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4-Chaturth Ansh

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7-Jamadagni, Vishwaamitra, Kaashya

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7-Jamadagni and Vishwaamitra's Birth
3-Vishnu Puraan - 4-Chaturth Ansh - p 259-262
see also  5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/9;

Maitreya Jee further said - "King Pururavaa thus had six sons - Aayu, Amaavasu, Vishwaavasu, Shrutaayu, Shataayu and Ayutaayu.

Amaavasu's Lineage

Amaavasu's son was Bheem
Bheem's son was Kaanchan
Kaanchan's son was Suhotra
Suhotra's son was Jahnu - who drank all Gangaa water, seeing his Yagya place filled with her water. Then Devarshi pleased him
      and got Gangaa released from him as his daughter.
Jahnu's son was Sumantu
Sumanu's son was Ajak
Ajak's son was Balaakaashwa
Balaakaashwa's son was Kush
[V-Raamaayan says that Kush was Brahmaa's Maanas Putra]
Kush had four sons - Kushaamb, Kushnaabh, Adhoortarajaa, and Vasu.

Kushnaabh did Tap with the desire to get a son like Indra. Seeing his Tap Indra himself became his son and was born as Gaadhi or Kaushik. Gaadhi had a daughter named Satyavatee who was married to Bhrigu Vanshee Muni Richeek. Gaadhi did not want to marry his daughter to an angry old Braahman, so he asked him to bring 1,000 black-eared white horses. Richeek brought them from Ashwateerth from Varun and gave them to Gaadhi, then only Gaadhi could marry his daughter to Muni Richeek.

At one time, with the desire of having a child, Muni Richeek prepared Charu (Kheer - a dish from milk and rice) for Satyavatee and on her request he prepared another Charu for her mother also. Instructing her, how to take them, he went to forest. At the time of taking it, her mother said - "Dear daughter, All people want the most qualitative son for themselves only, but nobody thinks his wife's brother's qualities, so you give your own Charu to me, and take my Charu yourself. A Braahman does not need so much strength and wealth while my son has to rule the whole world." Hearing this Satyavatee gave her own Charu to her mother and took her Charu herself.

When Rishi came back from the forest and came to know about all this. He looked at Satyavatee and said in anger - "Oh sinner, What have you done? Why do you look so terrible? Certainly you have taken the Charu I prepared for your mother. This is not right. I put all the wealth, bravery, courage and strength in her Charu, and I put all peace, Gyaan etc in your Charu. Since you have taken her Charu you will have a Kshatriya kind of son and she will have a Braahman like son."

Satyavatee held his feet and said - "I did this in ignorance, be pleased with me, do something so that my son should not be like this, maybe my grandson is like this." At this Muni said, "So be it". So Satyavatee gave birth to Rishi Jamadagni and her mother gave birth to Vishwaamitra. After giving birth to Jamadagni, Satyavatee turned into Kaushikee River.

Rishi Jamadagni married Renukaa, the daughter of King Renu of Ikshwaaku family. She gave birth to Parashuraam, a part Avataar of Vishnu, who killed almost all Kshatriya. Vishwaamitra had Shunehshep (of Bhrigu family) as his son. Later he had Devaraat named son then he had many more sons and grandsons.

Aayu's Lineage or Kaashya Vansh

Pururavaa's eldest son Aayu married the daughter of Raahu. He had five sons from her - Nahush, Kshatrvriddh, Rambh, Raji, and Anenaa. 

Kshatravriddh's Lineage

Kshtravriddh's son was Suhotra
Suhotra had three sons - Kaashya, Kaash, and Gritsmad. Gritsmad's son was Shaunak
Kaashya's son was Kaasheya - he was the king of Kaashee
Kaasheya's son was Raashtra
Raashtra's son was Deerghtapaa
Deerghtapaa's son was Dhanvantari

Dhanvantari didn't have any disease or old age and knew all Shaastra. In his previous life, Naaraayan gave him a Var that he would be born in the family of king of Kaashee and divide the whole Aayur Ved into eight parts and would have the sacrificial oblations of Yagya.

Dhanvantari's son was Ketumaan
Ketumaan's son was Bheemarath
Bheemarath's son was Divodaas
Divodaas' son was Pratardan - he destroyed all in Madrashrenya Vansh that is why he was called Shatrujit. Divodaas used to call
    him "Vats" with great affection so he was called "Vats" also. Since he always spoke truth, he was called "Ritdhwaj". Later he
    acquired Kuvalaya named wonderful horse, so he got famous as "Kuvalayaashwa" on Earth.

Pratardan's son was Alark about whom it is said - "Before him, nobody ruled Prithvi for 66,000 years in his young age.
Alark's son was Sannati
Sannati's son was Suneeth
Suneeth's son was Suketu
Suketu's son was Dharmketu
Dharmketu's son was Satyaketu
Satyaketu's son was Vibhu
Vibhu's son was Suvibhu
Suvibhu's son was Sukumaar
Sukumaar's son was Dhrishtketu
Dhrishtketu's son was Veetihotra
Veetihotra's son was Bhaarg
Bhaarg's son was Bhaargbhoomi - he started Chaaturvarnya.

This was the family of Kaashya. Now you listen to children of Raji.



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