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1. Angad Leads the Search Team to Search for Seetaa
2. Angad As Raam's Messenger

Angad was the son of Baali and Taaraa. He was very brave and intelligent. Angad means "with extra strength in shoulders". He also wore Angad (armlets) on his arm - an elaborate ornament worn on biceps of males. In fact there is a pair of these ornaments called Keyoor and Angad - of which Keyoor is worn on wrists and Angad is worn on upper arm. After Raam had killed Baali, Baali handed over him to Raam. 

Angad Leads the Search Team for Seetaa

When Sugreev assigned the  teams for the search of Seetaa, he was the leader of the team going to search Seetaa in south. When one month, the assigned period to come back to Kishkindhaa, was over and still there was no trace of Seetaa, Angad got very desperate and wanted to commit suicide, because he didn't want to go to Sugreev after one month without the trace of Seetaa. He thought it is better to commit suicide, instead of dying in Kishkindhaa by Sugreev's hands.

By chance a vulture Sampaati was sitting on the same Parvat nearby them and he was very happy to see so many Vaanar as he did not have food for several days. Angad said to himself in desperation - "One month has passed and we have not been able to do anything about Seetaa. It is better to die here, instead of dying by Sugreev's hands. Blessed is Jataayu who gave his life in doing Raam's work."

When Sampaati heard this he got surprised as how this Vaanar knew Jataayu, because Jataayu was his younger brother. He didn't hear about him for quite some time, and now this Vaanar was talking about his death. So he came near them and asked him as how he knew about Jataayu. Then Angad told him his story and asked him as who he was.

Sampaati said - "I am his elder brother. Now who is going to tell me about my brother? I have been living here for a long time. First I want to hear about him, he had been living in Janasthaan. He had a good friendship with Raajaa Dasharath who had his eldest son named Raam Chandra. Bring me down as I cannot come down because my wings are burned." Vaanar brought him down the mountain and Angad told his story.

Then Sampaati told his side story and helped them to find Seetaa. He could still see very far, so he could see Seetaa at Raavan's place. He suggested that somebody who could cross the sea could bring Seetaa's news. Then Jaambvaan reminds Hanumaan about his powers and then he goes to Lankaa.



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