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[This story is given Bhaagvat Puraan, 7/2; Maanas, 1/7; Vishnu Puraan]

Birth of Hiranyakashyap
This story comes in Tusee's Maanas as the reason of Raam Avataar. Once Sanakaadik Muni went to see Shree Hari. Now Shree Hari had His two doorkeepers, Jaya and Vijaya, guarding His gate. They did not recognize Muni and stopping them to enter the city they asked them that who were they and who did they want to see. At this Sanakaadi Muni got angry and they gave him Shaap - "You are not worthy to be Hari's gatekeepers, so be Raakshas." In the meantime Shree Hari came out, welcomed the Muni and asked for their forgiveness. Seeing Hari's politeness Sanakaadi Muni said to Him - "You yourself may decide the punishment for them." and went away.

Then Shree Hari said to them - "See, Braahman's Shaap doesn't go waste, so you cannot escape that, but I have two options - one, you are born Raakshas for seven lives as my Bhakt; and two, you are born Raakshas for three lives as my enemy." Jaya and Vijaya said - "Bhagavan, We do not want be Raakshas for seven lives as your Bhakt, we want to be born as your enemy only for three lives only. But give us one Var more that when we are born on Prithvi, we should not forget our Brahm Gyaan and we should be killed by your hands only." Shree Hari said - "So be it."

So these two gatekeepers of Vishnu were first born as Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaaksh in Kashyap's house from Diti. The elder one was Hiranyakashyap and the younger one was Hiranyaaksh. Both were the most honorable people in the society of Daitya and Daanav. Hiranyaaksh was very mighty. He always looked for somebody with whom he could fight. He had defeated all Devtaa etc, so now he was on look out for Vishnu. When he did not get Vishnu even after a long search he went into the sea and rested there.

At the same time Prithvi was inside the sea, so when Brahmaa Jee was ordered to create people, he said to Bhagavaan - "Bhagavan, Prithvi is inside the sea, where my creation will live?" So Vishnu took Varaah form and went to take out the Prithvi above the water. When He was bringing the Prithvi up, He met Hiranyaaksh on His way. Hiranyaaksh got very happy to see Him. He fought Him but was killed by Him. Hiranyaaksh had a son named Shakuni.

Narasinh Avataar for Hiranykashyap
Hiranyakashyap was very mighty. Hearing that Vishnu had killed his brother, he filled with rage. He intended to do severe Tap for getting more powers. So he went to do Tap. He left his wife Kayaadhu at home. At that time she was pregnant with Prahlaad (read Kayaadhu as what happened to her after Hiranyakashyap had left for Tap). After a long severe Tap, he was able to get Var from Brahmaa Jee, "I should not be killed by anybody created by you. Neither I should be killed in the sky, nor on the Earth, nor by any weapon, neither in the day time nor in the night time, neither inside the home nor outside the home." Brahmaa Jee said - "So be it." and disappeared. After getting this Var from Brahmaa Jee Hiranyakashyap got fearless. He started doing many atrocities in the society.

He had four sons - Anuhlaad, Sanhlaad, Hlaad and Prahlaad. Prahlaad was a great Bhakt of Vishnu. In spite of giving him favorable education, Prahlaad always used to sing the praises of Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap didn't like this at all, but he could not change his mind. He tried to kill him in many ways but could not kill him, he always escaped death. This made him very very angry.

MBH, Aadi Parv 65, says - "Diti had one son called Hiranyakashyap. And the illustrious Hiranyakashyap had five sons, all famous throughout the world. The eldest of them all was Prahlaad, the next was Sanhlaad; the third was Anulhaad; and after him were Shivi and Baashkal. And, O Bharat, it is known everywhere that Prahlaad had three sons. They were Virochan, Kumbh, and Nikumbh."

So one day when Prahlaad again started singing praise of Vishnu, he asked him - "You say that your Bhagavaan is everywhere, is He in this pillar also?" Prahlaad immediately said "Yes". This time Hiranakashyap didn't take any chance and to test his son he hit the pillar very hard. The pillar broke with a great sound and a terrible looking figure came out of the pillar. That figure had the head of a lion and the body of the man. His nails were very long and pointed.

Prahlaad understood that he was nobody else than Shree Hari, but Hiranyakashyap got afraid to see him. That Narasinh figure fought with Hiranyakashyap for a while then He lifted him, took him to the door step. It was evening, neither day, nor night; the place was neither inside nor outside, the killer was also not Brahmaa created creature.

He kept him on His knees, which was neither in the sky, nor on Prithvi; and tore his stomach with his sharp pointed nails, which were not among any kind of weapon. That is how Narasinh Bhagavaan killed Hiranyakashyap.



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