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Jambhaasur has been mentioned in three references - all three references are given here

Jambhaasur had a daughter named Kayaadhu who was married to Hiranyakshyap. She had a son named Prahlaad for whom Vishnu Bhagavaan had to incarnate as Narasinh Bhagavaan.

Jambhaasur had a son named Sund who was married to Taadakaa.
It means Jambhaasaur lived in three Yug - Sat Yug (in Hiranykashyap times), Tretaa Yug (in Raam's times) and Dwaapar Yug (in Krishn's times - Arjun killed him).

Jambhaasur Killed by Indra
Bhaagvat Puraan, 8/4 says that Jambhaasur was the friend of Daitya Raaj Bali. When Dev and Asur were fighting, Raajaa Bali fell down. Seeing this Jambhaasur riding on his lion came to fight with Indra. Seeing Jambhaasur coming on a lion, Indra's Airaavat got confused. Jambhaasur struck his Gadaa on Indra's shoulder and hit his Airaavat also. Airaavat touched his knees to the ground and fell unconscious. So Maatali had to bring Indra's chariot which was drawn by 1,000 horses. Jambhaasur hit Maatali also. Indra got angry and hit Jambhaasur his Vajra and separated his head from his body. Thus Jambhaasur was killed.

Mahaabhaarat, 12.98.49 says that Jambhaasur was the enemy of Indra and Indra killed him.

Jambhaasur Killed by Arjun
Jambhaasur was killed by Arjun. Arjun killed him when he was about to swallow him in a battle.

Jambhaasur Killed by Dattaatrteya
There was one Jambhaasur who was killed by Dattaatreya - see Dattaatreya and Jambhaasur. Jambhaasur had obtained a boon because of which he could not be killed by any one of the Tri-Moorti - Brahmaa, or Vishnu or Mahesh. That is why Indra went to Dattaatreya Jee to request him to kill Jambhaasur, and Dattaatreya Jee killed him.



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