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4-Chaturth Ansh

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11-Andhak's Lineage

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11-Andhak's Lineage
3-Vishnu Puraan - 4-Chaturth Ansh - p 281-286
See also    5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/11;

Anamitra's Lineage

Paraashar Jee said - "Anamitra had a son named Shinee --
Shinee's son was Satyak
Satyak's son was Saatyaki whose another name was Yuyudhaan
Saatyaki's son was Sanjaya
Sanjaya's son was Kuni
Kuni's son was Yugandhar.

All these were known as Shaineya.

Prishni also took birth in the same lineage. He had a son named Shwaphalk whose characteristics have already been mentioned. He had a younger brother also named Chitrak. Shwaphalk was married to Gaandinee and had a son named Akroor from her. From his another wife, he had Upamugdu, Mridaamad, Vishwaari, Mejaya, Girikshatra, Upakshatra, Shtaghn, Arimardan, Dharmdrak, Drishtdharm, Gandhmoj, Vaah and Prativaah named sons and a daughter named Sutaaraa. Akroor had two sons - Devavaan and Upadev. Chitrak had Prithu, Viprithu etc several sons.

Andhak had four sons - Kukur, Bhajamaan, Shuchikambal, and Barhish.
Kukur's son was Dhrishti
Dhrishti's son was Kapotromaa
Kapotromaa's son was Vilomaa
Vilomaa's son was Anu (he was a friend of Tumburu)
Anu's son was Aanakdundubhi
Aanakdundubhi's son was Abhijit
Abhijit's son was Punarvasu
Punarvasu's son was Aahuk, he had a daughter also - Aahukee
Aahuk had two sons - Devak and Ugrasen

Devak had four sons - Devavaan, Upadev, Sahadev, and Devarakshit; and seven daughters - (1) Vrikdevaa, (2) Upadevaa, (3) Devrakshitaa, (4) Shreedevaa, (5) Shaantidevaa, (6) Sahadevaa and (7) Devakee. All these sisters were married to Vasudev Jee.

Ugrasen had nine sons - (1) Kans, (2) Nyagrodh, (3) Sunaam, (4) Aanakaam, (5) Shanku, (6) Subhoomi, (7) Raashtrapaal, (8) Yuddhtushti and (9) Sutushtimaan; and four daughters - (1) Kansaa, (2) Kansvatee, (3) Sutanu and (4) Raashtrapaalikaa

Andhak's son was Bhajamaan
Bhajamaan's son was Vidoorath
Vidoorath's son was Shoor
Shoor's son was Shamee
Shamee's son was Pratikshatra
Pratikshatra's son was Swayambhoj
Swayambhoj's son was Hridik
Hridik had several sons - Kritvarmaa, Shatadhanvaa, Devaarh, Devagarbh, etc
Devagarbh's son was Shoorsen

Shoorsen was married to Maarishaa. He had Vasudev etc 10 sons from her. When Vasudev was born, Devtaa played Aanak and Dundubhi named instruments knowing that Bhagvaan will incarnate in his house, that is why he was known as Aanakdundubhi also. His nine brothers' names were - Devbhaag, Devshravaa, Ashtak, Kakuch, Chakra, Vatsdhaarak, Srinjaya, Shyaam, Shamik, and Gandoosh. These ten brothers had five sisters - Prithaa, Shrutdevaa, Shrutkeerti, Shrutshravaa, and Raajaadhidevee.

Shoorsen had a friend named Kunti. He did not have any child so he gave his daughter Prithaa to him. She was married to king Paandu and had three sons through Dharm, Pavan Dev and Indra - Yudhishthir, Bheem and Arjun. Before her marriage to Paandu she had a son named Karn through Soorya Dev. She had a co-sister named Maadree who also had a twins - Nakul and sahadev through Ashwinee Kumaar.

Shoorsen second daughter Shrutdevaa was married to Vriddhvarmaa (king of Karoosh). She gave birth to a Daitya Dantvakra. Shrutkeerti was married to the king of Kaikaya. She gave birth to Santardan etc five sons. Raajaadhidevee was married to the king of Avantee and gave birth to Vind and Anuvind (Avantee brothers). 

Shrutshravaa was married to Chedi king Damghosh and gave birth to a son named Shishupaal. In his previous birth he was Hiranyakashyap Daitya who was killed by Narasinh Bhagvaan. After that he was born as Dashaanan. Since he was killed by Bhagvaan Himself in this life alo he enjoyed many pleasures and then was killed by Raaghav. Later he was born as Damghosh's son Shishupaal. He started being jealous with Krishn. At last he was killed by Krishn and got Moksh. As Bhagvaan give Var when He is pleased, He gives Moksh also when He is displeased.

Shishupaal's Previous Lives

Maitreya jee asked - "In his previous lives, when he was Hiranyakashyap and Raavan, in spite of being killed by Bhagavaan Shishupaal enjoyed all kinds of pleasures, but he did not get Moksh, then how did he get Moksh in this life only? Hey Muni, Tell me this." Paraashar Jee said - "In his first life Bhagavaan appeared in His Narasinh form to kill Hiranyakashyap. At that time Hiranyakashyap did not know that He was Vishnu Bhagavaan, but he thought Him as a great creature of the Universe. He got this idea only because of the Rajo Gun effect, that is why in his next life (Raavan's life), he got all kinds of pleasures and enjoyments but did not get Moksh.

In the same way when he was born as Raavan, he was after Seetaa, so in spite of being killed by Bhagavaan he did not get Moksh because he did not know that Raam was Bhagavaan. When he died, he had in mind that Raam was only a human being. In this life, in the form of Shishupaal, he got all kinds of pleasures but he developed a kind of jealousy with Krishn and whenever he said anything bad about Him, he compared Him with Bhagavaan's activities. Even at the time, when he was abusing Krishn, he was thinking about His Chaturbhuj form only, so when Krishn cut his neck by His Chakra, he got Moksh. He is so kind that even if somebody has envy in his heart for Him, He gives Moksh to him, then what to talk about devotees.

Vasudev's Children

Vasudev Jee had many wives - (1) Pauravee, (2) Rohinee, (3) Madiraa, (4) Bhadraa, (5) Devakee, (6) Vaishaalee etc. He had Balbhadra (or Balaraam), Shath, Saaran, Durmad, Bhadraashwa, Bhadrabaahu, Durdam, Bhoot etc from Rohinee. Balbhadra had two sons from Revatee - Vishath and Ulmuk. Saaran had Saarshti, Maarshti, Satya, and Dhriti etc sons. Nand, Upanand and Kritak etc sons were from Madiraa. Upanidhi and Gad etc sons were from Bhadraa. Vaishaalee had only one son - Kaushik. Devakee had Keertimaan, Sushen, Udaayu, Bhadradev, Bhadrasen, and Rijudaas named six sons. All of them were killed by Kans. Later by the inspiration of Bhagvaan, Yog Maayaa pulled out Devakee's seventh fetus and established it in Rohinee's womb. Since it was pulled out, the child bore the name Sankarshan. After this Bhagavaan Himself appeared as Devakee's son and according to His instructions Yog Nidraa also took birth from Yashodaa - Nand Gope's wife.

Bhagavaan had 16,101 (see Doubts 3Vishnu, 4-Chaturth-11) wives but among them Rukminee (Bheeshmak's daughter), Satyabhaamaa (Satraajit's daughter), Jaambvatee (Jaambvaan's daughter), Chaaruhaasinee etc eight queens were the chief queens. He had 180,000 sons from all of them. Among them Pradyumn, Chaarudeshn, Saamb etc 13 sons were main. Pradyumn married Rukmee's daughter Rukmvatee and they had a son named Aniruddh. Aniruddh married Rukmee's granddaughter Subhadraa. Vajra's son was Pratibaahu, and his son was Suchaaru. Krishn's children and grandchildren etc cannot be counted even in hundred years. Because these two Shlok are famous in this regard. Whoever Aachaarya (Guru) used to educate Yaadav princes, their number was 38.8 million, then how one can count those Yaadav who lived in the kingdom of king Ugrasen.

Whoever Asur were killed in Dev-Asur Sangraam (war), they all were born as wicked kings and Devtaa were born in Yadu Vansh in 101 families. All these Devtaa were headed by Vishnu.



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