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4-Chaturth Ansh

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9-Yadu's Lineage

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9-Yadu's Lineage
3-Vishnu Puraan - 4-Chaturth Ansh - p 268-
See also    5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/15; 5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u6;

Yadu's Son Kroshtu's Lineage

Maitreya Jee further said - "Hey Muni, Yadu's another son

Kroshtu's son was Dhwajineevaan
Dhwajineevan's son was Swaati
Swaati's son was Rushanku
Rushanku's son was Chitrarath
Chitrarath's son was Shashibindu - who was the Lord of 14 Ratn. He had 100,000 wives and
    1 million sons. Among them these six sons - Prithushravaa, Prithukarmaa, Prithukeerti,
    Prithuyashaa, Prithujaya, and Prithudaan -  were his known sons.
Prithushravaa's son was Prithutam
Prithutam's son was Ushanaa who performed 100 Ashwamedh Yagya
Ushanaa's son was Shitapu
Shitapu's son was Rukmkavach
Rukmkavach's son was Paravrit
Paravrit had five sons - Rukmeshu, Prithu, Jyaamagh, Valit, and Harit. 

It is said about Jyaamagh that whoever have been, and whoever will be loved by women, among all of them Shaivyaa's husband Jyaamagh is the best. Although Shaivyaa didn't have any child but still Jyaamagh didn't marry any other woman. At one time Jyaamagh won all his enemies, so they all ran away here and there. At the same time he saw a princess who was crying for protection and help. He liked her, then he thought that it was good that he was a husband of a childless woman. It seemed to him that God had sent her to him and she could bring him a child, so he took her to Shaivyaa thinking that he would marry her with the consent of Shaivyaa.

As Shaivyaa came to welcome her husband, seeing that girl she asked him - "Who is sitting beside you?" King couldn't think any immediate reply so he said - "She is my daughter-in-law." Shaivyaa said - "But I do not have any son, and you do not have any other wife, then how is she related to you as your daughter-in-law?" Hearing this king said - "She is for your future son." Hearing this Shaivyaa smiled and said - "So be it." and brought them inside the city. Surprisingly, Shaivyaa got pregnant and gave birth to a son in due course of time. Jyaamagh named him Vidarbh and married him to the same girl.

Vidarbh's Lineage

Vidarbh had two sons - Krath and Kaishik. They had one son more - Rompaad who got knowledge
    by the preaching of Naarad
Rompaad's son was Babhru
Babhru's son was Dhriti
Dhriti's son was Kaishik
Kaishik's son was Chedi whose descendents were called Chaidya

Vidarbh's son Krath's son was Kunti
Kunti's son was Dhrishti
Dhrishti's son was Nidhriti
Nidhriti's son was Dashaarh
Dashaarh's son was Vyomaa
Vyomaa's son was Jeemoot
Jeemoot's son was Vikriti
Vikriti's sonwas Bheemarath
Bheemarath's son was Navarath
Navarath's son was Dashrath
Dashrath's son was Shakuni
Shakuni's son was karambhi
Karambhi's son was Devaraat
Devaraat's son was Devkshatra
Devkshatra's son was Madhu
Madhu's son was Kumaarvansh
Kumaarvansh's son was Anu
Anu's son was Purumitra
Purumitra's son was Anshu
Anshu's son was Satawat - who was the head of Saatwat Vansh.

Descendants of Satawat and Syaamantak Mani (Gem)

Satawat had seven sons named - Bhajan. Bhajamaan, Divya, Andhak, Devaavriddh, Mahaabhoj, and Vrishni. Bhajamaan had three sons - Nimi, Krikan and Vrishni and their three half brothers - Shatajit, Sahastrajit and Ayujit. Devaavriddh had the son named Babhru. It is said about these father and son - "As we had heard, we found them the same. Babhru is the best in human beings and Devaavriddh is like Devtaa. About 6,074 people got Moksh after following their teachings." Mahaabhoj was very religious. His descendents were Bhoj kings and Maarttikaavar kings. 

Vrishni had two sons - Sumitra and Yudhaajit
Sumitra's son was Anamitra
Anamitra's son was Nighn
Nighn had two sons - Prasen and Satraajit

Satraajit had the friendship with Aaditya (Soorya Dev, or Sun). One day Satraajit prayed Soorya Dev on a sea shore and Soorya Dev appeared before him. His form appeared dim so Satraajit said - "I am seeing you in the same form as I see you in the sky, like a fire ball, then there is nothing special in your appearance as a result of my penance." At this Soorya Dev took off his Syaamantak Mani from his neck. Now Satraajit could see him clearly - in his real form. Soorya Dev said - "What do you want?" Satraajit asked for that Syaamantak Mani itself. Soorya Dev gave that Mani to him and disappeared.

Satraajit put on that Mani in his neck and entered Dwaarakaa. Because of that Mani he was shining like Soorya Dev himself. When people of Dwaarakaa saw him, they thought that Bhagvaan Soorya himself was coming to see Krishn, so they said to krishn - "It seems that Soorya Dev himself is coming to see you." Krishn said - "He is not Soorya, he is Satraajit. He is only wearing Syaamantak Mani of Soorya Dev, so you can safely see him." Hearing this people of Dwaarakaa started seeing him in that way.

Satraajit kept that Mani in his house. It used to give eight Bhaar gold daily. Besides, because of its effect, there was no famine, no disease, no snakes, no fire breakouts, no theft, no lack of rains etc troubles in the kingdom. Krishn thought that this type of thing should be with the king of Dwaarakaa - king Ugrasen (formerly king of Mathuraa, Kans' father and Devakee's uncle). But he did not take it from him because of the clan quarrel.

When Satraajit came to know that Krishn wanted to take that Mani from him, he kept it with his brother Prasen. Now Prasen didn't know that only if it were worn methodically it manifested good symptoms, otherwise it could be fatal. So he just wore it in his neck and went for hunting. There he was killed by a lion. The lion took that Mani and proceeded that Riksh Jaambvaan saw him with that Mani and killed him. Now Jaambvaan took that Mani from that lion, came to his cave and gave that Mani to his child Sukumaar as a toy.

When Prasen did not return from hunting, Yaadav people talked among themselves, "Krishn wanted to take that Mani, so it seems that He has killed Prasen and taken that Mani from him. Certainly He has done this." Since Krishn was blamed for this, He thought to clear His position. He went out to find the fact behind this blame. He followed Prasen's horse's footprints and found out that a lion had killed him along with his horse. So He followed the lion's footprints, then He found that that lion was also killed by somebody. He followed then Riksh's footprints and came up to his cave.

He heard a voice saying - "Lion killed Prasen, Jaambvaan killed the lion, why do you cry, this Mani is your only." Krishn entered the cave and saw that Mani on the palm of the caretaker of the child. It was shining with its own light. As the caretaker saw Krishn she started crying, "Help me, help me." Hearing her voice Jaambvaan came their filled with anger and broke the fight with Krishn. The fight continued for 21 days. Yaadav soldiers, who came there with Krishn, waited for Him for a week or so then they went away to Dwaarakaa thinking that "Madhusoodan  might have been killed by the enemy otherwise why should He take so many days to defeat him?" and told the people there that Krishn had been killed. His people did His last rites.

Whatever food and best wishes were offered to Him during His last rites ceremonies strengthened His powers and Jaambvaan got weaker. At last Jaambvaan got defeated, he said to Krishn - "Hey Bhagavaan, Even Devtaa, Asur, Gandharv cannot defeat you then how we creatures living on Prithvi can defeat you. Certainly you are like our Shree Raam and have appeared from the part of Naaraayan." Hearing this Krishn told him the story of His incarnating on Prithvi and strengthened him who became weak from fight. Then Jaambvant welcomed Him with respect and offered Him his daughter Jaambvatee along with Syaamantak Mani. Krishn accepted that Mani to clear His own black spot and returned to Dwaarakaa along with Jaambvatee and Mani.

Everybody got very happy to see Him, Krishn also told them everything and gave that Mani back to Satraajit. Satraajit got ashamed of blaming Krishn for taking his Mani, so he married his daughter Satyabhaamaa to Him. Akroor, Kritvarmaa and Shatadhanvaa had already proposed for Satyabhaamaa but now Satraajit had given her to Krishn. They considered this their insult and developed a kind of enmity with Krishn.

Akroor and Kritvarmaa said to Shatadhanvaa - "See, this Satraajit is very wicked, he did not give his daughter to us in spite of our asking for her, and he gave her to Krishn. He is not worth to leave alive, so why don't you kill him and take Syaamantak Mani from him? Later if Krishn will oppose you then we are with you." Shatadhanvaa liked this idea.

At the same time, Laakshaagrih incident happened with Paandav. Although Krishn knew that Paandav were alive, still He went to Baaranaavat to weaken Duryodhan's intentions. As He went there, Shatadhanvaa killed Satraajit in sleep and took that Mani. Satyabhaamaa got very angry to hear the killing of her father, she immediately went to Baaranaavat and said to Krishn - "Because my father gave me to you, Shatadhanvaa couldn't tolerate this and killed my father. He has taken that Mani also. All will make a mockery of you, do as you think proper."

In spite of being happy, Krishn showed His anger to her at this incident and said - "Don't you worry about at all, I will surely take revenge of this." He came back to Dwaarakaa and said to Balraam in a lonely place - "A lion killed Prasen in the forest, and Shatadhanvaa has killed Satraajit, therefore now we have equal right on Syaamantak Mani. So get up and kill Shatadhanvaa." Baldev said - 'All right."

The story continues...



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