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Jaambvaan, also known as Jaambvant or Jaamvant or Jaamvaan, was the first son of Brahmaa born from his yawn. According to V-Raamaayan, 5/15, he was born from Brahmaa's Yawn suddenly. He was born long before humans were born.

He was present at the time of Saagar Manthan (churning of the Sea) and at the time of Vaaman Avataar. He circumambulated Vaaman Bhagavaan three times before He went to Raajaa Bali to ask for three feet land. Bhaagvat Puraan, 8/7 says that when Vaaman Bhagavaan's foot arrived in Brahm Lok, Jaambvaan announced His victory over Tri-Lok in all directions.

In fact he was also born to serve Raam. He had a boon from Raam that he would have a long life, be handsome and would have the strength of 10 million lions. He was just a bear who along with his army, helped Raam while He invaded Raavan by his good counseling and by physical fight also

He is believed to live in three Yug - Sat Yug, Tretaa Yug and Dwaapar Yug; but we know that he lived at least in two Yug - in Tretaa Yug in Raam's times and in Dwaapar Yug in Krishn's times. He had a son named Sukumaar [Vishnu Puraan, 4/9] and a daughter Jaambvatee. Jaambvatee was married to Krishn.

In Raam's Time
In Raam's time, he was selected one of the team members going to South in search of Seetaa along with Angad, Neel and Hanumaan. When all were worried about not getting any news of Seetaa, then Jaambvant consoled them. He consoled Angad saying that "since you are worthy of everything that is why you are sent as the leader of this team." Then he says to Hanumaan - "Now I am not young, otherwise it was not difficult for me to go to Lankaa and come back from there. Then he reminds Hanumaan of his own powers, "You are the son of Pavan, so you have the powers like Pavan. You are very intelligent. Which work is that which you cannot do in this world. You have incarnated only to do Raam's work." and hearing this Hanumaan increased his body like a mountain and that is how he could cross such a wide sea and bring the news of Seetaa Jee to Raam.

After that Jaambvaan praises Hanumaan to Raam for doing such a great job and describes the account of his journey.

According to Tulasee's Maanas at war, he suggests Raam the name of Sushen Vaidya of Lankaa to treat Lakshman.

In Krishn's Time
Taken from  Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u6

A celebrated gem called "Syaamantak" was given to Satraajit by Soorya Dev. This gem had a characteristic that it protected the wearer when he was in purified state and ruin the wearer when he was wicked. Fearing from Krishn, that He would take it from him, Satraajit gave that gem to his brother Prasenjit. Prasenjit was not a good person so once he went for hunting and there a lion killed him and took the gem from him. Jaambvaan saw that gem in lion's mouth, so he killed that lion and took the gem out of his mouth.

When Prasenjit was killed by lion, nobody knew about his killing so he was considered disappeared. Satraajit suspected Krishn that He might have killed Prasenjit for the sake of the gem. To clear this blame Krishn went to find the truth and remove the blame from him. He took some people and traced the footsteps of Prasenjit and found out that Prasenjit was killed by a lion; and the lion was killed by a bear - Jaambvaan. Krishn came up to that cave where that bear lived with his daughter Jaambvatee.

A fight took place between Krishn and Jaambvaan for 28 days. After waiting for about a week near he cave, when Krishn didn't come back, His people went back to their homes and told the people that He might have died and performed His last rites. On the 28th day of the fight, Jaambvaan surrendered to Krishn saying - "Who are you? Because nobody can stand me for such a long time. Are you Shree Raam?" Then Krishn showed him His Chaturbhuj Roop. Jaambvaan fell on Krishn's feet and said - "Today Raam has fulfilled His promise that He would show me His Chaturbhuj Roop when He will come in Dwaapar Yug. Please take this Mani and my daughter also." Thus he handed over the gem, and married his daughter to Krishn.



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