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4-Chaturth Ansh

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10-Syaamantak Mani-2

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10-Syaamantak Mani-2
3-Vishnu Puraan - 4-Chaturth Ansh -  p 268-
See also    5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/11; 5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u6;

Syaamantak Mani-2

When Shatadhanvaa heard that Krishn and Baladev are coming to kill him, he rushed to Kritvarmaa for help. Kritvarmaa said - "I am not capable to fight with Krishn and Balaraam." Then he turned to Akroor for help, Akroor also said - "Which feet can tremble the whole Tri-Lok with a kick, make Devtaa's and Asur's women widow, nobody can fight with such Krishn and Haldhar then who am I to fight with them? Therefore seek somebody else to protect you." At this Shatdhanvaa said - "All right, if you consider yourself unable to protect me, the take this Mani, protect this at least." Akroor Jee said - "I can take this Mani only on one condition that you won't tell this to anybody even at the point of your death." Shatadhanvaa said - "So be it". So Akroor Jee kept that Mani.

After giving that Mani to Akroor Jee Shatadhanvaa took a mare who could run up to 100 Yojan and ran away on that mare. Krishn and Haladhar followed him in their chariot. After going up to 100 Yojan the mare died in the forest of Mithilaa region. Then Shatadhanvaa ran on foot. Seeing him running like this Krishn said to Balraam - "You stay in the chariot, I follow him on foot and kill him. These horses are scared seeing this mare died, so do not come forward." So Baldev Jee stayed in the chariot and Krishn followed Shatadhanvaa only for two Kos, and cut his head by His Chakra (Divine disc). But He couldn't find the Mani with him in spite of searching him thoroughly.

He came back to Balraam Jee and said - "We have killed Shatadhanvaa in vain, because I did not find that Mani with him." Balaraam Jee thought that Krishn was cheating on him, so he said - "Fie on you, you are very greedy. I forgive you because you are my brother. You may go anywhere you like. I don't have to do anything with you or with any other relation. And there is no use of these false vows." After having said thus he went to Videh Nagar. Raajaa Janak welcomed him in his country and brought him home. Krishn returned to Dwaarakaa. Balraam stayed with Janak for a long time and Dhritraashtra's son Duryodhan learned to use Gadaa from him there.

Babhru and Ugrasen etc Yaadav who knew that Krishn has not taken the Mani, went to Videh Nagar, convinced Balraam that Krishn had not taken the Mani, brought Balraam back after three years.

As Akroor Jee got the Mani, he started doing yagya etc with the gold that he got from that Mani everyday. Whoever Kshatriya or Vaishya do Yagya, people cannot kill them because the Brahm Hatyaa sin attaches to them, that is why Akroor Jee always did yagya etc. Because of that Mani's effect Dwaarakaa was also safe from epidemics, famine, and deaths for 62 years. Then Bhoj people killed Saatwat's great grandson Shatrughn and left Dwaarakaa. Akroor Jee also left Dwarakaa along with them. As he left Dwaarakaa, diseases, snakes, famine etc started appearing in Dwaarakaa.

At this Krishn, Balabhadra, Ugrasen and other Yaadav thought about the reason of these happenings. Talking among themselves, an old man Andhak said - "Wherever Akroor Jee's father Shwaphalk lived, there was no such calamity occurred. Once there was no rain in Kaashee kingdom, but as soon as Shwaphalk went there, rain started. At that time Kaashee king's queen was pregnant with a girl. That girl did not come out for 12 years. Then Kaashee king said to his daughter - "Dear Daughter, Why don't you come out? I wish to see your face. Why are you troubling your mother for so long time?" The girl spoke from inside - "Father, If you donate one cow daily to Braahman for three years then I will come out." Then only her mother delivered her after three years.

Her father named her Gaandinee and married her to Shwaphalk when he came to his house as thanks. Akroor is their son. Whose parents were so qualitative, why not their son should be like them? He should be brought back here. It is not good to investigate the crime of a qualitative man." So Krishn, Baladev etc forgave Akroor Jee and brought him back to Dwaarakaa. As soon as he came there, all kinds of calamities disappeared from there.

Krishn thought - "Akroor is born to Shwaphalk and Gaandinee, this is very ordinary thing, but the disappearance of such calamities is a great effect. Definitely he has this Syaamantak Mani, because only that Mani's effect is heard like this. Besides he has been doing Yagya continuously. After all all Yagya need some kind of means to be performed, while he does not have those means, that is why there is no doubt that he does have that Mani."

Making certain this, then Krishn collected all Yaadav in His palace for some other purpose. When His primary objective to call them was over then He said to Akroor Jee - "The way Shatadhanvaa gave you that Mani, we know all about that. If it is with you, let it be with you, because after all we all are enjoying its benefits. But Balabhadra Jee is doubting on me that I have taken taken that Mani, so for my sake, show that Mani to him."

Akroor kept that Mani with him all the time, so he thought, "If I say something else, then He can always find it searching my clothes, so there is no use of lying now." He said to Krishn - "Yes, Shatadhanvaa did give it to me. I have kept it with great difficulty that some day you will ask it from me. I was not comfortable at all during this whole period, but you would think that "this man cannot bear even such a small burden for the good of the whole country", that is why I did not say anything to you. Now you may take your Syaamantak Mani and do whatever you want to do with it." Saying this, Akroor Jee took out that Mani from a small gold box hidden in his belt and kept in front of the whole Yaadav community. The whole place was shining by its light. Akroor Jee further said - "Shatadhanvaa gave this Mani to me, to whoever it belongs may take it."

All Yaadav got surprised to see this. Balabhadra said - "I also have the equal right on it as Krishn." Satyabhaamaa said - "This is my paternal asset." Hearing both of them Krishn felt awkward, but He said to Akroor Jee - "In fact, I asked you to show it for my clarification. Balabhadra and I have equal right on it, and it is personal wealth of Satyabhaamaa too. Nobody else any right on it. It does good only when it is worn with cleanliness, Brahmcharya and qualitatively, otherwise it can kill even to its owner. I have 16,000 queens that is why I cannot keep it, and for the same reason how Satyabhaamaa can keep it. Balabhadra will also have to leave his bad habits like drinking and all kinds of enjoyments, therefore, Hey Akroor Jee, We all request you to keep it because you are the only person who can keep it and please do not say a word about it any more." Akroor Jee took that Mani and wore it around his neck. He also shone like Soorya. 

Whoever will remember this blame to Krishn, he will never get this kind of blame on him and will be free from all sins.



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