus young ascetics, when proud, having boons, perish soon. May God bless that you are none of them. This Raibhya and his both sons are of great energy so be vigilant and never approach them. Raibhya is a great ascetic of an irritable nature. If he is angry he can do anything to you." Yavakree said - "I will do as you have said to me. And do not worry about me." After saying this to his father he went away and started offending other Muni without any fear.

[3-136] Lomash Muni said - "One day, in the month of Chaitra, wandering around fearlessly, Yavakree came to Raibhya's Aashram. He saw Raibhya's beautiful daughter-in-law there. She was looking like a Kinnar woman. He lost his senses seeing her and spoke to her shamelessly - "Be my wife." She knew Raibhya's powers so she said to him - "I agree." and took him in a lonely place. She tied him there and came back to her Aashram. Raibhya found PArvaavasu's wife in tears. She told him everything. Hearing all this Raibhya filled with rage and tore a flock of his matted hair. He read some Mantra over it and offered it as a sacrifice in the fire. There appeared a female figure, just like his daughter-in-law. Then he tore a flock of hair again and offered it as a sacrifice in the fire. This time a demon came out of the fire. Both of them asked Raibhya - "What can I do for you?" Raibhya commanded them - "Go and kill Yavakree."

Both went away to kill Yavakree. The girl cast the magic of her beauty on Yavakree and took away his sacred water-pot. After his water-pot was taken away, he was left unclean, so the demon ran towards him with a spear in his hand with the intention to kill him. Yavakree rose and fled towards a water tank,  but the tank was empty, so he ran towards all the rivers, but they all were dried up. The demon was following him, so he entered his father's Agnihotra room, but there also he was held up by a blind Shoodra guard at the door. The demon got an opportunity so he hurled his spear at him and he fell down dead at the same place. After killing Yavakree, the demon went back to Raibhya and with the permission of the sage began to love with that female.

[3-137] Lomash Muni said - O Yudhishthir, Bharadwaaj came back after doing his daily ritual rites and collecting sacrificial wood. Daily sacrificial fire used to welcome him,  but on that as his son was killed, it did not welcome him. Seeing this the sage asked the blind Shoodra - "Why is it that the fire is not rejoicing seeing me? You are also not happy to see me, as you should have been. Is evberything all right at my Aashram? tell me quickly, I am not feeling all right." The blind Shoodra said - "Your son of little intelligence went to the Aashram of Raibhya, that is why he is lying here killed by a powerful demon. That demon was holding a spear and followed him and attacked him. he wanted water in that unclean state, so I did not allow him to enter this room. He stood here helplessly and the demon killed him." Hearing this Bhradwaaj got very sad and started crying embracing the body of his dead son - "It is good for Braahman, that you did penance. You treated Braahman very well and you have been innocent in all creatures but you could not leave your rudeness. I asked you not to go to Raibhya's Aashram, but you did not listen to me, as if Yam Raaj himself took you there. He is a wicked man. He knows that I am old and you are my only son, still he got angry. It is because of Raibhya that I will bear the sorrow of the loss of my son. I will not be alive without you. I will die in grief of my son, but I say this that even Raibhya's son will kill him even he will be innocent. Those people are blessed who do not have children, because they live happily without going through the grief of the death of their children, I found my son dead that is why I cursed my friend." After lamenting thus Bharadwaaj cremated his son and he also entered the fire."

[3-138] Lomash Muni said - "At the very same time, King Brihadyumn who was a Yajamaan of Raibhya, started a Yagya and both the sons of Raibhya, Arvaavasu and PArvaavasu, went there to conduct that Yagya. Raibhya and PArvaavasu's wife remained at the Aashram. One day, it so happened that PArvaavasu came home to see his wife. He met his father wrapped in the skin of black antelope in the woods. It was night, it was dark and he was feeling sleepy, so he mistook his father as an antelope. Fearing the antelope, he killed his father. After performing the last rites of his father he returned to the Yagya and said to his brother - "You will not be able to do this task alone, I have killed our father mistaking him as an antelope. Observe a vow which is for killing a Braahman for me. I will be able to do it alone." Arvaavasu said - "You do this Yagya for Brihadyumn and I will take up the vow which is for killing a Braahman, for you."

After observing the vow, Arvaavasu came back to the sacrifice. Seeing his brother arrive at the yagya, PArvaavasu said to Brihadyumn - "O King, See that this killer of Braahman should not enter the Yagya, nor you look at him. Even looking at a killer of Braahman can harm you." So immediately the King asked his servants to stop Arvaavasu coming in the Yagyashaalaa. The servants of the King drove him out calling him "O Killer of Braahman". Hearing this Arvaavasu got very sad and cried several times - "I have not killed any Braahman. Nor I have observed this vow for myself. My brother has committed the sin and he freed me from the Yagya to observe this vow for him." When nobody heard him, he got silence and went to woods. There he started severe penance for Soorya Dev. Soorya Dev appeared before him in his embodied form."

Lomash Muni said - "Soory Dev was very pleased with Arvaavasu and all the Deities appointed him the Chief Priest in Brihadyumn's Yagya. Agni Dev and others also bestowed boons to him. He also prayed that his father be brought to life, and his brother be free from the sin, and his father should not remember that his son had killed him. Bharadwaaj and Yavakree should also be brought to life. And the Solar Revelation might attain celebrity on Earth. Gods said, "So be it." and conferred on him other boons also. Thus O Yudhishthir, all others got live. Yavakree said to Agni Dev - "I have obtained all knowledge of Ved and practiced penance, how come that Raibhya succeeded killing me in this way?" At this Devtaa said - O Yavakree, Never act like that again. What you asked was impossible. You have learnt them without a Guru and without any efforts. While this Raibhya has taken a lots of trouble to learn them and has satisfied his Guru by his conduct."

Having said this to Yavakree, all Devtaa went to Heaven. So here is the Aashram of that sage Raibhya'a Aashram where if you will live, you will be free from sins."


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