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4-Chaturth Ansh

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8-Raji, Yayaati and Yadu

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8-Raji's, Yayaati's and Yadu's Lineages
3-Vishnu Puraan - 4-Chaturth Ansh - p 262-267
See also    5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/10;    5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/11;

Raji's Lineage

Maitreya Jee further said - "Hey Muni, Pururavaa's eldest son Aayu's son Raji had very mighty 500 sons. Once in Dev-Asur war both Devtaa and Asur went to Brahmaa Jee and asked - "Who is going to win among us?" Brahmaa Jee said - "Whoever will have Raji on his side, he will win." So Asur went to Raji and asked his help to fight with Devtaa. Raji said - "If I will be your Indra after defeating Devtaa, then I can fight for you." Daitya said - "We will lie to you. Our Indra is Prahlaad. We are fighting for him only." Then Devtaa came to ask his help. He said the same thing to them also. Devtaa accepted his condition. Then Raji destroyed the hole Daitya army with his various weapons. Indra kept his head on his feet and said - "You are the best in the whole Trilok. You have saved us from Daitya that is why you are our father, I am your son." At this Raji smilingly said - "You have very cleverly spoken about yourself, so all right, as you say." and came back to his city.

Thus Shatkratu (see Doubts 3Vishnu, 4-Chaturth-8) remained Indra. Later when Raji died, with the inspiration of Naarad, his sons demanded their father's kingdom from Indra, but Indra didn't give it to them. Then those mighty ons defeated Indra and enjoyed Swarg. After long time, one day when Brihaspati was sitting alone, Shatkratu who was not getting Yagya share because he was no more Indra, said to him - "Can you satisfy my hunger with Purodaash Khand just equal to the size of a berry?" Brihaspati said - "Why didn't you tell me before? What is there that I cannot do for you? I will re-establish you on your old status soon."

Then Brihaspati started a Yagya for the good of Indra. Because of the effect of that Yagya Raji's children abandoned their Dharm and started behaving against Braahman. Then Indra could kill them and got his kingdom back.

Aayu's another son Rambh didn't have any child.

Kshatravriddh's Lineage

Kshaatravriddh's son was Pratikshatra
Pratikshatra's son was Sanjaya
Sanjaya's son was Jaya
Jaya's son was Vijaya
Vijaya's son was Krit
Krit's son was Haryadhan
Haryadhan's son was Sahadev
Sahadev's son was Adeen
Adeen's son was Jayatsen
Jayatsen's son was Sanskriti
Sanskriti's son was Kshatradharmaa

Now I will tell you about Nahush's lineage.

Nahush and His Lineage

King Pururavaa's eldest son Aayu had five sons - Nahush, Kshatrvriddh, Rambh, Raji, and Anenaa. Now you listen to Nahush's lineage. Nahush had six sons - Yati, Yayaati, Sanyaati, Aayati, Viyaati, and Krit. Yati did not want the kingdom so Yayaati was crowned the king. Yayaati married Shukraachaarya's daughter Devayaanee snf Daitya king Vrishparvaa's daughter Sharmishthaa. Devayanee had two sons - Yadu and Turvasu, and Sharmishthaa had three sons - Druhyu, Anu and Pooru. Yayaati got old because of Shukraachaarya's Shaap, but then he told that he could exchange his old age with anyone's young age if the person is ready.

So Yayaati asked his eldest son Yadu - "Because of your maternal grandfather's Shaap I have become old untimely. Through his grace only I wish to give this old age to you and take your young age and enjoy the life for 1,000 years." But yadu didn't agree for this exchange, so Yayaati gave him Shaap that his descendents will not be king.

Then he asked Turvasu, Druhyu and Anu the same thing but all of them refused to give their young age to him so he gave Shaap to all of hem. In the last he asked his youngest son Puru to give his young age to him. Pooru said - "It is your obligation on us." and gave his young age to his father and took his father's old age himself. Yayaati enjoyed his life.

Yayaati always thought that he would put an end to his desires, so once he said - "Thirst to enjoy pleasures cannot be quenched by enjoying them, rather enjoying them increases it day by day. All the things existing on Earth are not enough to satisfy even one man, therefore one should completely put a stop on this thirst. Body decays but the desire of life and wealth does not end. I have enjoyed these pleasures for 1,000 years but my desire is not satisfied yet, that is why I will abandon all this and will go to forest." After this he returned Puru's young age to him and went to forest. He installed Turvasu in south-east, Druhyu in west, Yadu in south, and Anu in north, and Puru for the whole Prithvi.

Yadu Vansh and Sahastraarjun

Now I tell you about Yadu's children in which Vishnu incarnated as Krishn. Yadu had four sons - Sahastrajit, Kroshtu, Nal and Nahush.

Sahastrajit's son was Shatajit
Shatjit had three sons - Haihaya, Hehaya and Venuhaya
Haihaya's son was Dharm
Dharm's son was Dharmnetra
Dharmnetra's son was Kunti
Kunti's son was Sahajit
Sahajit's son was Mahishmaan - who inhabited Mahishmatee Puree
Mahishmaan's son was Bhadrashrenya
Bhadrashrenya's son was Durdam
Durdam's son was Dhanak
Dhanak had four sons - Kritveerya, Kritaagni, Kritdharm, and Kritaujaa
Kritveery's son was Arjun

Arjun had 1,000 arms which he got by pleasing Bhagavaan Dattaatreya. Besides 1,000 arms he had the Var to eradicate A-Dharm, to maintain Dharm, victory over Prithvi by winning the kings in ware, caring for his people according to Dharm, to be invincible, and death by a person who is famous in Trilok. Thus he became the Chakravartee king of this seven-island Prithvi and performed 10,000 Yagya. Even today he is known for his Yagya, charity, Tap, victory and knowledge - that no other king can be compared with him. No matter was destroyed in his kingdom. He ruled in this way for 85,000 years. One day he was playing in Narmadaa River that Raavan attacked him. He tied him like an animal and kept him in a lonely place in his kingdom. After 85,000 years Parashuraam Jee killed him.

Amongst his 100 sons, his five sons were main - Shoor, Shoorsen, Vrishsen, Madhu and Jayadhwaj.

Jayadhwaj's son was Taaljangh
Taalljangh had Taaljangh named 100 sons, the eldest son was Veetihotra and the youngest one was Bharat
Bharat's son was Vrish
Vrish's son was Madhu
Madhu's sons were Vrishni etc 100 sons. Because of Vrishni this lineage was called Vrishni Vansh, because of Madhu this lineage was called Madhu Vansh also, and because of Yadu this lineage was called Yadu Vansh too.

Yadu Vansh Continues...



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