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Chapters 2-3



2-Hiranyakashyap's Sermon to Hiranyaaksh's Family After His Death

Naarad Jee said - "Yudhishthir, When taking Varaah Avataar, Bhagavaan killed Hiranyaaksh, Hiranyakashyap got very angry. He told his Raakshas addressing Shambar, Shatbaahu, Hayagreev, Namuchi, Paak, Ilval, Viprachitti, Pulomaa etc that he wanted to kill Vishnu for His this action, so they should go to Prithvi and since Braahman and Kshatriya are in excess there, they should kill them and destroy their all Dharm and Yagya. His people obeyed him and went to Prithvi Lok and started destroying Braahman's Yagya, killing people, setting fire etc. After performing last rites of Hiranyaaksh, he consoled his nephews - Shakuni, Shambar, Dhrit, Vrik, Bhootsantaapan, Kaalnaabh, Mahaanaabh, Harishmshru, Utkach - and their mother Rushaabhaanu and his own mother Diti.

He said  - "You should not cry for Hiranyaaksh. He was very brave and died like a brave. As people gather at the place for drinking water but they meet only for a few moments, in the same way these Jeev meet and separate according to their Karm. In fact our soul is immortal, pure, and separate from our body and Indriyaan. Because of its A-Vidyaa (ignorance) it takes up the body to enjoy worldly pleasures. Although our soul has no relationship with our physical or astral body still they seem related to one other. To consider our bodyless soul as body is our ignorance, that is why we meet and separate with our dears. Because of the same we bind ourselves with actions and take birth in this world. This A-Gyaan is the main cause of birth, death, various kinds of sorrows, worries etc. There is a story in regard to this, listen to that story, this is about the dialog between Yam Raaj and the relatives of a dead man :

There was a King named Suyagya in Usheenar Desh. He was killed in a fight. His brothers and relations surrounded him. His wives got very sad seeing his condition, because in the fight he lost his jewelry, his body parts were wounded, his face was covered with dust etc. They were crying so much that their tears washed his feet. Their hair got loose, their ornaments fell down here and there. In the meantime the evening fell. All were crying so much that Yam Raaj himself came there as a child and said - "This is very surprising to me that these people are more intelligent then me and still they are crying so much. They always see people being born and dying still they are becoming so foolish. This man has gone to the same place from where he has come. And these people also have to go the same place one day, then why do they cry so much. We are much better than you because our parents have abandoned us. Whosoever has protected us in the womb, the same will protect us throughout our life. Whoever Eeshwar creates, cares, and destroys this world for His fun this is just a toy for Him. If your luck is favorable then nobody can touch your anything, but if your luck is not favorable then even your locked secured thing is also gone. In the same way Jeev can live for many years without anybody's care and can go even after taking every type of care.

O queens, All beings die at their fixed time according to their Karm of their previous lives and take birth also according to the same. But soul is different from this body that is why it is untouched by the body and its Karm. As ornaments are made and get destroyed after some time in the same way this body takes birth and dies. For whichever you are crying, this body is lying before you. You used to see this body only, but whosoever spoke to you or heard you, nobody ever saw him [by this he meant the soul]. And that is not seen now also, then why do you cry? Mahaa Praan which keeps Indriyaan in conscious state, is the chief thing in the body but still does not listen or speak because it is non-living and who listens or speaks that is soul, and that is separate from the body and Praan. In fact till it is in this body, made up of 17 elements - five Praan, Gyaan Indriyaan, five Karm Indriyaan, Buddhi and Man (mind); it is bound to do Karm and because of those Karm it feels love and sorrow etc. Therefore who knows the essence of this body and soul grieves neither for this destructible body nor for the eternal soul. Who do not have this knowledge only those people grieve and it is very difficult to change their nature.

There was a jungle in which there was a bird-killer. One day he saw a couple of Kuling bird eating their food. He caught the female very soon. At this male bird got very sad. He could not get her released so he started crying for her in love - "What he will do of my wife. If he wants to catch some bird, let him take me. I don't want to live without her. My children are still young, without their mother who will bring them up?" He was crying thus that the bird-killer aimed an arrow at him and killed him in a second. In the same way, Hey queens, You are not seeing your own death, rather you are crying for him. Even if you will be crying like this for 100 years you cannot get him back."

Hiranyakashyap said - "Everybody got surprised to hear such talks from a child. King's relatives understood that this whole world is mortal. After saying this Yam Raaj disappeared. Then Suyagya's brothers and relations performed his last rites. That is why you also don't grieve for yourself or others." Naarad Jee said - "Hearing this Diti stopped grieving for her son."

3-Hiranyakashyap's Tap to Attain Powers

Naarad Jee said - "Hey Yudhishthir, Now Hiranyakashyap thought that "I should be the Supreme power now of this world, so that nobody can win me, nobody can kill me." So he went to a valley of Mandaraachal Parvat and started doing Tapasyaa there. After long time the fire of his Tapasyaa started coming out of his head with smoke. It spread throughout and started burning the Lok. Water of rivers and seas started boiling, islands and mountains started shaking. The heat of this fire was felt in Swarg Lok also. Then Devtaa went to Brahmaa Jee and prayed to him - "Now Swarg is burning, Prabhu, we cannot live there. Hiranyakashyap is doing this Tap with a specific purpose that he wants to be like you. He thinks "Because the time is limitless. If not in one life, maybe in many lives, if not in one Yug maybe in many Yug, I will change the laws of Paap and Punya." We have heard that he is doing this Tapasyaa for this reason only."

Naarad Jee said - "So Hey Yudhishthir, Hearing this Brahmaa Jee went to Hiranyakashyap's Aashram with Bhrigu Rishi, Daksh Prajaapati etc. First they could not see him because his whole body was covered with bamboos and termites' soil. Ants had eaten his skin, flesh etc. But his body was shining like Soorya covered with clouds. Brahmaa Jee got very surprised to see this. He smiled and said - "Dear son Hiranyakashyap, wake up. Hey Kashyap's son, Your Tapasyaa is complete now, I have come to give you Var, ask for what do you want? I saw your wonderful power, that worms have eaten your body still you are alive with the help of your bones. Nobody has done such a hard Tapasyaa in the past and nobody will do it in the future either. Who can live without water for 100 Divine years? You are mortal and I am immortal therefore my Darshan will not be without any fruit."

Naarad Jee said - "Then Brahmaa Jee sprinkled some Divine water from his Kamandal on Hiranyakashyap's body. Immediately Hiranyakashyap's worm-eaten body got up and looked completely healthy and beautiful. He became young. He saw Brahmaa Jee in front of him. He got very happy to see him, he bowed to him and started praying to him. Then he said - "I greet you you are the root cause of this Universe. You are the best in giving Var. If you want to give me any Var, then give me this Var that I should not be killed by any living being created by you - be it an animal or a human being, living or non-living, Devtaa or Daitya or Naag, inside or outside, day or night, from any other being also, from any kind of weapon, in the sky or Prithvi, nowhere I can die. Nobody can face me in fight. I should be an emperor. Give me the same importance which you have and give me all the treasures which are available to Yogee and Tapaswee."



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