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Paandav Meet Kuber

[3-159] Janamejaya said - "So for how long my ancestors lived on Gandhmaadan Parvat? What did they do, and what did they eat there? What did Bheeem do there in those mountains? Surely he did not fight with Yaksh in those mountains? And did they meet Vaishravan? I want to hear everything in detail."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "As Arshtishen instructed them, they tried to live in the same way. They ate fruits, deer's meet and sweet honey. Living like this they had passed the 5th year. They heard many stories from Lomash Muni. Ghatotkach had already left saying that "whenever you will need me, I will come." Thus they passed many months in this way witnessing many marvels. Many Muni and Chaaran came to see them during that period, and they talked to them on earthly topics. One day Suparn (Garud) flew with a Naag who was living in a lake. At this that mighty mountain started to tremble, trees started to break, and everybody witnessed this scene. At the same time wind brought some flowers with it, and everybody saw that those flowers were of five colors. Krishnaa said to Bheem - "See these flowers which the wind, blown by Suparn, brought here. They are falling in this Ashwarath River. In Khaandav Van, your brother Arjun killed many Raakshas etc, you are also very mighty, you can also make Raakshas run away, I wish to see the Mountain."

Bheem got instigated by Draupadee's statement, got up taking up his bow and sword and ran towards the peak. All the creatures saw him with weapons. He was proceeding with his mace to do good for Draupadee. he came to a very narrow path on which only one man could walk. He reached on the summit making happy the Kinnar, Naag, Muni, Gandharv, Raakshas. He saw Kuber's palace surrounded by gold walls and was adorned with many beautiful gardens. Apsaraa were dancing there. For a while he stood there looking at the residence of Kuber. There were heaps of gems and variegated flowers. Then he blew his shell and twanged his bow string. Hearing this sound Yaksh and Raakshas started rushing toward Bheem and a fight started between them and Bheem. Many Raakshas and Yaksh started dying by the arrows of Bheem. All creatures saw that Bheem was surrounded by innumerable Yaksh and Raakshas.

There was a Raakshas, Kuber's friend, named Manimaan, he came to show his bravery and might to Bheem. He said to his people - "When you will go to Master what will you say to him that how many were defeated only by one mortal person?" and he proceeded towards Bheem. There they fought first with arrows then Bheem took his mace for fighting, but Manimaan used a club which hurt Bheem's right arm, still Bheem hurled his mace at Manimaan, then Manimaan also threw his dart at him, but still Bheem could succeed killing him."

[3-160] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "As Yudhishthir, twins and Draupadee heard the sound in their cave, they got worried. So they left Draupadee in the protection of Arshtishen and they set off towards the summit. Reaching there they saw Bheem and Raakshas struck down by him. They embraced Bheem and sat down there. Yudhishthir said to Bheem - "You have committed a great sin either in ignorance or in rashness. You are living here like an ascetic and this killing is not your behavior. Your this act will even displease the King, because such type of act is not expected from you. And this act will surely displease Devtaa. Who disregards his duty must bear the consequences of his sinful actions."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After saying this to Bheem Yudhishthir started pondered over the matter. On the other side some remaining Raakshas went to Kuber and cried there about Bheem's afflictions and said - "Your all chief Raakshas have been killed. A mortal has come trespassing our mountain, and he has killed all your Krodhvash Raakshas single-handed. We are just saved because his mercy only. Even you friend Manimaan has also been killed. Do whatever you think proper." Hearing this Kuber filled with rage and shouted - "What?" and ordered to yoke his chariot. He rode on his black cloud colored chariot which was as high as a mountain and its horses were laden with golden garments, set off to battle field. A thousand Yaksh followed him. They all came to Gandhmaadan Parvat. Paandav saw Kuber followed by many Yaksh. Kuber also saw Paandav and was very happy to see them. They all just reached to them and stood there without any enmity.

Paandav bowed down to Kuber who was sitting on his Pushpak Vimaan built by Vishwakarmaa, in humility. Bheem kept looking at the Lord of Treasure who was wearing a golden garland on his head, had his noose, sword and bow in his hands. Bheem was not feeling any distress at all. Kuber said to Yudhidhthir - "All people know you that you are doing good to all, so you can live as long as you want. And do  not be angry at Bheem. These Raakshas and Yaksh are killed only by their destiny.

[3-161] Kuber said to Yudhishthir - "O Yudhishthir, Patience, ability, appropriate time, place and prowess - these are the five qualifications which lead a person towards success. In the Sat Yug men were patient and were able in their respective occupations and knew how to show their powers. A Kshatriya who has patience and understands the importance of time and place, and knows moral values well rule their kingdom for long time. Indra has also obtained Swarg kingdom like this only. His efforts become useless who is not conversant with all these five qualifications. Bheemsen is fearless and ignorant of duties, has the sense of a child and un-forbearing, that is why you should check him. Now you go to the Aashram of Arshtishen and stay there for the dark fortnight without fear and anxiety. My Gandharv etc will protect you and these Braahman. My servants will always provide you the best of meat and drinks of best flavors. As you are the son of Dharm Raaj and are entitled for his protection, Bheem is the son of Vaayu Dev and is thus protected by Pavan Dev, Arjun is the son of Indra and is protected by Indra, and the twins are the sons of Ashwinee Kumaar and are protected by them, you all are protected by me. Arjun is fine in Heaven. He is perfect since his birth, such as self-control, charity, intelligence, modesty. He has never never done any act of shame, and never have told any lie. He is respected by all races and now is learning weaponry in Heaven. Even Shaantanu is very happy with him. Shaantanu who had observed seven Ashwamedh Yagya on the banks of Yamunaa has enquired about you."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Yudhishthir got very happy. He bowed to Kuber and Kuber blessed them and assured them to be free from fear from his Yaksh and Gandharv. he also told them that Arjun would soon join then after he had finished his training. After saying this Kuber disappeared and thousands of Guhyak followed him in their vehicles. At the order of Kuber all the dead bodies were removed from there. And as Muni Agastya's curse was over they got free. Paandav .lived there for several nights."

[3-162] Vaishampaaayan Jee said - "After finishing the morning chores, Muni Dhaumya came to Paandav with Arshtishen. Yudhishthir humbly bowed down to them. They said to him - "Mandar Mountain is very vast. Kuber and Indra rule this region, All Siddh, Rishi, Saaadhya, celestials worship Soorya here as he rises from this point. King of all the living beings Yam Raaj lives in southern region and this is Sanyamanee Puree, wonderful to look at it. That mountain is called Ast. When the Sun arrives there he goes down. King Varun lives here on this mountain and protects everybody. On northern side there is Mahaameru where live the knower of Brahm - seven mind-born children of Brahmaa. And here live Sapt Rishi, Vashishth at their head. And see that bright summit of Meru, there lives Brahmaa Jee. he is the cause of the creation of all beings. Even the celestials cannot see his place. Next to the city of Brahmaa, towards east of Meru Parvat, is the city of Vishnu. That is also not seen by celestials, Devtaa and Daanav. Not to speak about Maharshi, even Brahmarshi have no access to it. No luminaries can shine there because th Lord Himself shines there. Only Yatee have the access of that Lok, because they are used to pious practices, free from pride and ignorance, and they do not come back from there. O Yudhishthir, This region is without beginning, or deterioration, or end. The Sun and the Moon go round this Meru Parvat in an opposite direction day and night. Other luminaries also go round it like the Sun and the Moon.

After setting, the Sun takes northerly path. Then again nearing Meru he takes the eastern path, and in this way the Moon also goes round the Meru Parvat. He dividing the month in several sections again goes to Mandar Parvat. When the Sun goes to South it causes cold and draws energy from the beings. People become tired and perspire. After that he brings shower and revive beings and resumes his former path. So thus the Sun turns the Wheel of Time and he never ceases his journey and never rests. He withdraws the energy and give it back too. he divides Time into day and night, Kalaa and Kaashthaa."

[3-163] Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Thus those Paandav lived on that mountain observing vows and waited for Arjun to come. They saw there trees, flowers, lakes with lotuses, peacocks, cranes etc etc. Since all trees were brilliantly blossomed, there was no difference between day and night. They just saw the Sun rising and setting. Thus passing their days there, remembering Arjun, one day seemed to them as one year. In fact since the day Jishnu had gone they were not joyful. Arjun had gone for five years to Indra's abode to take the weapons from Agni, Varun, Som, Vaayu, Vishnu, Indra, Pashupati, Brahmaa etc and after taking them he came back to Gandhmaadan Parvat."


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